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As you all know I did a lecture up in Liverpool in what turned out to be one of the most deprived areas of the city. We gave out free orgonite, questionaires and disposable camera’s so that people could document its effect. It started out pretty empty and then had capacity in the little venue.

There was one older guy (who apparently comes to all the free lectures given by the group to stir shit) sitting amongst the women side of the room going on about its possibly toxic effects on animals. Kept saying kill my dog and variations on that. Like ‘my dog will dig it up and eat it and alunninum is toxic’. I countered everything he said but it was getting annoying enough the rest of the crow was scowling at him. One woman pointed out that soft drink cans are alunninum too… Annoyingly I totally forgot about the fact that chocolate will poison and kill a dog -> … etoxic.HTM and if anything chocolate is more redibly available than buried TB’s.

What struck me after the fact was the language used by this guy. While I’m not an expert its almost NLP / Hypnosis – the wording is designed to have a lasting impression for control – akin to a law over here in the UK ‘The Criminal Justice Act’, ‘Recommended Daily Allowance’ or even using the US emergency tel number as a date to do something on.

Now I have a couple of vids on youtube about collodial silver and one guy posted about the fact he gave 4 oz’s of strong collodial silver which killed his goldfish.

Again notice the language. Something to keep your ears peeled for as it marks someone out immediately as ‘trained’. A normal person with some concerns wouldn’t be phrasing it in that specific way.


they have been at this game for centuries. My favourite colloidal silver one is the page to the woman whose face turned silver! Of course, that distracts from the people who die or get diabetes, meningitis etc from antibiotics every year.

No doubt you pointed out that they still use aluminium cans and beer barrells (and packaging), and people still cook in aluminium, you can still buy the cookware! And a huge amount of pharma med contain aluminium, eg antacids

While vaccines are still loaded with aluminium: The current listing of the amount of aluminum in vaccines are as follows: DTaP – from 170 mcg to 625 mcg, depending on manufacturer, Hepatitis A – 250 mcg, Hepatitis B – 250 mcg, HiB – 225 mcg, HPV – 225 mcg, Pediarix – 850 mcg, Pentacel – 330 mcg, and Pneumococcus – 125 mcg.
Can’t be that toxic if they inject it into babies, surely?

have yet to see any of our dogs chew orgonite. I’ll leave around for the new puppies.

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