Ok, So How Do We Use All This Orgonite To Make It Rain

Clear skies here in the UK and suffering from hot and humid weather.

Rains simply not happening.

So how do we get it to rain?


We have often found that there are sepecific “sweeet spots” that you must hit in any such situation in order to make it rain.
In such cases we always turn to psychic help. Maybe you can do some map dowsing yourself.
I think you have enough intuitive ability to do this yourself over a map of GB. Just state the question of what you’re dowsing for very clearly, like: I want the 3 strategic spots, gifting which will bring the rain.
This has worked for us again and again.


If orgone is an intelligent weather balancing energy, it will cause it to rain if a region needs rain. I have a feeling orgone will increase the mist / humidity in an area, and higher vibrational rates may increase temperature. Nevertheless, my simple advice is this.

A) Place earthpipes near streams, or into stream beds
B) Gift water (there are probably a lot of ocean transmitters around the UK)
C) Earthpipes in general
D) Gift the mountain ranges

If all the towers in the area are gifted, supposedly there are rather large (understatement) underground bases. The things of which go on in the underground bases which can be really horrid.

Of course, this is all fine and dandy, in a general sense. The only way to really know what is going on, is to study up on weather systems or to analyze the weather in your area. Keep an eye on the local radar every day and take observations. Collect data. Analyze.

There aren’t really any ‘experts’ on this, experiment and good luck.

I would follow Georg’s advice. Him and his efforts have helped to bring rain to regions once desert.

I’d be gifting the western coastal areas and the areas east-northeast of your coastline with cb-type orgonite pointed over the water.
Then move to the first row of mountains inland and gift heavily.
Also, try grounding yourself outside with the intent to draw the clouds together when there are clouds present.
Spraying water on your CB pipes is something I’ve found helpful in attracting humidity but I’m getting into minuscule details now.

Wash your car. It’ll rain [Image Can Not Be Found]

Seriously though, clear any DOR present around the North Sea and Atlantic region and the coastal mountainous areas and you’ll get rain.
Anyhow, I don’t see why you wouldn’t.

Watching the behavior of weather front movements as they come inland should indicate areas requiring more work

I have found that all of the suggestions above are good and carry alot of weight in a given situation. My own personal observations suggest that in each individual area the weather control network has been designed to maximize the current weather control effect. But the network is easy to defeat with orgonite when you find the correct places to gift. This is where the mountains come into play especially around where we live and when we hit the tallest mountains with the tallest antennas the dam broke loose. (I understand that the problem would be different if you lived in area where there were no mountains) But there is another idea we recently found that may be factoring into the equation. Right now its the hottest time of the year and the antennas may actually be getting a little help from the sun? So we decided to re-gift all the towers on a nearby highway that we were sure (put in their place with orgonite some time ago) and we got rain! I guess I’m trying to say never give up, use all your resources, do a little driving and see what happens. A little persistence will surely pay off because orgonite does 99% of the work after all!

I hope this helps.


The other and most obvious thing to try would be to experiment with your cb(s) by pointing them in logical or even perhaps illogical directions to try and stimulate rainfall. I noticed while in Huntsville I had mine pointing in a southwesternly direction and after moving further south to Albertville it seems like southeasternly is doing the trick for now. Sometimes the total opposite direction seems to stimulate rainfall at times, it may depend upon the particular branch of the network’s focus in your area too. Nevertheless, they have many kinks in their armor and we can find them in time when we persist.


Having most obvious deathforce transmitter sites in a country gifted is an obvious one. Another thing I’ve done in the beginning a lot is watched the moisture concentrations on the US Navy weather service website. (The best info still) Then put as many as possible CBs pointed in the the other direction to pull that moisture towards your general geographical direction. That had some good effect.
The gifting of sweet spots needs psychic help or map dowsing. These spots are not necessarily the obvious ones.