My First Pic Post!

Hey warriors-

I thought I would just share some photos I just took with my dad’s new digital camera. Enjoy

Just a fun, artistic splash of a few devices I made:

Zoom in of middle HHG, which I made in an enourmous martini glass I found at an art store. The HHG weighs nearly 10 pounds and contains about 2/3 of a gallon of resin. I made it to bust the local nuke power plant, which I will do in the next few weeks and report back on.

Trying to show some sort of scale of how big the big HHG is. From left: 1oz. mini tb, 3 oz. muffin tb, 10-12 oz. martini glass HHG, (size compared to hand showed in following pic), and then the "Mega" HHG

Just a height comparison of the same devices.


Ned Walsh

Hi Ned, click on the tree icon to drop photos into your posts,

Thanks Eric!


These are all so beautiful! I can feel wonderful energy coming from each individual piece.

You’ve definitely got the touch!


Thanks Louis!

I take that as a huge compliment coming from you because you make some of the most beautiful orgonite I have ever seen. Your products are like orgone eye candy.


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