Mr. Napolitano And Mr. Monti Denouced

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This video is in Italian, Mr. Orazio Fergnani denouce to the court for high treason Mr. Napolitano, Monti & company!!! He tells that theree are 10 millions possible electors. This are the people whose houses and porperties have been distrained by the banks.
Of course video have been censored by mass media. We do not want to be slave of the banks!
NApolitano and Monti and all the political class have sold Italy to SAchs, BCE and Rotschild company!
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The Archibishop of Canterbury is visting the Jesuits Monastery of Bose near Biella (Piedmont, Italy) on the 16 of September, I think the prior is connecting Rowan of Canterbury with Ratzinger

Mario Monti took his university specialization at Yale.