MSM TV Station In Louisiana Airs A Chemtrail News Story!

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A trend?

Awesome Andy ! Can you believe they did this story ?

Unflipp’n believable.


The youtube link is being Hacked as I’m watching it. coincidence ?

I think this broadcast is a watershed event! To me, it marks an enormous step ahead in collective discernment in the US.

Five years ago, this month, Carol and I travelled by a circuitous route from Seattle to LA to pick up a CD of CHEMTRAILS: CLOUDS OF DEATH, from Cbswork and hand-deliver it to Stuart Jackson in San Francisco, who promised to put it on the internet. A few months before, the other guys who produced that video were nailed by the feds and one was even framed for drug possession and railroaded into prison.

Hundreds and hundreds of copies of the half-hour film were sent to news outlets, owners of informative websites, politicians, etc., and not a single one reached its destination, even though the mailout was done by third parties in good spycraft fashion. The feds were all over this; frantic to keep any real informaiton about chemtrails from reaching the public.

Even after the video was freely available on the internet, none of the genuine information sites would touch it or mention it because the owners all had a sense that they would risk imprisonment, or worse. It’s been a long, long time since free speech could be exercised in fascist America without consequences, after all. I think the only reason we’re alive and out walking around is that we don’t wait for these treasonous murderers to come after us; we watch for them and invoke lawful balance on them before they can act. I hope we can keep catching them before they act until this federal government has been duly discarded by an awakening, empowered populace, perhaps through the orderly secession of a few states.

We managed to escape the felonious feds’ attention (even eluded their psychics) until we rolled into cbswork’s driveway in Pasadena but on our way to San Francisco the next day we were plagued by federal agents. One of them even attempted to tamper with our car’s brakes during the night but I caught him at it around midnight. He later even cleaned up the little rivulet of brake fluid that I saw running from under the car to the drain in the parking lot. My telepathic wife identified him, nearby, as we were leaving and told him, up close, ‘I know what you did!’ [Image Can Not Be Found];

The sewer rat agencies have tried to kill Carol and I more times than we bother to count, any more, but protecting ourselves has become easier, especially since there are a few more poeple who have been similarly targetted and show up in the chats to work with us. Doing this in the company with other experienced psychics has been a real boon for all of us, of course, and our enquiries are uncovering some pretty amazing and empowering new information and techniques. Thanks, Operators!

When Stuart, Jesse, Carol adn I walked from Stuart’s apartment to a nearby restaurant for our victory dinner, it was half full of very-dissapointed-looking feds, including our waitress. Usually, feds make an art of appeareing to ignore the people they’re surveilling but here was a small crowd of them who looked steadily at us like we’d just shot their dogs or pushed their mothers down the stairs. That was more delicious than the wonderful meal we had.

Jesse’s truck’s brakes were sabotaged–he crashed downhill from STuart’s place that afternoon but luckily only hit a guardrail when the brakes failed. He had disabled all of the hill and mountain top death and HaARP arrays in the San Francisco Bay area by then, also disabled a bunch of very big coastal HAARP arrays to the north.

Stuart was deep cover all along, by the way, and, having failed to poison the movement with a host of pampered moles on his forum, eventually destroyed right before he, himself, sang his swan song and closed his forum on April Fool’s Day, 2004, which shows the discerning how far the feds will go to try to own and poison any grassroot movement.

After our delivery, anyone could send or receive the video, though there’s been a lot of hacking on the sites where the free download has been available, of course. Carnicom eventually came out with a sorry, ennervating video attempt to distract attention from COD but it mainly drew more attention to it, instead.

The ironic part is that by the time the film was finally available the chemtrail threat had been essentially neutralized by many thousands of cloudbusters; all built within a single year after the building instructions became freely available on teh internet.

What we see of chemtrails in the skies now are harmless remnants. The few among us who recognized chemtrails when they were poisoning and even killing people remember that they looked a lot diffetent, then: they quickly whited out the sky and destroyed all of the cloudcover on their way down.

AFter the defeat of the chemtrail agenda, HAARP began creating those paper-thin, high altitude (20-25,000 feet) stratus clouds that can cover entire states or countries whenever there’s enough moisture up there. I think this was done to give the newly awakening people the impression that chemtrails were responsible but anyone could see that the rain-bearing clouds remained intact when the HAARP whiteouts were in place.

It’s been large-scale water gifting that has been most consistently successful at erasing these HAARP whiteouts, by the way

Even though the TV show gives the impression that chemtrails are dangerous, which is simply not true any more, at least chemtrails are not being sold as ‘weather modification,’ ‘to slow down global warming,’ or otherwise helpful, as some disinformants had tried to get people to believe earlier. More and more people are figuring out that the global warming academic myth is a well-funded scam to break down our economic, intellectual and political freedom–have you noticed?

Many gifters are figuring out that the more orgonite we put out, the faster the chemtrail remnants disappear. You probably noticed that some chemtrails disappear almost instantly while others leave a mark in the sky for several minutes, even up to hours. In the latter case the chemtrail remnants are probably just seeded clouds but even those disappear fast when large bodies of water in the area have been generously gifted.

I think the fast-disappearing stuff is the weaponry (particularly susceptible to being neutralized by ambient, strong orgone); the slow-disappearing stuff is just done for psych effect. Look at how many people now see chemtrails, for instance, and want ‘explanations.’ Enter the army of internet disinformants, who do their best to cause hopelessness and helplessness.

An advantage we have as sellers of healing devices is that many thousands of people have corresopnded with us, usually asking for advice about their illnesses. Between late 1998 and the middle of 2002 we were literally swamped with requests from people who had just gotten sick with one or another of the new chronic sicknesses, including chronic fatigue, Lyme, ‘candida,’ extreme chemical sensitivity, MS, viral hepatitis, etc. These are really just one sickness: the partial shutdown of kidneys/liver/spleen, probably accomplished by mycoplasma. Dr von Peters soon developed ChemBuster to tone these organs back to productivity and that inexpensive remedy has been incredibly successful, as you may know.

The main confirmaiton, for me, that the chemtrail agenda had been neutralized five years ago is that we rarely hear from anyone who has lately become sick with any of these characteristic illnesses. Nearly all of them whom we’re in touch with got sick between 1998 and mid-2002. The chemtrail agenda suddenly became more or less universal and constant in all of the developed countries on the planet (with the possible exception of Russia, where there are apparently no death towers, either) in late 1998. Note that the death towers also made a ‘sudden’ worldwide appeasrance in the fall of 2001. Both the chemtrails and the death towers are military, secret agenda on the same scale as the Manhattan Project was, by the way. I hope that if you’re ever in the vicinity of Mojave, California, you’ll take out your binoculars, park by MOjave Airfield and study the chemtrail-jet conversion assembly line where US and British passenger jets of all types are turned into chemtrail jets. I don’t know of a better 3D confirmation of this military/corporate agenda. The CIA-owned Evergreen Air Field, between Tucson and Phoenix, is a chemtrail jet parking lot that’s easily seen from the freeway. There are a few others but these plain, white jets are generally hidden from the public when they’re on the ground.

Rationality has always been the quitest voice, almost always drowned out by nonsensical mysticism from clergy, scientists, academicians, pajama people parents and peers, the What To Think Network, government, etc., but this modest TV segment is showing me that the old juggernaut, which is the ancient, schizoid false paradigm that was meticulously created by the corporate world odor, is finally running aground.


I think it’s important to remember that the CIA/NSA owns and operates all the media except the internet, so programs like this are aired with their blessings, probably as lightning rods.

As this government and its corporate sponsor lose more of their ability to control and terrorize the populace, though, we’ll likely continue to see a gradual shift in the media toward genuine autonomy.

I think the only way we’re going to know, for sure, that the broadcast and print media are no longer the What To Think Network is that political/economic power will have shifted decisively to directly-elected and accountable, more local governments and the federal agencies will have entirely lost their ability to bully and finance local leaders. I predict that the word, ‘politician,’ will be as reprehensible as ‘pedophile,’ by then


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