Metal shavings Jackpot

I hit the motherload of aluminum shavings, so anyone having a hard time finding them,

I will send them to you at my cost.

$1.00 per pound plus shipping or roughly $20.00 for close to 200 tower busters worth of aluminum shavings.

Paypal $20.00 to [email protected] and I will ship them asap.

It took a bit of work finding them, 3 hours of driving and an hour on the internet, but it was worth it.

God Bless you All and the Operators.

I’m back in business !!!

I’ve shipped close to 200lbs of aluminum shavings in 3 weeks !!!

Anyone, non members a like can start making orgonite by ordering some shavings.

Paypal or snail mail $20.00 or more to <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> to start cleaning up your home and neighborhood.

If you see cell (death)towers in your town, you need to gift them to disable them.

Looking at them daily without putting a tb near them doesn’t stop the microwaves

from beaming you, your children or the folks who live by them

Don’t forget to gift the water, when ever you come across it.

If you like to fish, you have to gift your favorite fishing spot.


Between shipping aluminum shavings out around the planet I’ve been busy making my own orgonite . My latest Orgonite tb’s were tossed into the Vineyard Sound while

travelling on the ferry between Martha’s Vineyard and the mainland.

I think I’ve tossed 50 tb’s or so into the drink in the last week.

I did the same the week before, so I’m hoping for a really big confirmation for the effort.

Maybe a whale sighting in the sound is in store in the near future ?

I’ve also peppered the Vineyard again with 30 or so tb’s.

Martha’s Vinyeyard will soon be GLOWING in Orgonite after I toss another 50 tb’s around the island. Just in time for the summer millionaire and billionaire’s arrival

Orders keep coming in from non members almost daily for my metal shavings.

It’s truly amazing !!! Thanks everybody for buying the metal.

As you know I’m not making a dime on this effort to supply you all with metal.

The joy comes from knowing that the shavings will be used to make Orgonite and bring good energy around the world.

I need someone from Philidelphia to step up and make some Orgonite !!!

I just gifted over 20 towers off RT 202 between 95 south, Brandywyne to West Chester then up to 76. I didn’t get them all since I was tossing tb’s out my window at the closest ones to the road.

There are way more to get gifted that are off other roads.

If you’re from Philladelphia and want to bust your death towers I’ve got the all the Aluminum you need to take care of business !!

I have a special financial services CIA front company that needs gifting in West Chester and I couldn’t get to it on my way through yesterday.

Here is their address 1345 Enterprise Dr. West Chester PA

The cia front company run by retired general John Keane has been gifted by a non ew member and gifter ! See

So, thanks to the other gifters who offered to go over to West Chester and gift their property.

Orders for metal shavings keep coming in and I’m off to resupply myself with another 200lbs.

I have 5000lbs of shavings at my disposal, so if anyone with deep pockets wants to

contribute to the global healing effort step up and send my a paypal donation to

<a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> I’ve been shipping metal shavings around the country and to

a couple of gifters in europe.

Thanks to everyone who is stepping up and making Orgonite .

From my perspective, Orgonite is rapidly going into mainstream awareness almost as fast

the 911 Truth movement is. Our awareness levels are evolving quickly and I would venture to guess that all the Orgonite made so far has had something to do with it.

After all the death towers are being built to dumby us all down and to kill those with weak immune systems and Orgonite disables them. Gift your neighborhood death towers today !

If you plan to build a 2 gallon Croft style Cloud-buster a $20.00 order of shavings will do it.

You think this daily hacking problem has anything to do with my

taking orders for aluminum shavings from people ?

Makes you wonder, when 500lbs of shavings will make over 10,000 tob’s !!

That may just be to irresitable for the sewer rats to want to stop.

Order any amount folks, paypal to <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> or snail mail a check to me and I will ship ASAP.

I’m sure it does as your supply of shavings means it’s that much easier for good folks to do good work.

There are other reasons for the hacking attacks; none less than Don’s insistence on Membership by Invitation Only which makes it impossible for the shit-bags to infiltrate this forum.

I doubt if any of the compromised and disredited boards get hacked at all.

Wish I could get some of your shavings myself but the shipping costs would be prohibitive to this part of the world.


Well not quite, but I’m going on holiday in August, so if you think you might be ordering some in the near future this coming week is the time or I just wont be able to send you any until the end of August.

Am I the only one noticing the rapid increase in peoples awareness to the level of tryranny and lies we’re living in ?

It’s almost mind boggling how fast people are WAKING up .

Could it be another coincidence that it’s all happening as we hit the 5 year mark in making and gifting Orgonite !

I think not

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