Liver Protection

Manfred Hotwagner
09 Dec 2008 03:53
Subject: Liver Protection
Don mentioned in a recent post that many of us get poisoned and that the main target is our liver.
Reading this was a confirming surprise, because in the last months I had to deal with liver-problems.

A good friend told me about Milk Thistle Seeds, which he had tried with very good effects to cure his liver, when he had had problems with it.

I´m now making a liver cure with the seeds since 3 weeks and will go on until the end of december with it. The results, until now, are great. I feel much better and healthier and zapping now has the good results as I was used to before.

Take 4 to 5 teaspoons of seeds per one liter of water and let the seeds gently boil in the water for 10 minutes. Then let it cool down and drink it in the course of the evening. It works best over night, when you´re asleep. If something remains I drink the rest in the following morning, before driving to work.
It is very natural and has a good taste that reminds a little of caramel and maybe apple.
Seeds from organic farming are preferable. For a cure do this for 6 weeks. You´ll need about one kilogramm of seeds in this time.

The exact medical name of the Milk Thistle is: Silybum marianum. There are two more species of milk thistles but marianum is the best and most effective one.


Don Croft
10 Dec 2008 12:50
Subject: Re: Liver Protection
Thanks, Manfred–that feels right to me. We’ll try that the next time we get poisoned and maybe ask Doc Stevo to monitor the results.


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