Nazi Greens - An Inconvenient History

I can’t remember where I got this from. It’s possible that I’m posting something already on EW so my apologies if that’s the case.

This very interesting article deals with the origins of the “green movement”. It’s a long but great read:


Thanks a lot for posting this link, Carlos. It ties in to Jeff’s ‘Positive Changes’ thread in interesting ways. Getting properly empowering information is always positive, even if it’s not comfortable or convenient in the moment.

Here’s something to consider when productively reading authors who have strong, set opinions: just because the enemy promotes some ideas it doesn’t mean that those ideas are evil. For example, Durkin states, 'The same Nazi monsters who committed crimes of unimaginable barbarity also advocated vegetarianism, organic agriculture, forest preservation and homeopathic healthcare. How can we possibly explain this? What was the connection between the inhuman brutality of the Nazis and their gushing idealization of ‘Nature’?

Some people think that this strongly implies that if we resist the mind conditioning of the environmental movement we also need to steer clear of things like organic food, homeopathy, etc., and that we ought to dominate nature instead of work in harmony with it. Orgonite, as a balancer, is a good training tool for getting us in touch with natural processes if we’ll be observant during our efforts. Some of us might even take an interest in the interaction with elementals but this seems too mystical or even superstitious to others.

Most of the top Nazis, including Hitler, lived horribly toxic lives, by the way. I’ve never heard of any of them actually adopting the wholesome lifestyle that they advocated. One author notes that they at least knew that in order to be a master race they needed to live cleanly. The Sikhs generally live clean lives, that way, and they’re an unstoppable force when they set a goal. They even stopped the advance of the Moghuls soon after they set up their religion and culture, for instance. It’s a good read to learn about Guru Nanak, a pioneer in many ways and ahead of his time for the rest of the world. I’m sure that the Sikhs would win any physical contest if they were equally pitted against 1930s Nazis.

The ancient, schizophrenic misogyny programming is a similar dynamic: we males are trained to assume that we either scorn or worship females, who are our equals, after all. We’re all taught to either accept ‘Creationism,’ or ‘Darwinism/atheism.’ Who decides these things? If we choose not to worship ‘Gaia,’ then it doesn’t mean we have to treat nature like our bitch, as the enironmentalists’ corporate sponsors all do. I like that Durkin calls the Global Warming scam a ‘swindle’ because the more sinister failing aim of that agenda is to tax humanity into poverty on account of ‘energy use,’ and to charge a high price for water after having turned the entire world into a desert with their weather weaponry, etc. I understand that the bullet-shaped skyscraper in Barcelona was to have been the corporate headquarters for the desertification of the planet and that Spain was to have become the centerpiece for this agenda. Jesus Torres singlehandedly derailed that with a series of productive gifting campaigns across Spain, which produced so much rainfall about 8 years ago that the desertification warnings lost their effectiveness. Francisco of topped it off with his coastal gifting campaign a year ago, I think, and it may be that his, Carlos’ and Victoria’s efforts in the Canary Islands have made the Iberian desertification agenda completely impossible by now. Meanwhile, the cancer rate among people working in that Gaia bullet temple is higher than anywhere else in the region. Someone probably ought to find the cooling ponds for the apparent nuke generator under that building and drop some orgonite in them so that we can perhaps soon see an end to that cancer problem.

Programmed schizophrenia is challenging to overcome but sometimes the sponsors themselves trip on their own tails. For instance, in the 1990s Hillary Clinton was one of the darlings of the ‘left,’ among whom are the environmentalists and alternative-health crowd. When she campaigned as US Senator to outlaw homeopathy it terrorized these chumps, haha. Another feature of schizophrenic programming is that we see pedophilia and drug addiction among the clergy, closet orgonite makers among the greenboots, etc.

Fortunately, this orgonite effort isn’t an organized movement and there’s no personal dogma attached to it; no baggage so anyone can feel at home doing it, except maybe some bornagain chumps who assume that whatever empowers us is from the alleged devil. We’re all just encouraging and empowering nature to heal itself. I don’t think that’s a mystical or ideological dynamic at all.

The reason so many people don’t seem to be threatened by my writings about the more arcane subjects is that I don’t pretend to any authority and am just reporting my own observations and outlook, which are constantly in need of review, which was also Dr Reich’s approach to all of this, by the way. In the long run, this is the best that anyone can offer so when we pretend to own the truth we’re just painting ourselves, to the discerning, as spiritually handicapped; self-hobbled. We don’t fault anyone for having a handicap since we’ve all got them.

When I was working with Gert Botha in the Namib Desert his wife told me, one day, ‘I just want you to know that I’ve read and enjoyed everything you’ve written and I don’t believe any of it!’ I think she was being entirely genuine and I thanked her sincerely. I promote legitimate research journalists, revolutionary inventors, non-institutionalized historians and people of science but I’m not among them. I’m just like anyone else who hungers for more meaning and purpose in this short life and thanks to the internet we can all compare notes with each other. Isn’t that better than bludgeoning each other with ‘proofs?’

I think Durkin writes in a way that makes some fundamental information about the true nature of the organized environmental movement accessible. He’s a Brit, so the fact that he has a link to Ron Paul’s site is excusable, in my opinion. A lot of Europeans I know assume that such things as Ron Paul’s candidacy, the NESARA scam, etc., are viable instead of cynical disinformation campaigns; misdirects. Ron Paul refused to run for governor in Texas, so they elected a ‘Tea Party’ fellow and the state is now apparently preparing to secede. That’s the real cure for the cancer that calls itself our federal government. ‘Reforming’ this corporate horror is like merely ‘treating’ cancer. If I’m correct about this, I don’t need to ‘fight to get rid of the federal government’ because there are plenty of people who are probably already getting it done and they’re in positions in various state governments to carry it out. An associate of mine is livid about this process on account of the countless millions of people who are living on federal subsidies but charity has always been more efficient when it’s done on a local level and ‘foreign’ taxation limits real charity. Half of the sick people can get well fast with simple zappers and start earning a living (need I mention a precipitous end of the global pharmaceutical cartel parasite?) and when the CIA has dissolved it’s going to suddenly end forced mental illness for millions more, I think.

I don’t even mind if Durkin ignore’s China’s present role in global politics and economics but anyone who gives financial advice probably ought to factor China into the solution, even though the Peking government, via their popular Canadian economist, Dr David Lee, evidently encouraged and enabled the Wall Street parasites to burst one of their their own bubbles in 2008, which preceded China’s multi-trillion dollar bailout for the US.

Another example of substantive authors with a personal prejudice might be one of my favorite present authors, Dr Joseph Farrell. He grew up in Oklahoma as a fervid fundamentalist Christian and got his PhD at Cambridge in Patristics, which is the study of the early church fathers. Some experience or recognition apparently, ideologically, ‘turned’ him and now he promotes the belief that the Bible is evil. As a research journalist, though, he’s incredibly thorough and innovative and he draws from credible sources that just about everyone else has overlooked, such as The Babylonian Woe.

Rounding it out, another example is our acquaintance, Dr Len Horowitz, who has done some landmark work, exposing the ongoing biological weaponry campaign against our species, lately also including the vaccination agenda, which he was specifically warned (extorted) by the CIA not to publish. When you pick up any of his books you’re likely to see that it’s co-authored by a shady character and these charismatic individuals seem to prey on Horowitz mystical interests, which you’ll notice are kept entirely separate from his books’ genuinely scientific content.

When he asked Carol to ‘fix’ his energetically compromised property on the island of Hawaii one of these characters was living there as a parasite.

This might seem like harsh treatment but, in fact, after the chemtrail program had sickened many millions of people after 1999 we were disappointed to see that most of them weren’t getting well by using a zapper. This was rare before the beginning of 1999, which is when the chemtrail campaign moved from its experimental phase to full, international daily deployment. I asked Dr von Peters about the possibility of diagnosing this new chronic condition so that a cure might be found and he took it on as a personal challenge. He already had a reputation for curing the ‘hard cases’ that MDs and naturopaths had given up on and I’d been selling zappers to him for several years. He took an interest in this and spent several months reading all the available material on chemtrails and the bioeweaponry agenda and history (the British started using bioweaponry in the early 1700s as part of their empire-building process–this is well documented). The most productive source for this information, for him, was Len Horowitz’ books.

Doc von P, by the way, is one of the last of the old school naturopaths, who actually cure sick people. I remember when there were only one or two of these left in a given state in the early 1970s and most of them were ready for retirement. The Northwest College of Naturopathy started up in the middle 70s and I felt encouraged but later discovered that they were turning out harmless versions of MDs, who are in the business of ‘treating’ sickness instead of curing it. The Doc is also a leading, very accomplished homeopath and his ChemBuster remedy, which was developed at the end of 2002 after doing doing his research, has cured about half our customers who failed to be cured with zapping. We refer the rest to him and he cures most of them through the mail, based on a hair sample. He told us that the new chronic conditions are due to damaged vital organs, so his aim is to restore those organs. This is the approach that reputable doctors used to take and I think that in the future they’ll be trained (again) to do so.

I hope this helps. Too often, when someone reads an author who has a different outlook it’s tempting to throw out the entire book on account of some peripheral disagreement with the author. When someone has a deep hunger for certainty and clarity these other considerations lose their importance and of course it’s necessary to read as many credible authors as possible in order to get a broader view of reality.

I think it’s essential to read some authors who have no interest or information about the underlying conspiracies, too. That’s why I encourage people to read Professor Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope, for instance, and I’m reading a bare-bones history of Byzantium, now, written by a Russian in the early 1900s. Getting the underlying historical data makes it more productive to read the conspiracy authors because we have a more expanded context to put it all in. It’s amazing how many new insights we can get, this way, that none of the authors are writing about. Its a good idea to share this stuff publicly and openly consult about it. I personally think this moves the entire species forward and before we know it, hidden truths have become ‘common knowledge’ and ‘conventional wisdom,’ both of which might seem like oxymorons to someone who is more cynical than I am.

I hope this will encourage more people to read the authors I’ve mentioned, in spite of my mild criticisms. I’m sure that Karl Welz has more business on account of my initial exposure, in 1999, of his then-secret formula for basic orgonite. He forgave me after I visited him in 2003 and by then he had developed some pretty incredible radionics devices. He still claims that our orgonite is useless, though I don’t mind because the reports on EW speak for themselves and the reason this movement keeps growing is because people are taking the simple instructions, making orgonite and observing the miracles that routinely occur and can be observed by them. We don’t need experts to evaluate it for us.