National TV Interview about Orgonite, Etc., in Slovenia?

Meta, please get in touch with me at [email protected] , okay? I still don’t know how to navigate this forum, unfortunately, and I don’t keep email addresses, otherwise I’d send you a private message or an email.

A fellow in Slovenia contacted me to say that he’s been asked by a TV journalist for a filmed interview about what we all do and he says he doesn’t know much about the topic but that he’s an ecologist. I told him your name and said that I’d try to connect you two. If you email me I’ll give you his email address. I don’t have a clue whether he’s legitimate or not but you can make that determination for yourself, I reckon.

In many or most countries it’s apparently safe, by now, to talk about this stuff on mainstream TV and in other media, so why not exploit the opportunities when they come up? It’s up to each of us to sniff out the clever hatchet-wielding journalists, though.


On January 5th national TV Slovenia in talk show presented short information about dr. Reich’s work and than I was invited to explain about CBs. I was somehow disappointed as I ensured them nice shots of appearing holes and 5 successive satellite shots of moving storm cloud over CB where it is clearly visible the efect. The show leader did not give me the chance to comment what we are seeing on the screen. A little frustrating moment for me…on the end she asked me if I believe in conspiracy theory and why…After the show a lady from team proposed me to contact another person on TV to get a chance and present the whole thing about cbs decently in another TV show. She too said that the whole thing is much more interesting and worth of being presented not only in few words. Next day I got a lot of phone calls from viewers and some orders (at least this!) I wander what would make good presented information as I hoped and prepared!

Well, this is it I guess! Unfortunately TV shows are industry and info are not prepared as they should be. I hope this is only the beginning!

Don says it is important, historic development and worth of posting.


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