NSA/CIA Hacker Interference

Someone just hacked into the cingular wireless servers and locked my cell phone.
I had to have my sim card replaced in order to take the lock off.
The techinician told me that the only way to lock the phone was from the inside and that it never happens by accident.
So, we have some nsa/cia jokers locking my cell phone for cheap thrills today.
The problem I have is understanding why they did it ?
They know a cheap attack like this results in me making another 500 tb’s to gift more towers and to heal the ocean as a measured response to their shenanigans,so why do they do it ?
In terms of dollars and man power, that one stunt just cost their program MILLIONS .
Do they get it ? Who cares really.
NSA/CIA hackers also got into my nephew’s computer last week and stole his, his sister’s and his mom’s passwords and thought it would be funny to send vulgar e-mails to their friends e-mail accounts.
I have been pouring and gifting heavily the last few weeks, so maybe it’s their way of providing confirmation to me for a job well done.
I am so looking forward to taking and posting another fed spook’s picture soon. This is an invitation for them to get in my face, but please this time smile for the camera will you ?
Hey, boys how are those new death towers at Boston’s Logan airport doing after I gifted them yesterday ? LOSERS .

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