Los Angeles Sprayvaganza!

Maybe it’s my fault.

A local, LA-area guy came by to pick-up his CB Saturday morning. Today, is an incredible spray-attack on Los Angeles. I noticed the moment I walked outside this morning. I don’t know if it was because of the spraying or what, but I left the house with only half of my brain this morning. I took a package to the post office, mailed it to the wrong guy and then discovered I had forgotten my wallet. Actually, I found-out I had mailed to the wrong guy when I went home to get my wallet so I could go back to the PO and pay. So I made a new label and hauled-ass back to the PO and made things right. Right package to right guy and the PO got their dough.

Looking at at the incredible air-attack on my “fair” city, I thought today would be a good day to drive-around LA and show-off the cool anti-chemtrail sticker that I got from Ron, my customer on Satuday. It says, “LOOK UP IN THE SKY! CHEMTRAILS! Then a nice trailed-sky pic and below that, “Dumping poison from airplanes “geo-engineering " or Bio Warfare? Get informed:Search “chemtrails” on Google or Yahoo.” All in one color, looks like PMS 320 aqua to me. You can leave the ink business but the ink business never leaves you. The sticker is right next to my ORGONE6 license plate ajnd it’s 3.5” x 5”.

I went to a plater’s looking for a better deal on plating Powerwands, the guy wanted more.

Around the corner was Colorgraphics where I was last a wage-slave inkmaker for Ink Systems, before they fortunately laid me off right after 911 in 2001. I stopped in and saw some old aquaintances from both companies, it was cool. It was nice to brag that I had my own business now and I was taking the day off to point at the sky and do a little"promotion" work. I took several guys out on the loading-dock and they all were going, “Yeah, I always thought there was something wierd with all that crap.”

I went home via Hollywood traffic letting lot’s of people see my sticker. I got several beeps and a few thumbs-up. I wish I had a giant sign on top of my car, like a pizza-delivery car. If someone does in the CIC, I’ll buy one and have it emblazened with, “YAY!”

My plan upon getting home was to immediately write a blog report on the LA attack, but I can’t get into the “dashboard” from which I write my blog. It’s all dead replaced with a static, BS message saying something about no longer on this server. I’ll try again later. I do not believe in coincidence anymore. I know damn well that they sprayed the crap out of LA because I just delivereed a CB here and they want to make me look bad! They blocked my blog so I couldn’t gripe about it. Grrr.

I’m gonna take a few deep breaths through a face mask then go make orgonite.


http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/7192/bigufofu9.jpg http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/5228/orb4circledpb7.jpg A new friend out in Pomona sent me some pics he took of the chemtrails recently, but

not from today’s events. After he loaded the shots onto his computer he noticed the orbs and

odd craft. He didn’t see any of them when he was shooting. We were wondering if maybe the

camera could see them where eye can’t. The camera can see infra-red.


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