Line Of Sight Syndrome

Everything is giftable from high, so why not to take the shortest way to it.

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(to be continued)

Here is a link useful that allows you to trace line on a map and measure the distance. The lines become slightly curved, so is more accurate that a straight line.……stance.htm

A little trivia
Puerta de Branderburg 52.516221,13.377821 to Torre de Belem (Lisboa) 38.691824,-9.215684

distance is 2320 km

Acropolis (Atenas) 37.970422,23.724822 to Big Ben (London) 51.500715,-0.124564

distance is 2394.5 km

These 2 axis intersect near the city of METZ in France, in Jarny about 20 km to the West.

« Diuoduri Mediomatricorum id oppidum est » (« Divodurum est la place forte des Médiomatriques ») (Wikki cite Latin author Tacite)

Metz (France from local website): … stoire.php

'… by the end of the Bronze Age (1,000 BC), the site of Metz would become one of the principle towns of Gaul and capital city of the Celtic Mediomatrici. When Julius Caesar defeated the Gauls, it became an important Gallo-Roman city, Divodorum Mediomatricorum. The landscape is marked by baths and aqueducts and the amphitheatre, which could hold 25,000, today buried underground, bears witness to the importance of the city.

In the 6th century, Metz was declared capital of the Merovingians of Austrasia and became very well-known in the Christian world during the Carolingian Renaissance…’

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Medium, middle, matrix, mother, generator?……stance.htm

Is good fun to draw shapes and isosceles triangles over cities and capitals of the old world, knowing mileage, estimate cost of fuel. The curvature of the lines becomes visible only over long distances 1000km+ ? see below

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I was worried that the occult works of the elite using, war, desertification, terror, bad science for the antennas, gmo, chemtrails, medicine, would be used to convince mankind to allow the elite to turn mankind into a spice of sheeple, one main stage being also thinking constantly about money (making them or lacking them). Would the Creator oblige the request once is prayed for by the collective frequencies of the minds of the sheeple and permit for such mutation?

The blue points with a black circle are isolated mounts in the plane. The blue points with only half black circle are elevations from a plane or raised higher than the surroundings. Various cities benefit this configuration. See the hill of Florence called Castello, Bergamo, Brescia. I also marked valley mountain pass where of historical data, (eg Celts) see Aulla near La Spezia and on the Alps on the border with France.
The green mark is the allegedly point of the battle of the Trebbia, eg Hannibal of Cartage vs the Romans.

Most of the cities lined visibly in the Po Valley would be inhabitable before the glacial era of 18000 ago, due to the fact the area was the sea. So the Celts or other races would probably descend down on the plane after first having inhabited and circulated via the hills and the pass on the hills. Aulla La Spezia and the Lunigiana area have marks from the passage of old tribes.

Navigators across that prehistorical sea would have been attracted by the island and use them?

The yellow point is marked being a famous mountain considered a magic mount called Musine’ and has prehistorical findings, UFO sightings, and mystery, it is very close to the Sacra of St. Michel.

It is funny that one important line goes through the southern shore of lago di garda, exactly where me and my girlfriend had busted the whole shore, all cities, especially Pesciera and the region, about 30 tbs, again you could see the operators at work…

The reaction in pesciera was quite agressive. The lake needs more orgonite, someone feels like tossing some from the boats?


image uploaded with – thanks boys,

Habibi, thanks for where you gifted, please come back where are many more places free !
I have found new I hope interesting points on the map for the ‘totally made up geo conspiracy gifting target to do list transcendental’.
Look for the green spots, Hannibal battle gets another slice since is also in the center of the new line. First spot is near Genoa about the neighbourhood called Pegli … a … Pope was born there and you found the home of Nobility Pallavicini and Grimaldi (Monaco Roayal). Carry on the second green mark is Bobbio, there you have the monastery founded by Saint Columba (Columbanus) I think there is a school of bishops now, Third point is the battle of the Hannibal vs Romans, pretty much in the center of the 45th parallel, carry on and the next green mark is a bay on the lake of Garda where there is Salo’. Is noted for being where Italy’s dictator Mussolini whent to live after escaping prison, and established the Reubblica Sociale of Salo untile the end of the WWII.

I have drawn a green line that links Bobbio with the other place already on the map that is a single mountain called San Colombanus, where there is the other place dedicated to the Irish Abbot that came to Italy around 610AD, as well as old castle of the House of Savoia.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Further exploring the mythical place of the Hannibal on the 45th grade, and found an elephant and the famous Etruscan liver. They were both found in a place on the 45th parallel on the other side of the river Trebbia called Gossolengo.
Previously I thought Tuna which is on the otther bank of the river Trebbia.
Here is what a local webiste explains, is a page written by a chemistry sudent, weirdo’s!
The town crest is a Elephant, and those were the animals used by the army of Hannibal.
The Etruscan liver (Il Fegato Etrusco) is a liver made with bronze metal alloy, dived in sections and was used by the Etruscan for divination.
There is an army area with barrack placed by the riverside outside the village of Gossolengo, coincidence? (coordinates 44.996672,9.606414) … olengo.jpg

‘’ Gossolengo is situated in the Padana’s plane.

Its area is 31,4 kmq , it is situated on the right side of the river Trebbia
There are few historical news about Gossolengo: some documents speak, for the first time, about Gossolengo in the IX century, but peopling of Gossolengo is probably started in the Roman age.

There are a lot of finding in this place, for example the Etruscan liver.

The crest of Gossolengo, that represent an elephant, was born for a popular legend that says that a peasant had discovery a thigh-bone of an elephant when he was working in his field.

For the historian Pier Maria Ciampi the name of this place is derived from this legend.’’

——— … olengo.gif
here is link to a good image of the crest of Gossolengo (osso lungo = long bone).
Conspirancy wise, the animal probably perished in a battle. Or otherwise belongs to a more ancient era? Or is disinfo made up by the Italians. But what about the Etruscan liver?

also did something in lucca, pisa, viareggio and alto adige (Südtirol).

one day, I’ll be back.


Before this everything disappears. Look the red spot at the top is the Mont Blanc the tallest mountain of Europe, via Hannibal now a pauper army’s barracks in backwarded italian country. It was great to be in the plane, risky at times but magic. Here for you TERRAMARE BRONZE AGE CIVILIZATION found in the brown spot where is the town of Noceto. See the Votive Pool of 22mt by 13mt, 4mt deep was permanently filled with water and objects artifacts for all the compartments.

My new map here, squared out. If you like what you see buy us a resin can. And if you go to Noceto buy yourself Nocino Liquor made from walnuts.
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Terramare amazing archeo gallery

http://www.archeobo.arti.beniculturali. … noceto.htm

A bit more on the Terramare can be found on the below pages in English. Yet I have not found out what their language and alphabet was. They where not Hittite Etruscan, they were pre Etruscan. But apparently suddenly disappeared 1200BC. Since the area was populated by many villages and perhaps 200.000 people, I am wondering how they manage to disappear without leaving a clue about their fate. This is a hidden part of the history. … mare.shtml … anguage=en
PS I have a new map with Mussolini birth place which by whim is in Predappio on the line from the Sacred Mount Oropa (red mark above Biella) and Mount Titan in San Marino it cuts trought the bearing of Hannibal point, the green one in the middle, is identified with a black dot near San Marino. Added some lines have a look from Salo’ where Mussolini had founded the Repubblica Sociale after the defeat of Fascism in 1943, to Modena, from Venice e to Bologna.
Side note the Terramare area was interested by many earthquakes last year, see Mantova to Carpi, Modena, ect.

This is the web site of Terramara of Santa Rosa Poviglio, with easy to navigate photo gallery in each page.
http://terramarasantarosa.comune.povigl … Sezione=14

Now please dont laugh at this new map, as we have Mary Magdalene cave in Saint-Baume France, and Blessed Margaret of Savoy.……t_of_Savoy (June 21, 1390, Fossano – November 23, 1464, Casale was Marchioness of Montferrat).
Lets have a look at the newest syndrome map again, the Mary Magdalene site in Cathar land is found at the bottom corner on the left where there is the A in red. From there up trough Milan and Bergamo. Cut this line in half had you have the Roman found city of Fossano (birth place of Margaret of Savoy in 1390). Having properly repositioned the Magic Mount Musine, above Turin i draw a segment from Fossano to the important Mount Musine’ (archeo, ufos, cult, St. Michael the Archangel Sacra), Squre toward Vercelli at a the village of St. Germano, and the other side comes down in Casale Monferrat. this resulting square is finally bisect in 2 equal triangle by a line that cuts trough Turin and Asti.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Can we graphically link Gold, Romans, New Pope, Cathars, Jesuit monastery. In Italy you can!
Examine the pink lines in the crossing point that is located on the 45th parallel just above the city of Asty, we have the family place of the New Pope, it is called Portamarco, 3 km from there is Castellalfero that exhibith Catarh cross and even a tavern named Catari, (whatch it could be a commercial exploit).
Point 2 keep going up the line you have again close neighbours, the Monastery of the Jesuits in Bose (village is called Magnano) and next to it a large morene that is called Bessa, where the Romans had an glacial gold mine for few centuries, they had taken it away from the former owners the Ligurian celts. Up again the line takes you to the sacred mount of Oropa, whilst to the South the end point is the Mount Sassello.
The other line links Mount Cavour to Pavia and Saint Colombanus single mount, then after the line reaches Desenzano sul Garda (Garda Lake).

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Nice, silvio!

I did not expect an old gold mine on one of the lines…

I don’t really know what that means, so I’ll put this into the wait and see file. Anyway, thank you for all the information from Italy, this is always very interesting for me – I remember the agressive reaction in pesciera (exactly on the upper line, south-eastern edge of lago di Garda) after placing just about 10 TBs – they (police) shut the whole city around the water, and the way back we were forces to make a huge detour which lead us to find more antennas…

If a reaction is like that, this is a confirmation and for you it might be a further indication that the lines you found are very important.


wow for the reaction you experienced in gifting there! I am with you in keeping all this in the wait and see file as it emerges more stuff the map get more interesting.
The Romans deviated the torrent Elvo to have enough water to wash all the rocks and extract the gold from the sand, but they never built a city there, there are stone constructions and menhirs from the Celts. This open sky gold mine was their main source for 3-4 centuries then it was exhausted and they went to Spain to get gold.
Actually I sojourned just in B&B behind the gold mine morene around 2006 I liked the atmosphere. As a gifter I always longing to go back there to place orgonite. I am thinking all the map would be nice for the fun of it.

I think nature conjured a lot for it, I could have put antennas but they are nowadays every where, matter of fact many tall concrete towers are overlapping the map. Essentially Ii was inspired by reading an article by Ron Perry on where he says that single mountains are all interconnected. Since I am not a dowser or a radionics person, I had a go with linking them mountains. It maybe a random result, although it seems to take the shape of parallel and diagonal lines that crossing the peaks or the first peak from the plane or a peak that is higher than the surrounding ones. It seems that man has kind of lined their settlements.
There may be many reasons in the various ages that determined the choice for a settlement.
What I found wonderful is that some point are present in certain eras than they disappear and in another era another civilization decided to settle in the same spot.
Take Noceto, it’s dated to be of medieval but the massive votive pond of the Terramare culture was found just buried under it. The same in Gossolengo, there are no notions of continuity down the ages some even thinks that the name is derived from the Goths, but they found a Etruscan divination device (the liver) found only in Anatolia, but they also found a Pachyderm bone, they city choose to put a Elephant on the city crest, this could infact the area of the Carthagen battle vs. Sempronius, pretty busy place. It is a 4d map!

There are some evident influence by the Apennine arch and the Alps, it looks that many places where founded on low hills of at the foothill, which is advantageous for settling.

Also it should be taken in consideration that some part of the plane must have been partly swamp, and it was less long at the estuary of the river Po, in fact Adria was probably the last settlemnt. Adria was known by Etruscan, Celts, and Greeks. The Liguian Celts even settled in a part of Sicily before the Hellenic culture arrived.
The Terramare culture maybe was arrived in the Bronze age from the Alps of Trentino and Austria.
I think also we must not exclude other influence coming from the stars, and the etheric on creating certain underground minerals and crystals, and the reflection with the Sun over the shape of life on the surface.

Ps. this is the B&B Bessa, back then I had not known the chemtrails! attached to the morene gold mine (you can find the place in google map search Chalet Bessa or Zubiena)
[Image Can Not Be Found]
The lines are drawn arbitrarily but what if there is really a connection, or even if is human making this connection? Its quite broad, after all it is stimulating to look at a mixture of history and geography and geometry.
As we discovered the map is not futile from the point of view of a gifter all the places indicated are a gifting target of some sort. Discounted that gifting is very broad in its fields application.

Perhaps some antennas are worth showing, this one is on the Mount Beigua, it is on the line that goes from Florence toward Genoa, just 7 km to the green point I had marked that point for the Mount Sassello, by error I did not notice the mount Beigua which is even taller and massive. But this is going to show that going after elusive ertherical targets can lend you some interesting antenna [Image Can Not Be Found], I am going to collect a few of these examples. At least makes the map interesting for gifting ‘real’ visible targets and make another map with the antenna highlighted. This one is found at these coordinates 44.433198,8.565377.
In Sassello there is a small village called Maddalena with its church. Funny the river behind the Sassello is called Erro, there are some tiny little lakes looks interesting for gifting nature.

[Image Can Not Be Found]


What a nice target….

A couple of days ago, I busted some huge radars, they were on a line with the Winnenden shooting that was done the 11.3. (like Fokushima, Madrid bombing…) Of course this school was also busted and the whole region.

Probably the same thing like in Italy, for a reason some places are much more important than others. Italy seems to be full of them.

This is something I do not try to understand, I just bring TBs there. If some places get orgonite later than others, it happens for a reason. Possibly it gives the dark entities the opportunity to retreat or even to change?


wow, what a juicy mountain top array indeed, 3 huge earth pipes triangulated up there along with 20 tbs in various running water sources ideally is what W’d do up there if enough ammo Was available, if not even 4 tbs w ould help better than none…

Habibi, is quite cool as with your input it lead us to find this target. Wait and see file ;-().
Why you say Italian target are more important, they just get more propaganda.
So if Gare says this juicy target got to be gifted, its never too soon. I hope my friend Peter is reading this and can gather the necessary inspiration to accompany me with his car.
The fuel and the food are on me. Btw Peter in few occasions has already won fuel money for missions by buying scratch cards or playing lottery!
Thanks friends [Image Can Not Be Found]