Nuke Tsunami

09 Nov 2008 12:00
Subject: Nuke Tsunami
A friend has downloaded the Viallis website after Joe got killed, before they pulled it of the net.
Another corroboration of the Nuke explanation for the Tsunami I got from a orgone compadre in germany who went to Indonesia with the German Technical Assistance Service (THW). They found very high radioactivity in the water and noticed that not even sharks would eat the corpses. Also there were no fish in the water, after the TSunami, which is very untypical in these tropical waters.
When they started talking about their findings they were recalled and then “debriefed” by some sinister secret service types in Frankfurt. (rather CIA then BND)
They had to hand over their laptops and sign a non disclosure “agreement”.

Doing it all over Africa and sending it out to the world
09 Nov 2008 12:39
Subject: Re: Nuke Tsunami
I got that logged

Vialls is still on archive*/

I did copy some of his

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