Message From Cesco

04 Feb 2008 12:33
Subject: Message From Cesco
Cesco asked me to forward this message;

Notice: My email account was recently wiped clean of almost all emails.I have promised a few people that I would contact them in regards to The Little Secret Device.

If you are one of those please send me an email again. Thank you. Cesco

Don Croft
07 Feb 2008 03:02
Subject: Re: Message From Cesco
There has been lots and lots of hacking and computer sabotage, lately, directed at the participants of this forum and even at people who correspond with us. I hope you’ll consider that this is a high but unwitting compliment from the sewer rat agencies in the US and abroad and will take heart from it. Usually, persistence and some patience pays off and if you can’t reach one of the participants directly, CC your email to someone who is acquainted with him/her, okay?

We all get most of our correspondence.


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