My Little Ten Thousand Dollar Setback11

Don Croft
30 May 2008 11:58
Subject: My Little Ten Thousand Dollar Setback
Last Friday, Carol and I met Dooney and Stevo in Missoula for supper. We had agreed on Johnny Carino’s (a really good Italian restaurant) and the other guys wren’t there. Dooney called Carol to say they’d be a few more minutes but didn’t say where she was. After she hung up, Carol said, ‘They’re over at bestBuy looking at movies.’

I was fairly bursting with anticipation to tell them wheer they called from but when they got to the restaurant, Dooney said, ‘I’m sorry we were late but we were over at BestBuy looking at movie cameras.’

I like to reinforce our psychics’ credibility from time to time with positive feedback Cool

This time, it’s in the context of what they all said after I crashed my little airplane, four days previous to our meeting.

That Monday morning the weather cleared enough for me to finally go bust the remaining mountaintop death ray arrays around our valley. I had done all but the three arrays south of the Spokane River and east of Lake Coeur d’Alene. To be fair, Kelly had thoroughly disabled the middle mountaintop array some yhears ago. He did such a good job, in fact, that they moved the big weatherball from that peak to the next peak to the south, which was taller but farther from Spokane, which was apparently where most of the weaponry was aimed.

I figured that I’d need to refuel before returning, which was the case, so after circling that last array I glided down to a big. open field and filled the tank with the gas that I carried behind the seat. I bucked a headwind all the way there but had about a half gallon left in the tank when the job was done. I carried five extra gallons in plastic containers–more than enough for the trip home, which would be at a much lower altitude.

I called Carol to say I’d landed safely then taxied to the top of a low hill for a downhill takeoff roll into the wind. I had plenty of space and lifted off in a couple hundred feet, climbing nicely. I didn’t want to fly low over the woods at the edge of the field, so I banked slightly to the left to take advantage of the long, open downhill slope of the field across the wind, which was moderate and steady.

Though I kept the plane aimed low enough to maintain speed I suddenly lost control of the plane and it went down. I was up about fifty feet and immediately pulled the throttle back to idle and managed to level the wings a bit but I couldn’t get the nose up and I hit pretty hard. destroying the propeller. collapsing the landing gear and pretty much disabling the plane.

I wasn’t injured but was pretty bummed out, though that was tempered with some pretty intense satisfaction over having disabled 8 mountatintop death arrays in the previous week or so and with the realization that I’ve certainly made gifting history and perhaps even military aviation history Cool

My biggest frustration was about the delay I’ll experience gettin back up there. Carol and I are on our way to Wisconsin to pick up the hang gliders I bought last year and to get some lessons in preparation for getting a Doodlebug, which will put me back in the mountaintop death ray array disabling game.

I called her to pick me up and she said that she saw hte plane hitting a wall of energy but that she wanted to confer with Dooney and Stevo before she was sure of that. We got in the chatroom with them that evening and they confirmed that the Triads had spent a couple of weeks setting up teh crash, hoping that they’d at least disable me physically. There was apparently too much protection around me for them to just kill me, this time. Dooney got a clear image of them having constructed a tetrahron-shaped energy barrier around me, which was apaprently somehow activated to manipulate the air around the plane at some point. It’s likely that they took advantage of my banking turn but I’m taking full responsibility for that, also for my relative lack of experience landing and taking off in fields.

It’s always nice, personally, to find confirmation that the Chinese now own and operate the US Government and it’s sewer rat agencies. When the PJ folks find out that will be the end of this parasitic regime and the rug will also then be pulled out from under the Beijing parasites, too. It’s no end of funny to me how the Chinese got scammed when they bought the Federal Reserve Corporation. Since China is still feudalistic these old warlords probably still believe that the Fed actually owns all of us, as their charter states. What chumps! Buying the Federal Reserve Corporation’s false premise is sort of like buying the Brooklyn Bridge from Ratso Rizzo. We’re all still armed, for God’s sake!

CArol had been seeing little dark, skittering forms around our property for a couple of weeks before the crash and right after the crash she startyed hearing cackling laughter, which kept up until we got busy in the chatroom and chased down the Triad dirty magicmongers and the laughing man, whom Carol likes to call Fu Manchu and is apparently one of the dark masters. She had commented on seeing the ratty little entities every day to me for a couple of weeks and I even saw one of them scurrying into the darkness when I was walking through the hangar, a few days before the event. When the psychics got together it became clear that the dark forms were the asral bodies of the Triad psi freaks.

After the crash none of those were around so I’m assuming we counted some coup on them.

That’s probably the last time they’ll be able to do that and rather than rebuild that plane I’ve opted to eventually build a lighter, open plane: the Dream Classic ultralight on . Meanwhile I’ll get up to the mountaintops with the Doodlebug as soon as it’s delivered, probably in the early fall.

On Friday night, Doc STevo put my muscles and joints back in order and worked up a sweat in the process. I’d been tossed around like a ragdoll and by the grace of The Operators nothing was damaged. He’s got some incredible skills and tools including some things that escape my comprehension but work very well. I’m sure it’s helpful to his healing art that he’s also a gifted, trained psychic.

Thanks STevo!!

Grid willing, Carol and I will be scooter-towed into the air in our new hang gliders tomorrow Cool and a report will follow.


30 May 2008 14:01
Subject: Re: My Little Ten Thousand Dollar Setback
Be careful you two ok?

I have the feeling those chinese versions of the wizard of oz (the crackling laughter is a dead give away) will be the last big players you’ll have to contend with. But still they are tricky those little bastards…


Andy Schwarm
30 May 2008 21:12
Subject: Re: My Little Ten Thousand Dollar Setback
Crashing sucks.

The Expert

Don Croft
31 May 2008 07:28
Subject: Re: My Little Ten Thousand Dollar Setback
The crash wasn’t that bad but the frustration of not flying really sucks for me.

Last night, Carol and I disabled all the HaARP and death towers around the little grass airfield (Whitewater, Wisconsin) that this weekend’s scooter-towed hang gliding lessons are to take place at. I also hid my little turbo-charged cloudbuster and an Eighteen, there. Paul Olson, the guy who sold us our gliders and will sell us a Doodlebug or two, will be there in an hour and a half. Sky is clear, now, and when we were busting the towers we noticed a strenuous HAARP effort overhead–one of those flattish, un-natural clouds full of striations at various angles. That nasty cloud disappeared by the time we busted the second local HAARP transmitter Cool

Two nights ago, halfway across Minnesota, the HAARPies apparently tried to make a tornado where we spent the night in our pop-up camp trailer but the cloudbuster and a little bit of concerted energy-tossing at some Chinese military freaks who were using HAARP on us, calmed the storm. They didn’t even manage to get any of the constant, un-natural lightning to land close to us. Carol saw these Chinese using dirty magic along with the towers.

The only decent gifting Carol perceived along the route from Montana to here was around Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where a diligent gifter lives. Otherwise, she saw evidence that some gifting had been done sporadically, apparently by travellers. We’d like to leave the Eighteen at Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, also a bunch of earthpipes plugs if we can find open fence posts around there.

The tornados reported in the US show us where nobody’s been busy. In spite of massive snow and rainfall throughout the luscious, green ‘droughty’ regions we’ve travelled through, though, there has been no flooding! This perhaps indicates that there are enough cloudbusters to ionize the atmosphere, making the water soluble enough to sink into the ground instead of running across it in floods. Most people who have orgonite cloudbusters haven’t lifted a finger to disable even the local HAARP weaponry and death transmitters, strange to tell. It’s been a labor of Hercules for me to convince anyone new to this business that disabling the towers is more important. It’s certainly cheaper, considering the inflated price of copper Wink

I think that for thousands of years the etheric parasites, including the Triads, never experienced opposition. Even the traditional magicians/healers we’ve known over the years seem to feel mandated not to ‘fight back.’ Kizira Ibrahim in Uganda was the first of these, as far as I know, who decided to hunt these murderous freaks as we’re doing but I could be mistaken. Newagers who call themselves ‘shamans’ won’t lift a finger to oppose tyranny or to really cure sickness and, really, they’re more interested in disabling real warriors than in making the world better. Curing sickness is an act of aggression, by the way Wink

The Chinese predators might be the last ranks in the world odor’s effort to destroy this grasstroot movement, as Carlos said, but they’re also the most skilled at manipulating energy remotely. According to Hopi traditions, the yellow race are the guardians of the air, which is why they excel at psychic pursuits. The black race, ‘guardians of water’ are going to lead the way with orgone tech before long, I believe. Carol and I will really enjoy going back to Africa in the coming decades.


Don Croft
31 May 2008 08:14
Subject: Re: My Little Ten Thousand Dollar Setback
I should explain the ten grand: it’s the cost of the basic airplane kit.

We spent that much (went into debt, actually) disabling all the HAARP and death towers in and around Atlanta, five years ago, and I think that if we hadn’t done that vivid demonstration of orgonite’s raw power the entire movement might have foundered due to the weird infuence of some CIA-guided tricksters who had played Pied Piper to many or most of the people who were using orgonite to disable the then-new death towers. The fact that most of our readers don’t know what I’m talking about is direct evidence that the movement survived that serious attack and then expanded even more rapidly afterward Cool

Dooney said that she’ll post a video of one of the mountaintop arrays I busted on the last sortie. I had mounted a camera on a wing strut for the first time. She also kindly made a PDF file of LISTEN, LITTLE MAN! by Dr Reich and I’m going to ask Alejandro to put it up as a free download, here. It’s a primer for understanding the alleged minds of the Pajama People (the CIA’s erstwhile domain) and Dr Reich struggled mightily to wake them up, as you know. In his day things were much, much worse than they are now and I can’t imagine carrying his burden. I’m sure I couldn’t have endured as he did under the circumstances.

I tried to film the worst array but it didn’t show up. On that mountaintop there are two very large, windowless buildings around the weatherball that Kelly had displaced from its previous location on the peak further north. I was really hoping to show you a film of that one [Image Can Not Be Found].

That time (four years ago, if memory serves) the road was closed to traffic at the bottom of the mountain, so Kelly had to march 3,000 feet up the peak to disable the array. It took so long to reach the top that it got dark when he was on his way down through the woods. If not for my mishap, it would have taken me only three hours, round trip from my backyard, to ring four mountaintop arrays with orgonite. What’s going to happen to all of this strategic weaponry when a half dozen gifters in the mountainous regions decide to fly ultralights?

My brief ‘military aviation’ career has already taught me that an even lighter, more portable aircraft is perfectly suited for disabling even the most ‘secure’ mountaintop installation. I can get to any mountaintop within ten miles and back within an hour (the climb rate requires a little patience) and can takeoff from a small field or roadside parking lot with a Doodlebug then land literally anywhere that has fifty feet of nearly smooth space.


Andy Schwarm
31 May 2008 14:18
Subject: Re: My Little Ten Thousand Dollar Setback
My little setback cost me about $4400 (which I haven’t paid any of yet)
out of pocket for the hospital but the worst part is I haven’t been on a
motorcycle since March 27th.

I’m a little leery about flying and can’t really afford it, but I did discover
that I can get pretty far into the mountains in my van, then I can pull-out
my dirtbike and ride the rest of the way to the targets.

Trouble is the bike’s unlicensed and has no green sticker. The Ranger-Cops
would have fun with me if I got caught. I need a legal trail-bike.

Sorry about your plane Don, but I’m sure glad you weren’t injured.

My brace comes-off July 9th. :O)

Oh yeah, I fired my doctor. He didn’t do squat for me, just took xrays
and charged big bucks for chatting about golf.

I essentially am paying $4400 for a guy to come in and fit me for a brace.
Gene had one hanging in his shop! He could have fitted me for nothing. The
only good thing about the hospital was the xrays and cat scans that showed
all the bones were together and there was no call for surgery (eek).

I’m looking into Kaiser.

Next target is that under-construction array and that big weather ball.



Don Croft
01 Jun 2008 07:00
Subject: Re: My Little Ten Thousand Dollar Setback
Andy, when you come visit ASAP I bet Doc Stevo would like to fix you up. Why suffer? I bet he’d work up a sweat fixing you, as he did when he put me back together in one session. He’s got skills.

I often say that nobody has been seriously harmed for doing this work and I’m not including all the gifters who get T-boned (hit broadside by speeding cars in intersections, driven through red lights by MKids), nor do I include your and my recent kinetic debacles, which I assume are also a direct result of our successes against the world order. Mrs Odondi was shot by police;, Georg and Axel spent ten days in a crowded cell in Zimbabwe; some of our family members have been interfereed with by the government’s criminal $#!+birds and/or grossly manipulated against us and many or most of us have generally experienced various other losses on account of our good deeds. A few of us are routinely and severely poisoned by one or another sewer rat agency but since nearly all of us are happier and healthier than most of the rest of humanity are I don’t count any of that as ‘serious harm.’

Sure, dirtbikes are a fine alternative to humping orgonite up to restricted mountaintops or dropping it from aircraft!

Looks like today will be calm and clear, so Carol and I will get some scooter-tow hang gliding lessons, after all. Yesterday, the HAARPiese bequeathed strong wind from 4:30AM to 7:30PM but we got busy with them during supper. Carol found three more Chinese military freaks operating the HAARP transmitters some distance away Cool and we’re seeing fewer and fewer fed pavement artists in our travels and fewer of these criminals attacking gifters in the etheric realm. I think they’re all feeling put out by having to work directly for China, now, instead of for London. I bet The City (London financial district) is pretty bent about all this, too Cool

Got my first upclose look at a Doodlebug yesterday, though, and we assembled our hang gliders and got some direct info and advice about it all. Carol’s is purple and mine is blue. I ran into the wind on flat ground, with the instructor’s help, and hopped off the ground a few times, getting the feel for how it all works but running takeoffs, even from a hill, seem too much like punishment to me so I’m opting for scooter or other tow launching and then the Doodlebug, which will probably be delivered by late summer. Carol’s not sure what she’ll do but today’s activity ought to help her figure it out.

A Doodlebug’s takeoff is slow and climb is gradual, so some distance is required but launching from the highway roadside or even on a less-travelled road will probably be an option and landing can be done in a lot less space. So different from even the lightest ultalight. Setting it all up apparently takes about ten minutes or so. Paul calls it a ‘nanolight.’ Wink He’s going to fly one for us today and I’ll film it.



09 Jun 2008 23:33
Subject: Re: My Little Ten Thousand Dollar Setback
Here’s Don’s video of his flying sortie before the crash:


Don Croft
11 Jun 2008 08:32
Thanks, Coach–that litttle mountaintop facility, which was painted green in a rare effort to hide it from view, was the only one that got on film. It was my cheap little video camera’s practice piece. I had mounted it on the wing strut. The bigger mountain in the background is Mt Spokane, which had a much juicier array and is 6,000 feet high. I had made a special trip just to get that one but I was back home within an hour. The airstrip by our house is 2400 feet elevation.

The last array I did before the crash was the worst one and I was hoping to show it because there are large, windowless buildings by the weatherball and high tension powerlines run directly up a straight swath thru the forest on the mountainside and end at that array. That’s enough power for a small city, of course, which indicates that the weatherball and tower array does more than look at the weather and help you make phone calls Wink

I don’t know why they don’t power that one from underground with little nuke generators, though maybe they’re using those, too, to try to ruin the climate.

I still get a goofy grin every time I glance at those gifted mountains when we’re driving around here. For a few days after I finished disabling the region’s mountaintop death ray arrays there were Sylphs galore, then the HAARPies mounted an apparently desperate offfensive from farther away, which is still going on. Wasting all that effort on our atmosphere is probably enabling the surrounding area to heal, though. I think Stevo and I are going to put the last of the nails in HAARP’s Northwest US coffin pretty soon, now that Carol bought me a little inflatable boat on E-Bay for the rest of the remote water gifting. Aeronautical charts have most of the HAARP arrays on them, by the way, though I know from direct experience that many of the mountaintop arrays are NOT shown even on aeronautical charts.

Carol grew up on the slopes of Mt Spokane. Her dad’s family are from the Turtle Mountains area of N. Dakota, which is the last remaining HAARP-drought ('global warming Cool ) area in the Northwest US and is our next target. Stevo has been keeping track of the shrinking official drought area. HIs and Dooney’s HAARP-busting effort last winter has apparently pushed the drought into a corner, so to speak, and we want to perform the coup de gras.

The mountaintop in the film actually needs a little more orgonite, Carol told me yesterday as we drove by it. In the past few days it’s been shrouded in very dark clouds and Carol says the underground base at its base also needs more earthpipes. We applied six of them a few weeks ago but it wasn’t enough. Rathdrum, which is the little town at teh base of the mountain, is a bornagain-chump stronghold that has a history of satanic ritual slaughter–go figure. When my wife was a teen, local satanists would lay traps for motorists in order to collect them for their rituals. It’s rare for these groups to operate with impunity on that scale and this implies participation by the local gov’t.

Five years ago, when we were finishing up all the accessible death towers in the area, we encountered one of those groups a few miles away on a gifting sortie and even came upon one of their ritual sites in the woods. In a small clearing there were animal skulls on a circle of trees, beneath each of which was a log seat. We gifted the site, of course. They accosted us on the way out of the woods and one of these schmucks made a characteristic threatening gesture at Carol: glared at her and pointed forefinger and little finger of one hand at the ground. ‘Yeah, see you in church!’ Wink

Anytime you hear of an area, like the Bible Belt in the US, that has a lot of satanic activity you can assume that the CIA has a lot of stuff going on. I don’t know who remembers that the present, popular form of fundamentalism exploded onto the scene at the same time teh hippie movement did, though the masons had taken over all the theological seminaries in the 1800s, the same time the drug cartel took over all the medical schools. If you have any doubt that mainstream masonry is satanic, leaf through MORALS AND DOGMA, by Confederate Generral Albert Pike. Check out the illustration of ‘Baphomet, the hermaphroditic she-goat’ whose draconian visage sits in an inverted, distrorted pentagram. I wonder if Pike the Freak smoked opium. That period of history was characterized by several charismatic sponsored freaks, including Blavatsky, Marx and Nietsche. I think one of the clear proofs that infantilism is the core of the world order’s ideology is that people like that are still promoted by mainstream, tenured academics, who are surely smart enough to know better. I wonder if the pedophile/satanic rituals are still going on at Bohemian Grove, by the way. I assume they retrieved most of the orgonite we dropped around that place because the guy who was our ‘guide’ turned out to be a well-intentioned MKid who turned on us shortly afterward. Live and learn, eh? That was six years ago. We sure had fun there, though, and on the way out of there. We counted some of the best coup, ever, on CIA and NSA pavement artists, then.

Speaking of MKids, I just heard from a very concerned gifter in Italy that a faker has been successful at seducing a whole lot of young gifters away from orgonite, similar to what nearly happened in the US some years ago. I suggested that the only way to undermine such sabotage is to get a good, invitation-only forum going in Italian and to post as much substantive material as possible to demonstrate the consistently good effects of orgonite. What the fakers can’t produce is evidence, after all. No amount of clever claims and charismatic posturing can take the place of solid evidence. I hope the legitimate, hard working Italian gifters will get a voice–maybe it takes something like this to make it happen and the good news is that MI6 and/or the CIA wouldn’t finance and conduct an operation like that if the legitimate Italian effort hadn’t been so effective and productive in the first place…

I mention our comfortable relative obscurity from time to time and the only part of that which rankles me a bit is that so many of the people who find still come through disinformation sites and forums. This is probably because the search engines are property of the CIA and NSA and anyone who types ‘orgonite’ in a search engine goes to them, first. I have faith that the right folks will continue to persevere, though, after they get a whiff of these sites’ true nature.

The recent spate of ‘accidents’ and economic sabotage among the front ranks of gifters may show that these $#!+bird agencies and their apparent new owners, the Chinese gov’t, are getting nervous about their failure to derail or slow this grassroot effort.

Satanism is one of the recuitment/programming tools for the CIA, which bases it’s masonic-derived mind control programming on a rehashed 1840s-paradigm of Christian fundamentalism, developed by such masons as Judge Hudson of New York, who created Jehovah’s Witnesses. The CIA’s other British parent organization, MI6, bases its older mind control protocols on Theosophy, which is regurgitated and butchered HIndu/Buddhist/Zoroastrian dogma that inspired, among other phenomenon, the barefoot goose-stepping hippie movement and an army of zealous channelers.

If more folks would look into the history and roots of these agencies I think fewer people would be seduced by their saccharine, lockstep-irrational appeal.


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