My Dad is back to the hospital

Hi everyone,

My Dad is back to the hospital.

But this time he is not going very well, its lung cancer propagated everywhere. Please send him a good BLAST of love for me.

Sorry for the people that send me Mail, but everything is up side down here and didn’t have time to reply. And sometime the RATS who retains my mail, sometime over 1 week.



Please do support Jacques in any way you can. We’ll devote some time in the Sunday session to his dad, again, but meanwhile your blasts will likely keep him breathing.

Most folks might not recognize what a huge task our partner in Montreal has taken on, nor how big his personal sacrifice is to get it done. On top of that he’s had to contend with massive interference from NSA and MI6 hackers, like a Chinese human wave assault.

I can tell you that if it weren’t for Jacques we wouldn’t have this forum at all. Sometime maybe he’ll tell you enough about his background and history to give you a deeper appreciation for what he’s able to accomplish in the face of these odds.

Please send him boosts when you send energy to his dad, okay? Also to Jacques’ wonderful wife who is as close and committed a partner to him as Carol is to me.


OK Don. Thanks much Jacques, and I will give it a go.


Jacques, am sorry about your papa. Mine died of lung cancer this year. Hardest of all was his true-believer choice to follow the oncological paradigm to the bitter end. This is stupefying for healer folk, who know that hospital protocols tend to increase the body’s toxic load, and further impair the immune system.

I will remember your father, and you. Thank you for your good heart, and for being an exemplar of steady friendship, and of marital devotion.

Jacques, am dodecaeing you and your dad and sending BIG ETHERIC “OCEAN WAVE” ENERGY to both of you. We all have to let go and let people choose their path…it’s hard for me to see my father with cancer too, specialy see him choose the serial killers for his treatment.

Cheer up man, boosting you both with great love. Am sure others will too.

Hi everyone,

My Dad is Gone this morning 12:40.

Thanks for all the good VIBES&LOVE everyone.


May God bless you and your family.


May God bless you and your family.


Very sorry to hear of your loss, Jacques. ~Don

Thanks for your support …!

They all need this Pain to try to destroy me, but sorry for THEM I like to play my mirrior my way on them …!
I got one more guide to help me now…


it is just makes me stronger.


Jacques, am so sorry for the upheaval and loss of your papa. You are remembered by those who respect your work.

Grief is an unpredictable experience; it may come in waves like tsunami. It can make other people uncomfortable, not knowing what to say or do, and also being reminded of one’s own mortality. The grieving person may feel alone and even shunned, if not in a culture which is demonstrative and tactile.

Wishing you quietude to heal, and true friends. Condolences, Jacques.

Hi Jaque

Sorry to hear of your dad passing. WHen my dad passed away and then my mom,

I started making orgonite and gifting the death towers with boundless energy and optimism. I turned my loss around and have gifted 1000’s of towers since .

Good luck .


Hey Jacques, Stevo and I are sending you and your family lots of love and good energy. Take care of yourself and know that you have the support of the whole EW network, and beyond.

Keep breathing……


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