Lincoln Legacy & Grassroot Secession

I don’t honestly know if state/province secessions in N America will end the current terrorism by the Evil Axis (US/Brit/Israel) but there’s a huge move in that direction in most of the American states and Canadian provinces, evidently. I’m pretty sure that Peking, who owns and operates teh current parasitic world order, doesn’t mind if these three gingoist regimes fall, since it will probably immediately lead to a stronger global economy, more able to support Chinese manufacturing and moneylending.

I was talking with Gare from Canada, who is flipping all the hundreds of thousands of death towers in Thailand at the moment. He said, ‘Hell with state secessions; let’s have local secessions!’ and I couldn’t disagree at all

My friend and healing associate, Doc von Peters, is a Southern gentleman and disinclined to honor the legacy of Able Lincoln. He sent me an artticle that’s uncharitable toward Lincoln and that’s what sparked this post.

The stable of LaRouche authors, some of whom I consider to be among the best conspiracy research journalists (not including LaR and most of those authors are Jews) were disinclined to consider Lincoln to be less than honorable. Some of the already-oppressed Indian tribes even honored him by freeing their slaves when he did that via Executive Order in 1863. LaRouche and crew made a pretty good case, showing that Lincoln declared martial law in order to bypass Congress’ nearly unanimous move, during that war, to assume direct ownership of American slaves. They also made a good case for this treasonous legislation being the foundation of the present corporate American order, in which everyone born or naturalized as Americans are property of the state/corporation.

These authors insisted that Lincoln was assassinated on the eve of withdrawing martial law status at the end of the conflict, so that America is still under martial law. We can easily see that this is the case just in the way that presidents enact laws by decree, just like any other dictator does.

Any child can understand the US Constitution because it evidently wasn’t written mainly by lawyers, so it’s not ambiguous. The clear purpose of that document was to enable the various states to organize suitable defense against British invasion and subterfuge. There were no other foreign enemies, though the Marines went to the Barbary Coast and kicked some pirates’ butts pretty efficiently after they interfered with American shipping in the Mediterranean. Come to think of it, those pirates were probably masons working for London otherwise the Brit navy could/would easily have erased them all.

If we assume that Lincoln at least meant well, then we could say that he was caught right in the middle of a genuine desire of people in the Southern states to lawfully choose to withdraw from the union and a massive-scale, highly coordinated attempt by London to destroy the union altogether, mainly through subterfuge and some ‘surgical’ terrorism. It seems pretty clear that the John Brown, Harper’s Ferry slaughter was instigated by British agents. Lincoln’s distaste for churchianity seems like one of his more endearing qualities, to me, assuming that he meant what he was inferring about a belief in God. In those days, Churchianity was used, institutionally, to enable Southern whites to believe that black people were sub -human. I remember reading the scriptural ‘proofs’ that were being circulated, then. In the days before London started using churchianity to commit genocide in North America, black people and white people were often indentured servants who were capable of buying or earning their freedom. The Indians never really took to slave status, so London directed that they be slaughtered. That began shortly after the first allegedThanksgiving dinner in the 1640s, actually, which is why I suspect that Thanksgiving (the holiday) is Krystallnacht for Indians.

It usually seems impossible to me to get a clear picture of who historical figures like that actually were. Any of them you can name can be shown to be either scoundrels or heroes, depending on the fact gatherer/assembler. Maybe people in those days were just not held accountable the way we all are, right now. JFK was winked at for being a philanderer and Clinton was raked over the coals for it by the facetious media just three decades later, for instance. In the decade after Kennedy’s removal the europoid Depression Babies in America blissfully gave up their young sons for cannon fodder. That seems very unlikely to happen, again

The fundamental issue of the Civil War was state secession, lest we forget. Slavery was obviously the excuse to wage war, instigated mainly by British/B’naiBrith/Masonic agents in the South and North, and Britain’s open sponsorship of the Confederacy (cheap cotton for England’s kiddie sweatshops) is always ignored by people who resent Lincoln, of course. One of the LaR authors reproduced archival news reports of the Czar’s navy parking in New York and San Francisco to prevent Britain from attacking American ports. Those who praise Lincoln mostly say the Civil War was a defensive move against Britain. Teddy Roosevelt’s favorite uncle was the Confederacy’s ambassador to London during that war and was part of British Intelligence, like Aaron Burr was during Jefferson’s presidency.

Also, Queen Victoria outlawed slavery either just before or just after Lincoln did. She had disbanded the British East India Company (the forerunner of the current global dope cartel) several years before that, after she learned what they were all about. The company had essentially causd the starvation of millions of Indians because the Brits forced them to grow poppies instead of food. That’s the basis of the current environmentalist movement, by the way. Can you see how none of what I’m saying is non sequitur?

The corporation simply reorganized and never missed a beat, of course, but I thought it was a nice gesture from her I watched, incredulous, the recent film, YOUNG VICTORIA, which incorrectly showed her having been born and raised in England. Evidently, she only learned to speak English after she was made queen and was previously married to a German duke, hence House of Hanover, which quietly became House of Windsor right before the outbreak of WWII, sort of like how Theosophy’s Lucifer Trust, the publisher of all the UN literature, quietly became Lucis Trust around the same time. I suppose you could say that Lucifer Trust was Lucis Trust’s past life [Image Can Not Be Found]

The UN was set up in the middle of 1939 on Churchill’s yacht when it was sitting just outside US territorial waters. The signers were all handpicked ‘diplomats’ from around the world who happened to be nearby at the time. Some say Churchill and Hitler were cousins thru their Rotschild progenitors and that Churchill was one of the scores of little bastards spawned by debauched ‘Berty,’ King Edward VII, petulant son of Queen Vickie. They evidently arranged show marriages in the aristocracy for all of the royal’s sluts so that this crowd of kids wouldn’t be called bastards. I doubt any noble class in other countries is as degraded as Britain’s has become since the Venetian bankers took charge in the 1600s. By the way, the Rotchshilds are late comers and moved in from Germany over a century later–probably just middle management and part of the Illuminati stud service. The Jew-Hate disinformants don’t want you to see that.

See how much fun it is to go read books instead of mainlining all that titillating, ‘free,’ CIA/MI6 disinfo copy online? Real history is ten times more fascinating than even the cleverest disinformation could be.

I’m only mentioning the Civil War (sic) because, now, the secession movements are not facetious at all; they’re an unorganized groundswell that gathers momentum each time this Luciferic regime announces the enactment of new Hitlerian legislation, which is to say every few weeks [Image Can Not Be Found] and I doubt it matters if the Southern States try to resurrect the Confederacy, especially since the majority of people in those states are now the Dark Continent’s progeny [Image Can Not Be Found]

Why do you suppose people still allow themselves to become polarized, politically and ideologically? I believe that we’re on the threshold of the end of all that.

Reading an inflammatory article about Lincoln, written by a Jesuit academic at Loyola frecently, did help me understand, though, why that Huxley-employed stooge, Karl Marx, idolized Lincoln and why the American commies who went to fight London’s puppet, Franco, called themselves ‘The Lincoln Brigade.’ They soon became the OSS, then the CIA: full circle, since CIA is a subgroup of British Intelligence., which Lord Thomas Huxley was running when Darwin and Marx were among his shills.

Food for thought --some quiet reflections. I wonder why more people don’t just talk about stuff, this way, without feeling a need to choose one alleged side or another. We can get rid of tyranny, this way, without even shooting these dried up old parasites and their stupid minions.


Bravo, Don …