My Summer Trip

Homer t
19 Sep 2008 14:17
Subject: My Summer Trip
Greeting to all the Etheric Warriors…Homer T here….I am honored and humbled to have been invited to post on E W.
I have been casting and gifting since early 2006. I have done most of the towers and other places of interest and have, for the last year, been working on reversing the desert of So Ca. and detoxifying the two most contaminated rivers in North America….Don posted two exploits for me about this conversion process….
Speaking of Don…I went on a 3705 mile road-trip in aug/sept of this year…my destination was northern Idaho to meet Don and Carol…and Stevo and Dooney…
They are all…real people…it;s so fun to be around those of like mind…I arrived three days after Andy and he had to leave two days later…My mission was to accompany Don on his second sorte of the week to Paradise Lake where we gifted every .5 miles around the perimeter of the lake…it was odd to see Don, with his shirt off, enjoying a gorgeous late Aug. day and me with the GPS in one hand and the other throwing TB’s into the lake with my Leather coat…jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt on…the desert makes all other places seem cold…anyway we gifted an 18…we tried to take a picture with his camera phone but, I guess us old guys are not to tech savvy. We did get a great conformation…as we dropped the 18 …a most beautiful rainbow Slyph appeared. What a trip to see…after that highpoint we set about the process of installing a Hydrogen On Demand system in Carol’s big 1978 Ford 3/4 tn truck. and their 1999 Toyota LandCruiser. I had been in communication with Don about the water4gas idea for three months and then found out that Stevo is an advocate of alternative fuels. Don thinks that this…‘electrolysis of water’ is related to the workings of a joe cell Using distilled water with baking soda added as a catalyst … cracks the hydrogen and oxygen molecules…allowing these molecules to bubble to the surface of the electrolyzer and then be pulled into the combustion chamber through the vacuum action of the engine.This system works…Stevo did a video of him and I installing a unit in his LandCruiser (1993) so that he would be able to install a unit in his big 1-ton Chevy truck….350 V-8’s are known for their really bad mileage and stink out of the exhaust because of so much unburned gas leaving the engine and the tailpipe…unburned. There are many systems out in the marketplace…many complicated, expensive and under-producing units are available.
I have written about my trip and I won’t assume to speak for Don or Carol or Stevo or Dooney . MY site is now up on the net……Please visit…!
While on the trip I gifted (heavily) the Kalameth River valley in northern Ca. the local Native American legends holds that if the might Kalameth River dies…so dies the earth…
not far from that river is Mt Ashland…it is on the Ca. Oregon borders and has a huge weather ball on it’s summit…right next …literally. to the upper ski-lift exit point…of all the nerve…anyway, there is some confusion as to whether that horrendous thing has been gifted…if there are any gifters from that area that can confirm that is has been gifted I will leave it be…
Oregon is an extemely beautiful state but the mind-control is numbing…churchianity is strong and people are living as in a daze…I have gifted up the I-5 and the east Portland area.each summer for the last three and I can see the tide slowly turning…I urge all gifters in Oregon to 'kick it up ’ a notch and just do it.
we can not be stopped and each day we grow stronger in the knowledge that we are actually changing…‘things’ with each and every ‘intent’ we produce.Blessings to all…

homer t

26 Sep 2008 13:02
Subject: Re: My Summer Trip
Stevo and I met Homer at Don and Carol’s place and he installed one of his units in our 1993 Landcruiser while Stevo videotaped him. We noticed several changes immediately. First of all, once the unit started bubbling and producing the hydrogen and it got pulled into the engine, the engine smoothed out right away. This has never happened before. Also, the smell from the exhaust was reduced by about 75%. On the drive home we noticed that we had more power going over the mountain passes. We also got 3 miles more per gallon on the trip home than we did on the trip over to Don and Carol’s. This was without the added help of the computer hack for the oxygen sensor. Our regular mechanic, who happens to be interested in all this stuff, is going to install the hack next week and then we’ll be able to see more mileage improvement.

Stevo decided to tackle our 1987 1-ton Chevy himself and got a unit installed a couple of weeks ago. Right away we noticed the same improvements…smoother running engine, less exhaust smell and more power. We don’t drive this truck a lot since it’s mostly a working truck for hauling stuff around our property, but we took it out on a few 10-mile excursions to use up some gas and get a mileage reading. It looks like we are getting 50% better mileage! This is huge for a big working truck that gets 8 miles per gallon. We’re thrilled, and we plan to install a second unit in this truck to see if we can get even better mileage. Homer has pointed out that overdoing the hydrogen production can actually decrease your mileage, so we’re going to keep an eye on things and just do some more experimenting.

There are other tweaks you can do to improve mileage, and our mechanic has come up with a trio of fixes that work together to do that. Once we get that in place I’ll post about it. I believe it includes a certain type of air filter, a gas tank additive and a spacer on the throttle. Don’t ask me what that last one means…I’ll have Stevo post about it.

I know Homer has some other tweaks you can do so maybe he’ll post about those. I’m looking forward to being able to give a mileage report on the Landcruiser soon. This is definitely something you should all try. Homer is making a good product and we’ve got his website up so you can read all about it and buy one for yourself. Stevo has been researching how to do this for 6 months or so, and we were lucky to be able to meet Homer and see the installation first hand.

Visit Homer’s site at and get yourself one of his units. I believe this is the first step towards free energy for cars. They tried to hack me out of doing Homer’s website but I got it done and he’s ready to sell units. Our corporate governments are never going to make a change towards free energy, so we have to do it for ourselves. Thanks Homer!


27 Sep 2008 19:58
Subject: Re: My Summer Trip

These Hydroxy systems are great and can certainly be regarded as ‘half-free energy’ at least.

On the subject of ‘tweaks’; tiny quantities of Pure Acetone can be added to the fuel (Diesel or Petrol) to achieve increased burn-efficiency.

This translates into noticeably more power and smoother running (and extra mileage).

I add one milliliter per liter (so about 40ml to each ten US gallons).

It also tends to clean your injectors, carburetor, spark-plugs and valves; restoring compression in dirty engines and reducing exhaust emissions in the form of unburned fuel.

The Hydroxy booster is the star of this show but there’s nothing wrong with getting the most out of what regular fuel you still use.

Don Croft
28 Sep 2008 04:59
Subject: Re: My Summer Trip
Thx for posting, Homer, and I’m sorry to have delayed my response–the recent trip’s main price is a backlog of online work due to backlog of business work, unfortunately.

I’m not in a position to debate the subtle-energy aspect of Water4Gas dynamics, though we saw Kelly a few days ago and when he watched the water jar in our Landcruiser he saw a whole lot of orgone over the jar after the engine was turned on and when the engine was turned off, the energy field slowly subsided, which is what anyone who is sensitive also sees around a Joe Cell.

When Wilhelm Muller, in Canada, showed me his version of hydrogen production for an internal combustion engine, using strips of that quartz/iron semiconductor in a small plastic water tank, there was an obvious blast of a huge volume of hydrogen and oxygen (electrically drawn into separate tanks) from a low amount of electricity. He told me that this is what is needed in order to run a car on hydrogen; using ordinary conductors requires a much bigger tank of water and a lot more power. It’s the black sand in the coils of his magnet-powered engine that takes off enough current from the kinetic device to power a village with his suitcase-size magnet engine, for instance. Black sand is quarttz and iron semiconductor material found in nature.

Right before I got to Namibia in late 2001, Gert Botha, my host, reported that he had successfully converted his desert home’s gasoline-powered generator to running on hydrogen with a little field engineering but that three huge guys stole it during the night a few days after he worked the bugs out of the system. My time with him left me with the impression that he’s a truthful fellow. He said his dog was uncharaceristically silent, that night, and he figured it was three guys by studying their footprints. He had worked his way through college in South Africa as a commando, so he was a pretty good tracker. He had also spent many years in the bush as a field geologist. Georg would really like this guy, I think.

I understand the hesitancy to consider that a relatively tiny amount of hydrogen is probably not causing such a huge increase in fuel efficiency, but that orgone is rather doing it but I had a Joe Cell that nearly succeeded and I spent a year bathed in the energy the cell produced whenever I drove the truck, prior to the convulsive shaking of the engine that marked the final stage (implosion of energy in the cylinders). Unfortunately, the shaking damaged the cell, itself, and the water ran out Cool

The 99 LandCruiser got a slight increase in fuel efficiency, probably due to teh computer, but it’s no doubt benefitting from more fuel efficiency and cleaner burn. The problem with onboard computers, I’m told, is that they keep the fuel/air mix too rich (presumably so we’ll buy too much gas) and if you increase the fuel efficiency, the computer automatically puts more fuel in the system—the world odor’s version of ‘balance,’ I reckon Wink

The Ford pickup got a huge increase–it’s got a carburetor and no computer. It might be awhile before we do more testing and if Doooney and Stevo’s mecanic succeeds with the computer hack we’ll probably ask him to do it for our Landcruiser, too.

At this stage, we’re all researchers. I tell my zapper customers that they’re de facto researchers, since the media, academia and medicos are studiously silent about zappers and anything else that cures cancer and AIDS and generally makes us healthier for low cost and low effort with low tech. All of us who make and toss orgonite are also researchers at this point, too.

I’d been corresponding with Homer for some time before he got interested in Water4Gas but until he visited us I didn’t realize that he’d gifted the entire Palm Springs metro area, in addition to his rural gifting. That’s a huge amount of gifting!

I see Water4Gas as THE decisive, intermediary step toward free energy for one’s vehicle, which is why I’m using and promoting Homer’s units. I also believe that it’s a safe step. The feds are apparently giving some grief to whoever reports Joe Cell success. Too bad these guys don’t apparently know how to kick these jerks where it hurts, the way some of of us have had to learn to do but I figure that the more of Homer’s jars are out there, saving gas for people, the sooner we’ll also be able to run free energy devices without the stinking Men in Black poisoning our dogs, remotely giving us heart attacks or unleashing the IRS freaks on us.

Homer spent a couple of months developing prototypes and experimenting with his own and a friend’s vehicles before he visited us. I sure recommend getting his units but if you’re not mechanically savvy (I’m not) it’s a good idea for you to get some help installing yours from someone who is. Now that I’ve watched him and asked him a lot of questions I won’t hesitate to put these units in other vehicles, including my next airplane, but that’s how I generally learn anything–maybe it’s a lot easier for you in this case but be sure to stay in touch with Homer with questions and comments because he’s going to need a lot of candid feedback in order to develop and streamline this needed, affordable service.

I’ll ask Alejandro to post Homer’s website in the vendor section.


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