Light Pillar over Moscow Ridge, Idaho

On Saturday March 17 2007 from 23:00 pst to 23:55 pst while walking Sasha, Linda and I noticed a glow in the sky similar to the aurora we see here. We drove about a mile north of Moscow so I could photograph the aurora. After a couple photos I realized it was a pillar of light. But the strange thing was it wasn’t wavering or moving from its position. It was stationary for about an hour then disappeared. I captured 18 images in a squence of the light. I then turned the images into a short movie.

The strange thing about the light is that it never moved side to side. The width of the light is at least a quarter to half mile wide, judging the distance the light spans across the ridge. There are only two very small town near where the light could of came from. But the population in the area is less than 200 people. The towns have a couple mercury vapor lights which are not bright enough to cause this effect and also the wrong color temperature, orangish red same as the clouds closer overhead lighted by Moscow. A wood mill is also near the towns but the mill is illuminated by mercury vapor lights. The ridge is about six miles from Moscow and the towns past the ridge are about 20 miles from Moscow. The light is also illiumating the top of the distant clouds, not coming from below.

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Amazing little movie. What do you think it is? IS it above any spaecial spot?


Emida, small Idaho town about 40 miles northeast from Moscow is exactly in alignment with the light. There have been UFO sitings there plus about half the town has reptillian in them. People report seeing animals of unusual giant size. It is known there is a craft barried there. Possible craft above connecting with the one in the ground.


Thanks for posting this, Ryan, and you did a phenomenal job in such low-light conditions! When you showed it to Carol and I the other day she commented that a process similar to that scene early in WAR OF THE WORLDS was happening–entities, etc., travelling down a beam of energy from a big ship, above the atmosphere. It’s great to be able to visit with you again, by the way.

We’ve put so much orgonite, including half dozen earthpipes, in and around Emida that it’s mind boggling. You’ve also gifted there, Ryan. It’s Reptile Central, where the rednecks and Indians (lots of inbreeding there, no surprise) are telepathic and can bilocate & walk through walls
Carol and Jenny have watched them do it. A really big effort to destroy us originated there–two separate efforts, actually, one of which resulted in Carol taking down that filthy, predatory, livid, cocaine-addicted County Prosecutor in the Benewah County courtroom.

Our own direct intel suggests that the feds themselves are afraid of the below-ground inhabitants in the vicinity of Emida. We’ll probably nail them all, finally, after I get my little airplane built. A lot of that area where the huge, growing underground base is can’t be reached on the surface unless one is a Mountain Man, panther, elk or bear <img src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-wink.gif” border=“0” alt=“Wink” title=“Wink” />. It’s right next to a busted federal underground base to the south. I guess nature hates a vacuum. As the New World Odor continues to decline I bet we’ll be seeing and hearing about more and more ‘unauthorized’ offworlder incursions like this one. It can give one pause about the advisability of joiining a galactic federation later on, perhaps, though the world odor already might be linked to something like that–reminds me of the bar scene in the first STAR WARS.

We’re going to finally bust them up ASAP. What wonderful summertime fun we have! Lots better than science fiction.


The Japanese weekly magazine Shukan Gendai
published an article on April 14th about the strange things that occurred just before the Noto earthquake on March 25th. One of the things that was witnessed by many people was the appearance of a pillar of light one week before. The article included 2 photos of this pillar of light. Witnesses heard strange humming noises before the earthquake as well.

Here is more information about the earthquake:


A huge earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9 occurred at 9:42 a.m. on March 25 (Japan Time) in the Hokuriku region, Japan. It’s reported that one person was killed and more than 160 people were injured by the earthquake at this point in Ishikawa, Toyama, and Niigata prefectures.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the center of the earthquake was in the sea off the Noto Peninsula. It’s about 30 km southwest of Wajima-city, Ishikawa prefecture.

The earthquake measured higher 6 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale in Nanao-city, Wajima-city, and Anamizu-machi in Ishikawa.

What might be interesting to do would be to see where these sites are in relation to one another-a quick glance at a globe might do it. Let’s see- Japan, Idaho- what are their respective latitudes and longitudes? Perhaps they are in some sort of alignment, or pattern.

Nice suggestion, Kulwant. The March 25th quake was in the Japan Sea facing Korea, north of Osaka and Nagoya.

In my rush to get the info out as soon as I heard about it, i got the timing wrong. The light pillar did not happen one week before the March 25th earthquake, but 4 days before (March 21). I’ve seen the article with the photos of the light pillar. They look identical to Ryan’s video: 2 parallel lines of light going straight up (or down?). The article also explained that similar intense vibrations, like the shock wave of a bomb blast, were felt before the Kobe Earthquake in 1995, which killed 6000, and the recent Noto earthquake. Another strange phenomena that was reported was the appearance of deep-sea fish found dead on the shoreline in February. The article also mentions a very red/orange sunset-like sunrise 3 days before the quake.

In case you’re wondering whether Japanese media might be more forthcoming with the truth than the West, don’t get your hopes up. The overall tone of the article was to carefully avoid any speculation of foul play. It described the events as perfectly natural geophysical forces at work. The magazine even trotted out their own academic gatekeeper, a Prof. Wadasumi from Osaka City University, who was more than willing to provide his theory of the light pillar as being large amounts of highly charged particles of radioactive “radon” emitted by the sliding tectonic plates under the ocean. I guess if we’re willing to believe heavier-than-air CO2 is a greenhouse gas, we’ll swallow this one too.

Another thing I must mention is that Japanese magazines print their dates of publication as the date when it is pulled off the shelves and replaced by another issue, so the April 14th issue hit the news-stands on April 7th. Confused? So am I.

Ed can you find the photo of the light pillar from Japan and post it? It sure would help to see if the Japan light has the same energy characteristics.


I scanned the article and will email it to you. Another Japanese article I saw (that used to be here: [

said that people heard a loud roar like a collapsing mountain about once every two or three days starting one month before the Noto earthquake.
They felt the air vibrate, which I guess means a concussion wave-like feeling.

Here is the image Ed sent me.

Japan Light Pillar from March 21, 2007 Noto Earthquake" title=“Japan Light Pillar before Noto Earthquake on March 21, 2007”

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