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Illuminati Shadow Gov’t in the Fish Bowl

For years I have researched what is going on with this planet; why we are fighting each other in wars, who is behind them, who is actually the Emperors or Earth and what their purpose is. The result is a web site I created called <a href=“http://www.illuminati-news.com/”>Illuminati News</a>. The website tells you about how a secret shadow government called the Illuminati, or “The Conquering Wind of Moriah” is running the whole world, more or less, through banking, politics and occult power. Under them is a pyramid of secret societies, all with different purposes to entrap the population and withhold extremely important spiritual information from the world. These relatively few Elite Members use this hidden wisdom and knowledge to oppress us all and make us slaves in something they call the “New World Order.” You can read a lot about this oppression of the human spirit and body on the Illuminati News web site.

This new web site has as its main goal to balance out all the negative energies the Illuminati create. I am of the conviction that there is only ONE <strong>solution to the Illuminati problem</strong>, and that <strong>is knowledge in conjunction with wisdom</strong>. Only by knowing your spiritual self can you beat the Illuminati. You can’t successfully fight them in battle or with the law; they own both the military and the courts. <strong>By being aware of yourself, of God and how this and other Universes beyond work can you break the chain and be free</strong>. Hopefully the articles on this web site can be at least an inspiration and a start towards that goal.

Happy reading and may the God energy serve you well! http://www.illuminati-news.com/000-spiritual/html/articles_index.html">Start your reading here

Yours in spirit,

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