Line Of Sight Syndrome

Very good Silvio,

Again and again important targets show up, if we’re blind of deaf, they will come up in a way – blink – blink – here I am…

And good to hear you have some support, it’s hard busting without a car.

I didn’t mean that Italian targets are more important, what I wanted to say is that there are lots of special places, old buildings, churches… – More that in any other place I’ve been.


Support was more like favours and you cant beg too much when others also have to face prejudice and obstacles
I remember gave a Agathe stone bookend to this friend and when is cousin car mechanic saw it smashed it hand then said I to him it was a piece of plastic, then some guy come tells him they have friends in the satanist gangs. Loong way up!

Here Hannibal gets the cake, center point is usual 45th parallel, in Gossolengo (etruscan liver, elephant bone, 213 bc battle of Trebbia).
It joins cities and the Mount Beigua (huge array) just discovered it was a sacred mountain for the Ligurian, from Beigua is possible to haver a 360 panoramic view ov er the Padan Valley and the sea, they had also Mount Bego in France near Cannes.
Many years ago in Television there was a bus driver from Sicily that wanted to propose to cut the Mountain near there the Turchino Pass in order to solve the problem of smog in the Padana Valley, by allowinf the air from the sea to arrive in the plane.

This places are at a distance 0f about 95km to the center.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The syndrome is severe, the above last found geomtry, the six equidistant places centered on the 45th parallel on the place of the Carthage vs Romans battle in Gossolengo , when i draw the line from the sacred mount beigua near the sea behind Arenzano Genoa to the lake of Garda i didnt spend time to check what was there. It emerged that point on the lake is called punta Garda, because there is a promontory with the city of Garda, behind there is the Cimitero Militare Tedesco, (German Military Cemetery) the wwii soldiers cemetery of Costermano with 21.951 soldiers dead. … seite.html


I wanted to tell you that I did something in Garda and I remenber old, interesting buildings, towers and sculptures in/after Garda, where I tossed one or two TBs into the lake.
I didn’t find anything resembling to the second world war, though.

Unfortunately we were on the way back and there was neither time nor lots of TBs left.

Some days before we drove up the west coast and I bet we busted the two places where the lines cross the shore of lago di garda.

The operators at its best, only 35 TBs and huge effect…


Blimey Habibi, I didnt even see that the line on the side of the lake comes down to Peschiera where you also gifted and is on the line of the other design.
I tell you the Operators are on the ball, there is a place where I live that is called Via Asturie (Axturias), Milan. I hide a EP there, then a few days ago, I was coming from there and a flock of pigeons came down fluttering in the air surrounding me, exactly where the orgonite is, yesterday I passed again and again there was pigeons and other birds flying across and landing there. Sometimes they want to be noticed with silphs some other times with animals or other stuff and use syncronicity so that we want to be talk about what they point at us.
Btw that line where you gifted the top reaches down to where last year there where earthquakes and eve the POPE RESININGER (ratzinger) went there in a place called Rovereto, that is above Carpi that is visible on the line. There is a photo for the occasion he (Resininger) was wearing a basebal lcap style with a hearth symbol, and hugged a local woman that came to welcome his arrival.
The cemetery is here 45.581488,10.742826 about 1.5 km from Garda.

Figuring out for gifting target purpose that something outta crop up from the other cities on the design, lets take a look a Vercelli, say is on the axis that has Modena on the other end.
So Vercelli has a mental hospital, the bishop that quenched the Dolcinian Heritcs on the mount Rebello was the Bishop of Vercelli. Mount Rebello has a large mountain top array, near Biella since is a military one, lately Google has blurres the image, you may search Trivero, near Biella. This array is not too far from array on the mount Mottarone in between 2 lakes lake Orta and Lake Maggiore.
War, Vercelli had an important battle for the Italian history, that happend nearby about Robbio and Palestro on the side of the river Sesia. We are talking about 3-5km SE of Vercelli. Photo below of the Ossario monument of the soldiers, (nice pinnacle with the buried soldiers).
The Battle of Palestro 30-31 May 1859……f_palestro

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Been wanting to post this for months, 2 reasons why hadn’t till now…

  1. it goes against any grain of advice I would ever give as Ive never bought a lottery ticket in My life and never ever gambled cept for one time 30+ years ago and was successful only cause of beginners luck as its the only luck I always thought that was real and never tried My luck again…
  2. don’t want to jinx a good thing by being too loud about it… decided though that if this is real, like it is becoming so obvious that it is, other Gifters would be able to benefit possibly?

Ok here goes… For one reason or another, like having all Our liquid assets in metal, We have been very short of cash the last yr plus… and not wanting to liquidate too much metal down at these fire sale prices… well one Person in Our little Gifting group fancies HimSelf a professional gambler… Gambling is in the asian psychie and it is always considered good luck to borrow MONEY off of someOne else that if the gambler looses You don’t have to pay back and if You win You pay it back plus a bonus according to how much You won in relation to how much was
lent in by the financier….

This started up about the same time the $'s were running short again and that every time We lent this gambler MONEY He won! So now He won’t borrow off anyone but Us [Image Can Not Be Found]

This has bought countless drums of resin, metals, more than a few truck payments, untold tanks of diesel… You name it…

The reason I post this here is Silvio mentioning the same thing with Peter… It would appear, at lest to Me, that if You are involve in selfless servitude of Humanity, have a good heart and the right intentions the Operators will see to it that Your Gifting will get financed…

I hope my friend Peter is reading this and can gather the necessary inspiration to accompany me with his car.
The fuel and the food are on me. Btw Peter in few occasions has already won fuel money for missions by buying scratch cards or playing lottery!
Thanks friends

Been gifting some of this points it feels the energy is perhaps, 500 mt wide more or less.

45.698896,9.687667 Bergamo city cemeterey, the corner of nuns graves.

45.674792,9.606171 Morti dall’ossa, Treviolo, near Bergamo, 16th century plague chapel.

45.675692,9.577975 Bonate Sopra, Chapel of the Ghiaie May 1944, the 13 apparitions of Mary and Family to 7yrs Adelaide Roncalli fetched 3000000 people the church not recognise this apparitions.

45.647888,9.48487 Villa Paradiso, Cornate River Adda, the castello restaurant former jesuit built manor

45.61899,9.356232 Capuccin friars monastery ‘founded’ by San Francesco of Assisi

45.602779,9.299347 Villasanta near Monza, Santa Anastasia church/ corner entrance to the royal parc of Monza

45.581893,9.202487 Nova Milanese near Milan, the cemetery (with pyramid chapel)

45.576554,9.179302 Parco Lago Nord, Cascina Uboldo near Milan with sun wheel like mosaic at croossing paths.

45.555846,9.095178 Castellazzo di Bollate, Villa Arconati, near Milan. (Arconati, 16th century owners of the Codex Da Vinci).

45.548679,9.061661 Motorway pay toll barrier Milan-Varese lakes motorway in Terrazzano Arese, with high voltage power lines converging.

45.536475,9.034438 Hospital in Rho city.

45.525352,8.980951 WWF reservoire site, Bosco del WWF of Vanzago, near Milan.

45.513114,8.903378 Lazzaretto of Ossona, chapel of 16t h century plague, close by is church of Ossona.

45.437972,8.598261 City of Novara, cathedral, ends at repetitor antenna in via JF Kennedy.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Talkng about feeding the earth energy grid. (point C on the above map 45.675692,9.577975 Bonate Sopra)

Here is Adelaide Roncalli at 7yrs, taken from her family and locked up with nuns up in the mountains of
Hitler didnt like her, he was suspicious the British had used black arts to made her have visions of Mary. Never mind too many people where moving and stirring to the message.
The church order the apparitions to stop, on the last day 31 May, they gave her laxatives to try prevent her give more messages.
here’s some researcher documents link … entici.asp

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Note the above website is also linked to another website called the latter puts a lot of emphasis on the satanic abuse, hypnosis, and raper of the priest inquisitor named Luigi Cortesi over the girl, in order to made her change her version, confess she was a lyer, and als o turn her into a nymph and so not to be quilifying to become a nun as per order of Mary, infact she did not fulfilled the ‘request’ from Mary. The inquisitor Cortesi was living with SS, and is claimed that Hitler was part of the prophecy that war could end in 2 months, in fact there was a life attempt on him 2 months later from the visions.
In short, both websites are accompanied by various text, even some are contradictory as the same author mr Lombardoni puts an article from 1960 where is claimed that the Popes where in favor to believe the apparition of the Mother of Jesus. So…
There could be a risk some material is true and some is revisionist, also it could be run by Vatican intelligence.
I can confirm from a short visit to the place that there were dubious male presence overlooking the pilgrims at the site, they were alerted by the arrive of a someone like a orgonite gifter, altough lightly loaded, and by various pushy beggars, and few ‘local’ elders with 360 degrees like ocular capabilities.

I can afford to stick to the reality of the fact that beyond the machinations of occult mind and heart controllers the instance of a warn thorn country population the genuine desire to direct to the grace of the almighty for the sufferance to end does not require a justification.

During a quick visit I had the impression, the place energy had a wondering potent energy that could not let be experienced properly by the people, for the limitattions of the intentions, the aree is close to archeological relevant place like Bonate di Sotto and Santa Julia burial ground. Synchronicity of people popping up at various spots during gifting on the way to the place and a fire brigade arriving near the plague place, was quite interesting. Always discount that there is a matrix like psyop, there could be introduced, maybe trying to make someone in a messianic kind of path. Impression can change after gifting again, or we just get accustomed to changed vibe. (will try to go back)