No Spin NewsClip On Economic Trends

This clip is mainly about the current economic trends going on now and into the future.
Unfortunately we’re going to hit some ruff patches as the old system crumbles and falls away, but what is coming will not be
a new word order as the illuminati had planned. I think their entire plan has been compromised by Orgonite.

My observation is the Death Towers that were gifted with Orgonite creates a 2 prong defense against their agenda, first they can’t use them to maintain a military occupation by using them as beam weapons or mind control on the population and second the gifted death towers are now life force generators promoting and helping people wake up to the tyranny that is closing in on them.
As fast as the global elite attempt to cause mayhem and panic with the public, the public is waking up to their agenda to destroy them. The public already is looking for the culprits to the financial crisis and it will soon be impossible for the global elite to get out of the hole they dug for themselves by thinking they could bankrupt us into a one world government with a single currency and to convince us all that they have the solutions to the very problems they created . What can you expect from delusional sociopaths, really ?


THE EMPIRE OF “THE CITY” A Great video to show your pj friends and family, easy to understand and get.

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