More Than 50,000 Children Used In CIA-Connected Experimentat

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Keep digging here and you will find the link in the article goes to the Scientology page.


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The Scientologists are a CIA mind control subgroup that vastly exceeds 50,000 and it seems obvious that the Monarch Program has rather accounted for scores of millions of children since it began in the late 1940s. Tavistock Institute in UK is a parallel institution that started when Freud assumed the reins in the 1930s. That’s well documented by several authors, including some really talented German research journalists, who are published by Franklin Press.

Scientology literature has some useful ammo for tearing down the psychiatry cartel but in their case I think it’s a matter of attacking the competition [Image Can Not Be Found]

The best way to take down the Scientology octopus is to spread the info that was in L Ron Hubbard’s son’s biography of his dad, which is out of print and likely very, very hard to find by now since they buy up all the copies they can find in order to get them out of circulation.

If there’s Scientology property within range of your gifting sorties, do gift it but remember to use earhtpipes becuase the hierarchy’s more overt CIA members love to work underground whenever possible.

My hunch is that they’re pulling their punches by saying only 50,000 are used in CIA mind control programs. The CIA’s public organizations usually try to earn points by ‘exposing the CIA,’ of course, and there’s a small army of paid fakers who call themselves ‘CIA whistleblowers,’ which is an oxymoron, of course.

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I have a file somewhere that reveals their ‘big secret’ is the fact he was a satanist, no surprise there

“He had been driven crazy and proclaimed himself the Anti-Christ after becoming involved with one “Frater H”, who was actually a spy sent by Naval Intelligence to infiltrate the O.T.O. That spy’s name was L. Ron Hubbard!”

Eustace Mullins said he used to work in the CIA mind control department, so my guess is Scientology is a CIA/Illuminati mind control project.

But it isn’t wise to throw out the baby with the bathwater, the best book I have ever read on psychology was one that revealed the tone scale, written by Ruth Minthsull, now ex scientologist, I believe. The non-scientology people who apply that knowledge are called Metapsychologists, they fought and won a $15 million lawsuit to use certian terminology and knowledge. It can cost £4 million to get to the end of their (scientology) programme.