LSD and Politics

Never met a dope or LSD addict who is politically aware (or gifts).

Quote which seems right to me, regarding politics.

“Leary supervised mind control experimentation at a CIA front in Berkeley, CA for 15 years prior to his massive media promotion in the latter '60s. Leary’s role was to drug, distract and discredit the American anti-war movement. At the same time, the Agency – after an Army study proposed using potent hallucinogens for chemical warfare purposes – planted directions for the manufacture of LSD and STP in academic journals accessible to the public. Lysergic acid was in large part responsible for the decimation of the left in the '70s, just as heroin would be used to destroy the Haitian Rastafarian movement – it took no more than one year – a decade later. Hippies who defend Leary are wrong-headed and have an unconscionable view of Vietnam-era progressive history, IMhO. The drug’s influence was destructive, and any “revelations” that came from it were personal and subjective, like reading Proust, self-indulgent, politically useless.” – AC [http://aconstantineblacklist.blogspot.c

Good bit on 24 [http://aconstantineblacklist.blogspot.c

I agree any drug abuse is bad. That said, I used LSD a couple of times in the sixties and felt I gained a lot from the experience. If nothing else, I learned that perception ain’t all it’s cracked-up to be. I think LSD allows you to experience dimensions that are normally invisible to you.

I don’t reccomend it for anyone, but I have no regrets. I knew people that used it a lot and it screwed them-up.

I would never use it again. Been there, done that.

One thing it did was make Carlos Casteneda’s books more understandable, although they were fiction!

I just had another thought. If LSD was supposed to quell the masses and make them drooling idiots, then how do you explain all those LSD-addled kids hitting the streets and stopping the war in 'Nam??? If their plan was to anesthetize everyone so they’d “go along”, they failed, but now they have it right; SSRI’s have made a nation of Zombies.

Today everyone’s on SSRI’s and don’t give a shit about anything. At least the LSD peaceniks DID SOMETHING!

How people can stand by while OBomber talks about invading another country and say nothing, blows my mind more than LSD ever did.

I am in accordance with this information John.
I also think that the drugs of design have been created and used to stop the real newage of humanity freedom it was.

I have not met any addict to the LSD , but sincerely, believe that it is a very difficult being addicted to this drug. The lysergic acid destroys the mind of the persons opening the doors of the subconscious and giving exit to everything what there are in it. Not only the pleasant fantasies but the deepest terrors.

What if I have known is to many persons whom after a bad trip of acid have had left KO some forever, others have managed to overcome the trauma very slowly during the following decades.
Then, the flashbacks is other problem, because LSD always have Ergot fungus and it make more LSD. Is a vicious circle. I have reports that sometimes a zapper stop this horrible problem beacuse destroy the Ergot in brain and neutralice acids. (maybe Don could speak so much about it)

I believe that these psychedelic drugs do the completely insecure person and paranoiac, taking him to the state continue of doubting the reality. A very good strategy to dissolve any problematic movement.

In Spain the agents of the new age as publicize this type of drugs as Rafael palacios in Spain (Rafapal)(to contact with stars) to stultify those who start waking up that they remain caught before waking up totally.

I think that it is very sinister.

And I have to disagree. Je, have you ever taken LSD? Do you have first-hand evidence that LSD destroys minds?

My son was hooked on LSD when he was a teenager, it screwed-up his education, to say the least.

That was 15 years ago. He’s been sober a long time and his mind is as sharp as a tack. He’s smarter than most high school graduates, he knows from his Dad what’s BS and what isn’t.

Also, I knew a lot of people that took acid and I have never heard of anyone having a “flashback”. I think that’s scare-propaganda from people that don’t know what they are talking about. Remember “Reefer Madness”?

Again, I don’t condone the use of this stuff, but let’s ease-up on the propaganda.

In fact LDS has theraputic use, if you look it up.

I think booze is worse.

Michael Phlps demonized for a bong hit. Maijuana is NON_TOXIC. Had he gone on a drunken binge and ended-up in an emergency room with alcohol poisoning, folks would say, “Ah, he’s just a kid blowing-off some steam. No big deal.”

When you point your finger at someone there’s three fingers pointing back at you.

We have more important things to discuss here.

Drugs are over-rated.


Yes Andy, i have taken LSD several times when i was an adolescent, and other drugs. I am not proud.
I had good and bads trips and all I have said is based on my experience and investigation in me an others friends.

I was cheated by my inexperience and for the absence of an adult and coherent person who was informing me correctly. When I realized what was going the game, I stopped taking drugs immediately and never again I have done it.

Of course all the persons are differents. The effects of LSD depend

The effects depend on many things, as for example, the drug concentration, the dose, the state of health of the liver, the fortitude of the immune system, more or less traumatic past and of course the mental condition of the person and the ambience at the time of taking the drug. (the same with other psichodelic natural drugs (poisons))

If a person takes low doses of LSD perhaps only it has episodes of laugh and delirium. But if a person takes high doses of LSD surely be on 12 hours with the completely distorted reality and enduring strong hallucinations. There is a big difference. It is these intense trips where there is seen the mental and physical fortitude of the person.
I have friends who have taken LSD and are well, and others that have remained very pronounced. I personally overcame well my bad trips but it cost me work and a lot of time. The flashbaks ended with the disinfection of the fungus Ergot in my organism. The zapper had a lot to do.

For me all the drugs are poisons, and just as the animals have learned not to take the poisonous plants and the human species keeps on thinking that the drugs are there to try them and that it is a question of some type of test. (good job agencies!)
My personal opinion is that to take drugs is contrary to nature and idiotic. I excuse the young people (inexpert without correct education) who are cheated to destroy his minds and health.

. I suppose that your son have good genes, good education from you or his intelligence what they have done of your son a marvelous type. I would never believe that there have been the drugs.

Ok Andy, you are right, maybe isnt the correct forum for speaking about this theme.
I am going to stop speaking about topics (offtopic) in EW


Since you accused me of being a bad parent, I must say this in defense:

I divoeced my son’s mother when he was five years old. She immediately re-married and took him to Colorado and raised him there. My ex-wife and her husband are both alcoholics and potheads. I had no idea what he was doing. When I saw him or talked to him, everything was always, “fine”. Well, they weren’t fine and there’s nothing I can do about it now.


No Andy, it is not my intention to say that you are a bad father. On the contrary, I believe that if your son past for the world of the drugs elegantly stems surely from the fact that you are a good father who is existed throw charge of the situation.

Please, excuses if my bad English invites to the confusion.


Je, that’s a fascinating notion–I’m going to ask around and keep my eyes open for reports from zapper users about that possible effect, thanks.

John, thanks for the provocative article–I think it’s good ammo for going after the foundation of the present international drug culture. Not long ago, a lot of people who were adolescent in the 60s would have drawn and quartered you for suggesting that those years were marked mainly by covert CIA/MI6 manipulation.

I hadn’t ever considered that LSD was being propagated to disable the anti-war movement but it seems possible or likely, considering how another massive federal campaign to discredit the new constitutional militias with a false flag attack on the Fed Bldg in OK City backfired on the feds.

The antiwar movement was clearly run from the left, which is to say London’s left wing effort, helped from Russia and China. I say that because I personally knew an agitator at the University of Kansas in 1967 who dealt out posters of Mao, Ho Chi Minh and Che Guevarra, along with a lot of free pot, etc. I never saw him study and I doubt he attended classes but he had a room near mine in the dormitory. I remember that he did help organize an anti-war demonstration on campus, though, then he was gone (certainly not arrested). He arrived, with some panache, at school on a motorcycle in September from parts unknown. Bill Clinton dropped out of Oxford (Cambridge?) when he was a Rhodes scholar about the same time and went to Moscow to schmooze Breshnev, then returned to the US to work in the campus anti-war movement.

Most of how I see that subject is based on reading books, personal acquaintances and noticing interesting stuff in the news. I can take all that, along with $4, and get a cafe latté but I hope it adds something to this thread, at least. Reading books, alone, doesn’t really cause us to know anything. Life outside of reading books is probably a richer source of potential certitude.

Sometimes, the only evidence available is circumstantial but the less ideological research journalists will lay it all out when they can. I’m only a book reader; not a scholar or a research journalist.

LaRouche started Students for a Democratic Society when he was an instructor at Northeastern University in the early 1960s. He reports that he was pretty disgusted when this organization turned communist a few years later. He also presented a lot of evidence that the anti-war movement of the period because the environmental movement immediately after the US lost the Vietnam War. Same people; same sort of blind ideological drive. The anti war people never looked deeper than the goverment for the real instigators of that war, for instance, and the environtmentalists studiously ignore the glaring fact that the corporations they’re opposed to are paying their leaders’ salaries. I mean the Rockefeller/Mellon/Etc-sponsored environmentalist organizations, of course, which later spawed the Global Warming haox.

It’s holpful in a debate when we can get a broader view, I think. Debates, at least on this forum, are not ‘winner/loser’ exercises but our attempt to uncover the truth. As it’s been said,‘The spark of truth is sometimes generated by the clash of differing opinions.’


John posted another great link to ‘The Strange But Mostly True Story Of Laurel Canyon And The Birth Of The Hippy Generation’ sometime last year, which is essential reading in my opinion.

[The Strange But …

This chronicles the strange facts surrounding the scene which engulfed the peace movement, the research makes it very clear (to my mind) that most of the key youth cultural movers and shakers of that time were infact contolled assets (whether unwittingly or knowing).

Jim Morrison from ‘The Doors’ being the son of Admiral Morrison (USS Maddox) from the Gulf Of Tonkin incident, is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Thx, Rich. A lot of prominent MKids come from military families, especially Illuminati connected military families.
The MKids at Columbine are another example. I wonder if MOrrison’s psychiatrist was also Jolyon ‘Jolly’ West, head of MK ULtra. That guy is probably older than dirt by now

Preston Nichols only says a little bit about his involvement with the music industry at that level, in those days, but since he worked at Montauk and was a psych/electronics specialist I think he was a key player in getting mind control into popular music.

Another feature of the articles John linked to is Charles Manson’s very close association with many of the top rock musicians during the time his ‘family’ were killing people in rituals.

Randy Rhodes was evidently murdered immediately after he witnessed his band leader ritually killing a baby right before a concert. I don’t recall that schmuck’s name but he’s lately been featured on a network TV family sitcom–go figure.

Tip of the hippie iceberg, indeed [Image Can Not Be Found] and I remember when Aleister Crowley got as much play among hippies as the Theosophical $!+bird gurus did.

Too bad that the CIA and MI6 put their grisly mind-police stamp on a legitimate period of quickly rising human awareness but at least that’s not happening right now
Notice, by the way, that the old hippies are now fascists, mainly employed in the ‘public sector,’ or growing pot and they think O’bomber is the return of their version of Christ.


Ozzy Osbourne. Dodgiest looking eyes I have ever seen.

Manson was pretty respectable/connected in the music scene as McGowan points out. I guess he was more use as a serial killer. He also points out Jack Nicholson’s childhood was almost identical to the serial killer Bundy. Nicholson looks to have a demon attached, why he can go off on one to such effect.

This interview was interesting and came up with the same theory–to ‘backburn the youth movement’. No doubt the CIA made it available but you would have to know the dates of political activism, and the availablity of LSD at the time. I think they pulled the plug on LSD later on and sold poisoned stuff. Once they killed political activism they didn’t want anyone getting spiritual insights/experience, perhaps.

Strange that they offer up their kids to MkUltra. I wonder what old man Morrison thought of its effect on his son. Or maybe it didn’t gel with the drugs available around the music scene.

Brussell was a good researcher: OPERATION CHAOS The CIA’s War Against the Sixties Counter-Culture

"Why were Hippies such a threat, from the President on down to local levels, objects for surveillance and disruptions? Many of the musicians had the potential to become political. There were racial overtones to the black-white sounds, the harmony between people like Janis Joplin, Otis Redding, and Jimi Hendrix. Black music was the impetus that got the Rolling Stones into composing and performing. The war in Vietnam was escalating. What if they stopped protesting the war in Southeast Asia and turned to expose domestic policies at home with the same energy? One of the Byrds stopped singing at Monterey Pop to question the official Warren Report conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was a “lone assassin.” "

“FACT 3 In 1969, the combined agencies of the CIA, Army, and FBI, were put into full operational use. The Sharon Tate-La Bianca murders happened August, 1969.
The Altamont violence and filmed movie was Dec. 6, 1969.
CIA The CIA prepared for defense against American youth unrest in 1965, the same year as Camelot and Politica.
With full knowledge of their illegal activities, they joined forces with the CIA and the Army.
By August 1967, Special Operations group went after the youth. By July, 1968, Operation Chaos, identical to Chilean “Chaos,” went after the “Restless Youth.” This wasn’t a study. It was an attack.
Mid-summer of 1969, one month before the Manson Family massacres, Operation Chaos went into the most tight security of any assignment ever accomplished inside the CIA.
From 1956-63, they had perfected enough LSD to cause every violent act or symptom associated with the violence in Los Angeles or at Altamont.
It was identical to giving poison candy at Halloween. LSD was the moving force, the cause for the Sharon Tate-La Bianca slaughters. It was fed at the Spahn ranch for a steady diet.
LSD was the moving force behind Altamont killing and violence Dec. 6, 1969. Thousands of tablets were distributed to the Hell’s Angels, who then went totally berserk and started cracking skulls.”

Always found it odd that Leary was so enamoured with Crowley.

Leary, Alpert (now calls himself ‘Baba Ram Dass’) and Watts were Annapolis graduates, psychiatrists and CIA employees after the Navy. I think I’ve got that straight. LSD was introduced in Army experiments in the 1950s–the drug was given to soldiers without their consent or knowledge, then observers took note of what happened. A lot of the soldiers went crazy & some died.

The three aforementioned hippy gurus later routinely put LSD in the food in Attica Prison in Massachusetts and observed the ensuing mayhem, taking notes. I don’t recall if they were still in teh Navy or were CIA by then. Those two horrid organizations are pretty much seamless, after all. This Attica experiment wasn’t long before they set up the Berkeley Free Clinic.

I might have some of the details wrong but whether or not the CIA was distributing ‘dirty LSD’ to hippies under Leary’s supervision it’s pretty apparent that the drug was developed as a weapon against society. It’s also apparent that anyone who uses the stuff is pretty off-balance, which is why people who have the habit and who want to achieve anything will eventually stop using it.

Spiders on LSD make non-functional webs [Image Can Not Be Found] and people who defend LSD’s use don’t have a lot of rational appeal.


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