Minnesota Bridge Collapse

Am I the only one who thinks the St.Paul Bridge was purposely set off to collapse ?

They are not showing the hundreds of pictures/videos that show it actually collapsing. There are at least 25 cameras looking at the bridge 24/7, that is why the Secretary of Transportation got there ASAP…

COINCIDENCE that the Actual Live Footage is not being released ?

What is it hiding ?

Live Video just released by Anonymous downloader.


Right Eric, very suspicious; and factor in the eyewitness accounts from nearby office buildings who felt earthquake-type ground shaking activity before the collapse, sure sounds suspiciously like some sort of detonation of explosive device(s) to me. So, where is the documenting vidoe footage that would answer these questions. Show the world what the on site security cameras saw!!!


If we have time on Sunday, let’s go after these murderers and see if we can use them to get a fresh angle for undermining the hardier sewer rats who are higher up on the world-odor dungheap ;. Thx, Eric and el gran y poderoso Stebo–maybe this is an aspect of a new federal terrorist agenda.

A really nice aspect of etheric warfare is that we can telegraph our punches this way, but the targets can’t move out of the way. They, on the other hand, need a lot of secrecy and distraction to accomplish their stinky, DOR-based goals.


It would be fun to see, on the What To Think Network, the video footage of BATF (the bottom of the FBI barrel) agents planting shaped charges under the bridge


My situational awareness kicked-in and I realized a lot of shit has gone down on the I-35 corridor.

Note the cities on this route then YOU fill in the blanks:


Oklahoma City



I bet the deeper we look the more we will find that has occured on this road, I quit believing in coincidences a few years ago.



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