My Standard Short Answer To Gifters Who Like Disinfo Sites

Don Croft
26 Jul 2008 07:21
Subject: My Standard Short Answer to Gifters Who Like Disinfo Sites
Of course if you want to entirely clear the skies of molestations you’re going to need to gift all of the death towers and HaARP weaponry in your entire region. There are no shortcuts, unfortunately.

In Toronto they distributed ten thousand towerbusters and there was still constant HAARP whiteout. That continued until someone finally busted the regional HAARP arrays and also the coastal HAARP arrays in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, along with apparently concurrent HaARP busting on Maine’s coast. Toronto is hundreds of miles from the sea…

The mere presence of Sylphs, even occasionally, is a solid indicator that the atmosphere is decisively positive, no mattter whether you see HAARP whiteouts or the occasional chemtrail-seeded clouds.

The reason I badger people about being systematic and very observant with their gifting is so that they can empower themselves and achieve certainty, which is extremely rare these days, due to overwhelming CIA disinformation campaigns and lifelong, disempowering programmign by the educational, religious and media cartels.


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