Mosley For Mayor

I’m running for Mayor of Assiniboia SK. My platform is the removal of sodium flouride from the water and this. []

I voted for myself tonight as Mayor of Assiniboia Saskatchewan. My campain exposed chemtrails, missing gold reserves, Bill C-6 and sodium flouride in the water supply. I did my best.

Brent Mosley

Thanks for posting this, Brent. From what you described to me in email a lot of people in your area are upset about the freaky stuff you’re talking about and they support you.
That sort of tells me that you’ve angered and alarmed the people who control all of the elections. By posting about it, you’re making it harder for these criminals to harm you on that account–you simply have a larger audience, now.

Saskatchewan is north of Montana and North Dakota and the prevailing rain comes from the southwest, if I’m not mistaken. Just like Montana and especially North Dakota, Saskatchewan was heading for crop failures and severe drought, according to official predictions but Brent told me that there is no drought and that crops are abundant this fall, same as Montana and North Dakota. I credit his extensive gifting in the region, in conjunction with STeve and Dooney’s farther south. Last Year, Steve and I did some systematic gifting in North Dakota, which was said to have been the last remaining drought area in the West, though when we got there it was obvious that the officials were lying about that.

Fortunately for all of us, the remaining ungifted areas of the world are still droughty and storm-damaged, thanks to the corporate Algores’ weather sabotage. If not for that contrast, the disinformants could explain away our successes. If the Algores were as smart as they are rich, they’d stop trying to desertify the ungifted remains of the planet in order to take some wind out of our sails

Thank grid they’re too arrogant to be smart! Maybe we can start a lottery on which country will be the last to be healed with orgonite. My money is on China


I had 15 signed nominations, most from total strangers as I have only lived here for a year and a half. I simply walked around town and if people said hello I would talk to them. Out of 2000 possible voters, 1000 voted. The incumbent mayor recieved 600, second runner-up got 300, third got 25 and I got 17. (all # approximate.) So apart from my nominations I swayed 2 more votes.
What I found facinating is I got in print in the local paper “chemtrails” , missing gold reserves, and mass medication of the population without concent with sodium flouride in the water.
The flax crop was harvested this week so the combining is all finished. A total record crop.
I learned alot about myself in the process, #1 I’m far to pasionate to be in public office.



I’ve come to the sad conclusion that the political process has become a tragically inadequate venue for Social activism. There is almost no chance of making a difference as the underlying fabric of society has become so utterly corrupted (by the Miscreant International Banking Elite (NWO)) as to make it practically impossible for anyone to triumph, in Politics, that clearly advocates for the restoration of our Civilization.

I believe that the only opportunity before us is to directly attack the underlying method by which we have been enslaved, which is through the creation, and perpetuation, of political money; debt based money…

Please read Thomas Greco’s book: The End of Money and the Future of Civilization. Through a grassroots movement (similar, in my mind to what the Orgonite Gifting movement has become) we can create networks of Mutual Credit Clearing Houses and directly extend ourselves non-interest (Usury) bearing credit (Money) without the need to employ any third party agencie (Central Bank/Legal Tender/Politcal/Inflatable/Currency)

A synopis of the book:
Greco’s site:
Greco’s book:

Regardless. Great effort! I salute you

What a year!

Well, Calgary Alberta removed flouride from the city water this year, so Assiniboia can’t be far behind making the same choice.

The work from GATA is becoming mainstream info now, people know about the folly of fractional reserve banking.

Another record year for crops, we did have alot of rain this spring and had to deal with flooding.

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