Meeting with Laozu

Today was great, despite a very smoggy day, I could make my way through the smog to meet Laozu on his way back from China.

I was extremely happy to meet my first gifter ever and Laozu was a bonus!! It is so nice to be able to speak and ask thousands and thousands of questions … heheheehe … realizing that all those gifters are real , not just people behind the internet!

We spent the afternoon talking and had an horrendous dinner in a local restaurant which I guess will make Laozu love american hamburgers again

Thank you so much for meeting me Kelly, it was a wonderful Sunday. I hope we’ll keep in touch.


Congrats, Didier, for having that time with Kelly. Networking is important, as you mentioned, and you’re fortunate that he’s the first gifter you’ve been able to meet.

He’ll be at our house today, too, and Carol and I are very glad to be living near him, again. I’ve been reading his posts but he’ll no doubt tell us more when he’s here. I’ll post it if he doesn’t mind and if you will post your questions and his answers it will be very helpful, too, and a boon to posterity.

Many are too close to this pioneer to appreciate the breadth, scope, and phenomenal nature of his work but, thankfully, we have a record, at least, so when everyone figures it out there will be some historical perspective. We will all understand it, of course, just as we’ll all eventually get a finer understanding of what the dolphins are doing with us now.

CArol and I like to visit Chinese restaurants with Grandpa Kelly because it’s fun to see him interact with Chinese people, many of whom seem curiously and irresistably drawn to him.

Your own role in China will continue to expand and find definition, too, Didier ; and keep up the good work! It will be fun for you to banish that smog you mentioned and you’ll get it done, don’t worry. It may be that when one or two of your Chinese friends take an active interest in gifting, millions will soon follow, afterward. It will be fun to witness.


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