Lew Rockwell's Open Letter to 'the Troops'

I got this in my email box today:

This article describes what America and Britain did to Iraq in the years between the first and second wars against that population. I don’t think it mentions the round-the-clock bombing of Iraq by the Brit and American Air Force for an entire year before the cakewalk that the media whores were calling an ‘invasion,’ but the wife of a Canadian diplomat in Kuwait City told us about it during that time, while she was flipping all the death towers in that city. Mideast cities and I think Chinese cities evidently have more death towers per capita than any other region in the world, by the way.

You know by now that ‘neocons’ are carbon copies of the SS, I hope. Jim Marrs’ book, ‘The Rise of the Fourth Reich,’ describes very thoroughly, I believe, how this came about after WWII. Thanks, Jack Marshack, for recommending that book to me! I read it right after ‘Babylon’s Banksters’ by Joseph Farrell, which was his other recommendation. People who will read the latter book attentively, I think, might find it easier to break free of the economic Chicken Little disinformants’ present, frenzied cacaphony.

Scanning through it, I found that Mr Rockwell echoes my own sentiments about the unlawful nature of gratuitously waging war against other countries. Frankly, every time I see an American flag flying right-side-up it reminds me of this depressing scenario.

Pajama People will remain bone stupid about these things until after the federal government has been dissolved, I think. Then simple peer pressure might make flying an American flag as reprehensible as flying a Nazi flag or figuratively stoning non-Christians… I honestly don’t see any real difference between the government of Nazi Germany in the 30s and 40s and the US Government, right now (also the Brit and Israel gov’ts). Even Communist China is refraining from committing mass murder against other countries. I think everyone in that gov’t was terrifically relieved when Mao Tse Tung, that hideous, Tavistock-style carbuncle on the butt of Chinese history, finally expired in the 1970s.

Meanwhile, I think most of the state legislatures in the US are so angry about not gettting their fingers into the trillion dollar honey pot that China gave the thieves in Congress a few years ago, that they’re threatening secession. See, politicians are typically felons; theives and pathological liars. Notice how one or two politicians in each legislature are ‘encouraged’ by the other masons to blabber about freedom and ‘Down with the Fed!’ as Ron Paul was permitted to do on the federal level. This powerfully distracts most people from contemplating of even noticing the criminal nature of current, partisan politics, of course.

Most people are determined to remain as stupid and unaware as possible, of course, but I don’t even want them to read what I’m writing because they squeal in protest whenever they’re confronted with truly independent thinking. That includes everyone who belongs to a political party, I think. Stupid on purpose and supporters, by default, of the current tyranny. Anyone who doesn’t speak out against tyranny, now, supports and promotes it. That’s how it was in Germany in the 1930s, too.

I think it’s hilarious that state politicians are probably going to move the secession agenda forward because, like parasites in a corpse, they’re eager to eat up the remains of the old Republic. The reason I’m laughing is that this is going to put them out of a job because this exponentially expanding, deliciously unorganized ‘Tea Party’ movement in the US will cause every state, county and local politician and bureaucrat to become instantly accountable, which is to say 99.999% of them will probably be fired immediately.

This is an incredibly fascinating and potentially vital time to be alive, at least for me. Thousands of other waking people, tossing orgonite in this mercurial mix, ought to be proud of causing the scales to shift toward positive outcomes. Fifteen years ago, if this situation had developed I think that thousands of filthy pedophile freemasons who call themselves our leaders would have just been shot. The untold thousands of well-trained CIA/FBI agents provocateurs in all of the spontaneously-created Constitutional state militias, then, tried their best to make that happen but they failed miserably, thank God. I rather think this current global revolution will be successful and non-violent, maybe because of orgonite.

That said, there are probably some troops who actually do intend to defend the US Constitution, as they all swore to do. I think it was established in the mid 1990s that very, very few troops would fire on American citizens if ordered to do so. I’ve always suspected that they were all sent to the Mideast in order to prevent them from defending Americans from the US Government. The federal executive/legislative den of masonic baby killers failed to achieve the draft, as you hopefully noticed, so they had to send just about all of the Reserves and National Guardsmen to Iraq and Afghanistan to support their mass murder agenda in Iraq and to protect the CIA’s heroin supply in the case of Afghanistan. I think the US Marines are mainly doing that for the CIA, now. The baby killers were even calling up helicopter pilots who had been in the Vietnam war, none of whom are under sixty years old [Image Can Not Be Found]

When the US Government is dissolved, the other Evil Axis governments, UK and Israel, will come to naught. I personally hope Israelis will find a peaceful way to share the land with the Arabs. Orgonite will easily reverse all those deserts, of course, so nobody needs to be without adequate land. Our East African cohorts have been routinely stopping war and strife in their own countries, this way.

I see that some high profile schmuck on the web is advising that ‘Israel must be destroyed’ in order to have world peace. I bet he’s a Mossadomite [Image Can Not Be Found] and that’s the same as saying, ‘All Europoids in North America need to leave’ in order to have world peace. Invasions and conquered peoples become fait accompli and there’s never a need for ‘ethnic cleansing’ after the fact. I think intermarriage fixes that problem in a few generations and you might not have noticed that there’s more racial intermarriage in the American South than there is in the rest of the US.

Independent thinking is fun and profitable! Try it!