'Look, Mommy--the CIA Has No CLOTHES!'


I got this fun and informative link from Ondra, in Czech Republic. Thanks, partner! If anyone over in that area knows other gifters in his country or nearby, please let me know so I can introduce them, okay?


This is a youtube video made of the photographs taken of the cia drug running plane that crashed in September in Yucatan and on it’s way to the usa.

Amazingly, the weight count went from 6 tons of cocaine and one ton of heroin originally recovered and reported to 3.3 tons
of cocaine and no heroin by the time the investigation was concluded.
For the benefits of search engines,

This Florida based Gulfstream II jet aircraft # N987SA crash landed on September 24, 2007 after it ran out of fuel over Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula it had a cargo of several tons of Cocaine on board now documents have turned up on both sides of the Atlantic that link this Cocaine Smuggling Gulfstream II jet aircraft # N987SA that crashed in Mexico to the CIA who used it on at least 3 rendition flights from Europe and the USA to Guantanamo’s infamous torture chambers between 2003 to 2005.

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