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I got the following from a fellow in India, who reads EW and who had a brief encounter with Greg Hallett. I hadn’t heard of Brian Delooze before and I don’t know if his presentations are legitimate but they’re definitely worth a read. William Cooper had written a huge volume about the Mystery Babylon cult that is allegedly the foundation of the corporate world order. The big owl statue, representing Moloch (the archtypical baby-eater) at Bohemian Grove is some pretty good physical evidence of that ideology in the corporate world order, of course.

As always, it’s a good idea for anyone to read as many authors as feasible in order to not be dragged into one author’s prejudices. The more we read, the ‘cleaner’ the puzzle pieces will be.



I respect for your admirable work at Etheric Warriors.
Excuse me for my observation but I maintain one needs to be abnormal to take on the establishment.
Abnormal is what we perceive as reverse of normal. But what is normal has been defined by Tavistock.
I think Greg Hallet has displayed great courage and if what he has stated remains unchallenged, by the yardstick of logic it should resonate the truth. He has survived murder attempts and is bound to be a unpredictable and not guarded in his speech.

Truth is incredible and humans are prone not to accept the incredible.

I would bring to your attention another author Matthew Delooze who has written extensively on Serpent Cult. Since at Etheric Warriors you are dealing with Interdimensional entities I presume you will be at home reading Matthew Delooze.

Greg Hallet has connected Hitler Stalin Churchill The Crown Tavistock.
The occult explanation of this connection is given by Matthew Delooze.
Unfortunately due to lack of public response Matthew Delooze has withdrawn from public sphere and the articles posted at his website are no longer available. However, I provide you with one article of Matthew Delooze as an introduction to his writings. I hope you will find it illuminating.

Warm Regards


Sunday, 9 May 2010
Reclaiming the Mace of Mithras

Reclaiming the Mace of Mithras

Parliament: Stadiou Street Athens.
A Nightmare on Stadium Street – The Athens Protests Exposed
By Matthew Delooze
“There is no such thing as a peaceful protest. If your hearts and minds were at peace you would never protest”
Matthew Delooze April 2009

“A stupefied human race becomes even more stupefied when it protests to its enslaver to have human enslavement verified”
Matthew Delooze May 2010.

Hello folks,
I wasn’t going to write this article because, basically, I have already exposed the exact same plot and the exact same storyline over thirteen months ago. Obviously at the time new information goes over some people’s heads especially if it clashes with their own logic and actions. The democratic right to protest is seen as a pillar of freedom to a stupefied human race and I understand that completely.
I realised when I wrote Untying the Binds of Mithras that not many folks would grasp the real enormity of what was being said or realise the scale of the problem if what I say is true. I know many people in the truth movements are relying on protests to win the battle as they see it and the information I provided would be, in the main, ignored

I also realise that web surfers and part time hobbyists are only seeking gossip fodder for the forums anyway so they either leave this type of information alone completely or they quickly forget the message even if they understood it. Only a few thousand people have actually read or attempted to read the first Mithras article in over a year, this is despite despite it being available free of charge. I cannot stress the enormity of assistance that this information can bring you. If you haven’t read Untying the Binds of Mithras, I can only suggest you do so before reading this follow up. Please click here to read it now.

The good thing about this article is that I don’t have to say much because I have already said it last year. So it is an ‘update’ if you like. It is a simple confirmation just to show I wasn’t bullshitting anyone last time. Indeed I’m glad I wrote the first one thirteen months ago so you can actually compare it with what I write below. OK? I can say, even if you think the theory is ludicrous, please compare both events. I am not trying to convince you of anything. I am only trying to help and show you what goes on.

I realise only too well that the challenges I face are difficult and I really do find it very hard to take certain directions sometimes. I know I am in possession of very important information, even if it is only for a few people out there. I know this because I’m two physical years ahead of what I have already put on paper. (But shusssh it’s a secret)

I realise the ‘smarty pants people’ in this world won’t believe for one minute that a person like me can house and supply information of any importance, but in my eye, that only makes you a wise person for reading this article doesn’t it? I say that because the ‘smarty pants people’ out there won’t really read it and even if they did they would pretend they hadn’t or simply laugh at it. So I do take some small comfort that you are reading it and I will smile knowing that some of you will gain understanding from the information. We do not awaken by getting smarty pants badges from the establishment in this world. They are only extra, gold plated, chains. I truly believe a true awakening in this world is very painful and there is no secret remedy, no matter what you have been sold.

I wrote ‘Untying the Binds of Mithras’ in April last year, some of you might remember it? The spring and summer of 2009 were a time of serious changes for me as I was moving in to a very difficult period as autumn and winter approached and I was trying to supply information that I knew was the truth but I knew it would be difficult for some to swallow. Some people run a mile when their comfort zone bubble is burst and some try to stone the messenger when they do. I can only suggest that those folks who want showbiz style ‘entertainment’, or to be told they are going to win at bingo from a spirit world, to go and get it. Good luck to you.

Anyway lets get to the point, as I said, the plot and the storyline contained in this article were really exposed thirteen months ago. This information is just a mirror image of the ritual that took pace in the Threadneedle Street / Bank of England area last spring. Indeed it is a mirror image of the same rituals that have gone on for thousands of years. That’s because human enslavement is a continuous process and the same tactics are used repeatedly. The dumbed down human race easily falls for the same scams over and over again. The ego of the stupid easily protects the force that actually enslaves us.

Untying the Binds of Mithras showed you one good example how the Serpent Cult created protests for benefit of the Serpent Cult, I tried to explain that the protesters were deceived in to thinking they were doing good through protests, but in reality were doing the opposite. I showed you how protesters (and their energy) were shepherded to replica geometric temples, in an angry and emotional state, to release spiritual energy in the location selected by the Serpent Cult. I informed you that the end result of this symbolic action was simply because the Serpent Cult needed our spiritual permission to rule over us. (The divine right to rule)

I also told you that the Serpent Cult need to be officially ‘challenged’ from the masses to prove ‘the right to rule’ by solving or winning disputes. I showed you in the first article that the G20 summit ‘solved’ matters over the protests in London by pumping ‘money’ in to the system. You should already know that most protests are carried out because of disputes over ‘money’. Again, if you haven’t read the first article, or have forgotten it, then you need to do so before you look any further at this one.

If you can remember the first article or you have just read it then come on… let’s go to Athens.
I was strongly attracted to the news of the protests in Athens, Greece, recently. This was especially so because of the deaths that occurred on Stadiou Street. I was also very intrigued about the fact that I had walked, with my wife Susie, over the exact same area in July last year (2009). The area is know as the Stadiou Street (Stadium Street) area and it is in ‘direct line’ with the ‘Panathenaic Stadium, which is an ancient (energy extraction) site that is dedicated to the typical pied piper goddess icon, that is continually used by the Serpent Cult as a medium, in this case it is Athena. I visited this site with Susie and I knew straight away that is was on an energy line this is similar to those I have written about in Paris and Philadelphia and talked about at my talks. The Stadiou Street area is literally the location of ancient and modern temples.

Panathenaic Stadium

Greek Parliament (Area of Protest)

Panathenaic Stadium (A) Stadiou area (B)

The main theme of Stadiou Street is that it links, in direct line, Parliament house with the Panathenaic Stadium this is a similar scenario to the other major energy lines around the world. I went in to details about symbolism on energy lines in my breakthrough article ‘Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird’. I can say today that the Serpent Cult have covertly placed more occult symbolism on these energy lines over the last 100 years or so. Stadiou Street is no exception. It is part of a set.

Now then, we spent quite a while in this area looking around and watching the daily rituals that take place outside the ‘Greek Parliament’, which is located in an elevated position at the top of Stadiou Street. I am in no doubt that this building is another replica Mithras type sun worship temple. A temple of the (sun) ‘god of contracts’.

The protesting Greek’s have been programmed to take ALL of their protests to their Parliament and other official buildings in the Stadiou Street area. They are literally shepherded like silly sheep to these places every time they ‘have a beef with authority’. (No wonder they laugh at us)

Come on sheeple… cheer or jeer at the ‘Temple’ of ‘Contracts’… baa baa bloody baa.

The Bank of Greece (Which is on a par with the Bank of England in the London protest) is also located on Stadiou Street. Indeed the area is literally a mirror image of the symbolism used in the London Protests last spring.
This scenario is nothing new. It happens in all major cities around the world. It’s is simply the same deception that is being carried out. But don’t tell the protesters they think they are unique! If you looked at the first Mithras article now look at what happened in Athens and compare the similarities that were carried out last ‘spring’ in London. You may bloody learn something that will help you so much in the future.

The masses are shepherded to a chosen symbolic location

The symbolic location is a symbolic geometric replica temple or monument. (Athens 2010)

Just as they did the year before. (London 2009)

The police AND the protesters play a major role in stirring up emotions to manic levels.

(Athens 2010)

Police and protesters outside replica temple (London 2009)

I realise that folks may see it as a typical protest scene and yes it is a ‘typical’ protest scene and its meant to appear that way on a five sense level. What I am pointing out is that these protests scenes are purposely created in symbolic places. Neither the protesters or the police can see what is really going happening on a spiritual level. They are puppets for a force that is gaining control of the world through covert occult rituals. These protesters will never see true justice and these police will never see true law and order. They are themselves part of the ritual. Nothing takes place by chance on a protest that is chosen for ritual.

It is always planned in advance. Stooges of direction are lurking in the mob of protesters AND the police ranks. That said these agents are only following orders and they do not know the bigger picture. Indeed they never see the script they are acting out although it continually repeats itself.

You may remember that a ‘bank’ was targeted in the London protests? Yes? Great stuff eh? All these peaceful intelligent brave freedom-seeking protesters smashing shit out of a bank was great to witness eh? Viva the truth movement eh? “That’ll show our enslavers our true mentality won’t it?” If you have read the first Mithras article you will remember this.

Attack on a Bank, Threadneedle Street, near replica temple (London 2009) Please note logo of bank (RBS).

Coincidently ‘another’ bank was targeted in ‘Athens’ this week. It was also located near the replica temple where the ‘protesters’ were protesting.

Attack on Bank Stadiou Street, near replica temple (Athens 2010) please note the logo of bank (Marfin).

Well I noticed the similarity of the logos. Obviously anyone unaware of logo symbolism will not see the connections. I can only hint to you too because I cannot explain ‘in words’ what the logos mean. But look at them anyway.

The logos have many meanings

In the first Mithras article the logo was said to be linked to the spring Greenman . I believe these logos go much deeper than that but at this stage it is only necessary to at least start to see that the logos have different levels of meaning. Indeed if these logos do symbolically represent Greenman (rebirth) ritual then the Greenman is only stage two of understanding the logo. There will be many stages. You are dealing with a force that has dumbed you down so you cannot see.

I certainly believe the bank was purposely targeted for an attack just as the RBS was in London and we can laugh at the suggestion that logos have no affect on us if you want. But you stop and look at red lights I take it? I I don’t just mean those with naked ladies under them either.

This is no laughing matter either because the bank in Athens ended in the ‘deaths’ of three bank staff (One with child). Here take a look at the poor woman in the bottom left hand corner of the picture below. She’s dead along with her workmates. Oh I realise that to the bank owner she is just some low paid skivvy, somebody’s daughter, maybe somebody’s mum, coldly murdered through the emotions of greed, want and fear. These things are so easily raised in abundance, through a stupefied public that is riddled with greed or fear, by the deceptive Serpent Cult and their occult rituals. Behold the result of deception. What price was this ladies life?

Would you like to see your mum, wife, sister or daughter treated like this?

These rituals are endorsed by sheer stupidity and lack of spiritual awareness. They are not acts of valour by ‘brave’ justice seeking protesters. The mob has never won anything. ‘The testosterone of youth seeks crude satisfaction, not justice’. Again the Serpent Cult WANT you to protest. They want you to be angry when and where they want you to be angry.

The unknowing protesters are feeding the Serpent Cult just exactly what it needs to carry on controlling us, not what will stop it controlling us. The whole thing is pre-planned. IT’S FIXED.
Anyway. I realise ‘basic’ symbolism or geometry, like the bank symbols, is not conclusive proof that occult ritual is taking place, although on a low level it is linked with springtime (sun) rebirth rituals (Green man etc.). I have only shown you the basic symbolism to get you thinking. Indeed are the bank’s logos and the attacks on them, in both London and Athens, a coincidence or are agent provocateurs, working for a force with higher spiritual knowledge, at work.

I say they are. It is no coincidence.

It’s hard to put in to place in words, without being seemingly patronising sometimes, just how buildings are used as replica temples, especially those in which spiritual energy can be extracted from the human beings that are in or around them. I understand that the information seems far too silly to be true, even to a person who has thought about such things previously. I did see and feel intuitive stimulation whilst researching protests on Stadiou Street through a video I watched. It did affect me and I hope it sparks something in you. I have embedded it below. The clip is showing a previous demonstration outside the Parliament Building. (Where else?)

I would be grateful to hear from anyone who saw or felt something whilst watching some of this video clip. The sound and vision felt like deja vu’ to me and the replica temple was eerie. It may just be me. In the video I see an illuminated altar (temple) and a crowd chanting to it. Although it is angry and noisey it is on a par with a carol service in a church. Obviously in a church, as you will have witnessed yourself at sometime or other, it is ‘submissive worship energy’ being used and in the video it is ‘offensive challenge energy’. What do you think? But I tell you the truth when I say the secret rulers of the world require that you give up both types of energy via ritual. The ‘protest’ is indeed a ritual. The ritual involves the temple you see in the video and the emotions of the people in attendance creating and directing energy towards it.

Please take a look and see what you feel.

What is really going on? Try to see beyond the 5 sense situation.

Please take it in. There is no difference between screaming anger energy outside a replica temple and actually challenging ‘God’ inside one. Yes? It is a massive deception. I am only too aware, even at this early stage of developments, that it is a near impossible task to even attempt to explain to some sort of people that they have been duped lifetime after lifetime and lived for thousands of years in total self delusion. (Their ego simply won’t let me). They simply can’t cope with it. They simply cannot bear trying to comprehend that they are victim to a con trick that they had absolutely no idea was taking place. They believe they are far too clever for that so they simply don’t believe it. They want to ‘play’ at waking up if its fashionable and topical to do so. Once it gets serious they simply want to stay asleep. My head hurts so I’ll turn it off now sort of thing. Breaking spells does hurt I’m sorry to say.

I can only repeat my words in the first Mithras article.

Emotional Disrespect = Spiritual Energy.
Displaying free will energy on a protest march or in a riot, at symbolic temples like the Bank of England, is the same as getting on your knees in a real temple and praying. Being on a protest march and releasing anger energy in front of a symbolic temple is also on a par with attending Glastonbury Festival and dancing in front of the Pyramid and releasing passive energy. The fact that the emotion is based on anger and protest does not make the energy created less powerful.
Please don’t forget that the Serpent Cult control your ‘emotions’ even though you may think you are above that, you are not and they can make you celebrate something or hate something when it suits them. You will be led at the drop of a hat. You are a puppet. There are no exceptions.

I hope you are beginning to see the pattern of spiritual energy extraction through protests at symbolic locations. It does not matter if you do not grasp the reasons ‘why’ such things take place. It does not matter if you cannot see that the protest are ‘spiritually’ challenging the force that enslaves to prove their right to rule you because your free will allows them to do so. In 2010 I only ask you to ‘actually consider’ that protests are created by the Serpent Cult entirely for the benefit of the Serpent Cult. In 2010 I only ask you to consider why the ‘official locations’ of protests (which are provided by the Serpent Cult) are laden with occult monuments and ancient and replica temples?

Just ask yourself why the powers that be actually allow you to protest at these symbolic places because I assure you if you protested where they did not want you to protest they would shoot the protesters dead. They would do it in a blink of an eye. In their eye you must protest where they want you to protest. I only ask you to ‘consider’ that now in 2010 because the future will show you that I tell the truth. I’m preparing you not dishing out doom to you. Take the information in.

The Serpent Cult can only get the human race to supply them with the ‘challenge’ to prove that they have the divine right to rule over us by the protests. It is universal law and it must come to pass to be binding. No universal powers can step in if it the will of the masses to be ruled by those they request to rule them. We are literally choosing our rulers.

I assure you from the bottom of my heart that the Serpent Cult have created both the protesters and the police to ensure that anger energy (spiritual energy) will be displayed at all official replica temples on all illuminati created energy lines on this planet. I tell you the truth. Human beings will be pushed and poked to protest more and more in the coming years. It is a cruel scam but it is very hard to see the scam if we are fuelled with hate and a desire to protest, murder and destroy. Again the Serpent Cult can turn you, yes you, in to a protester in a blink of a eye. There are no safe comfort zones. It has been tried and tested for thousands of years. The Serpent Cult is not daft. The human race is dumbed down. The Serpent Cult has been carrying out the same scams for thousands of years. It takes heart, strength and copious amounts of humility to even to begin comprehend that human beings are deceived to such an extent that it hurts them to be told so. There is no bigger fool than one who believes he can’t be fooled any more. That is simply because those that believe they cannot be fooled are the easiest to fool.

I say these things because I care, not because I don’t care. I can’t help anyone wake up by telling him or her lies, nor by lying to myself either. I can’t help anyone by pretending I have tickets to heaven if they pay me for a guidebook and I would never ever do so. The information I have supplied is given to you in a toned down version, not the version given to me. Seeing my own ‘gullibility’ has hurt me in the past and I have sometimes blamed the source of information for my pain. I don’t blame anyone from running away from the information I supply, especially when I have to suggest we are not as awake as we think we are, but I assure you I only mean well. We have a long way to go.

The Serpent Cult does not fear protest from the sheeple, it literally creates and craves protest. It thrives on it. You can burn down Rome, Athens, London and Paris tomorrow it will make no difference apart from short term satisfaction and release of frustration in the protesters. It will, my friend, only endorse your enslavement. Indeed it has been done several times before, all major cities have been destroyed in the past and nothing has changed in the long term because of it. The control will only increase. Wake Up!!!

Please don’t demand your own enslavement!

May Love Reign O’er You All

Matthew Delooze 9th May 2010.

We need to see beyond the mind control that has been placed on us by the Serpent Cult. We need to regain our true sight. We need to be able to see the scams that are being carried out on us. Once we start to do just that we will see that the Serpent Cult is just one big bag of deceptive horseshit and we really have nothing to fear. We can rid the world of fear but we can only do that when we lose our own fears and open our minds and see just what we are being conned in to doing in our everyday lives. This country and this world is full of people who just want to live without fear and oppression and once we see through the trickery being played on us in this world we will see that there is not only physical freedom available to all, but spiritual freedom is available too and every single one of us is entitled to that too. Let’s have some of that eh? Come on let’s have some of that eh?
Matthew Delooze April 2009

I liked his articles and linkd to them but to say he isn’t getting enough interest and them remove them is a wee bit oxymoronic I would have thought. Maybe he is having one of those moments.