Ok, Who Set Up A Cloudbuster In Beijing? :-)



I’ve seen cloud formations that look much like this after gifting runs, but nothing quite as large as this one. I wonder if we have a new warrior in Beijing?


Haha, someone noticed that on the french forum too and was wondering exactly the same thing! Hopefully it’s a gifter

Yes. Maybe we have more folks over here accessing this site and OTHERS than we realize:


Thanks Mike. Very inspiring. Lot’s happening in China…


Good call, thanks for posting about it, Mike and all!

Are you seeing much traffic on your Mandarin/Cantonese orgonite-instructions/information site, John? It would be great to keep track of that.

I know that a couple or three years ago our Japanese friends had sold several orgonite cloudbusters to people in Beijing but the customs officials denied entry of the CBs into China. Shall we assume that these Chinese simply decided to make their own, instead? Anyone can do it, after all.

This is extremely encouraging to me!

One way to track the progress of this movement is by watching films that are made around the world, by the way. We watched Tokyo lose its smog in 2003 in fioms, for instance, and we got reports from savvy visitors to Tokyo, during that period that even the behavior of people on the streets and trains was suddenly improving. We got the same reports from a Ukrainian gifter in Germany who had returned to Kiev in 2004 after several years absence. I have l lots of similar examples.


Gare recently attempted to take a load of towerbusters into Beijing but customs refused to let him. The officials were happy to receive their own orgonite, though

The Canadians on this forum and elsewhere are typically prodigious gifters, by the way [Image Can Not Be Found] . Mike, Hong Kong John and Gare are Canadians, also Steve Baron, who probably has done more gifting than anyone on the planet, so far.


Thanks Don,

I checked the china TB website and I didn’t activate the feature to track this, so it’s hard to say how many people have accessed it. from my experience of living in China now for 9 years, I’d say that participation and interest in orgonite would most likely be “subtle” and be an under the radar movement. It is in their culture to be aware of subtle energies like orgone/ chi / food healing etc. Thats probably why the Wall street bankers targeted them by backing Mao and creating the largest movement of genocide on our planet in recent history. But I feel that trauma will be healed and we’ll move forward over time. I have had some chinese people share with me about 911 and say it was hilarious…“they brought 3 buildings down with 2 airplanes…how stupid can amercans be to believe that story…”

With Gare bringing orgonite to Beijing …china is quite restrictive when it comes to imports, so maybe they thought he was importing products into the country for commercial purposes. Of course EXPORTING is a different thing, so I would suggest making orgonite IN China instead of importing it…

Just on another note…I think tiny little ICELAND is leading the way for all of to see what we need to do to change this system and to enter our proper level of prosperity. Jailing the corrupt politicians and bankers. It’s a fine start…and really quite simple… ICELAND!!! awesome…

with a smiling heart…hkj

Mike and John, you inspired me to finally add the link to the Chinese site to EW’s links and downloads [Image Can Not Be Found] and I also added David Astle’s The Babylonian Woe PDF site as ‘The Origin of the Corporate World Order’ to that list while I was at it. I had just finished reading it.

Mao’s ascendency was obviously orchestrated from London, through their agent in Moscow, Stalin, and it was after Mao’s blessed demise (he lived in torment for a long time before that, which is a small consolation considering how much suffering he caused) that the forced starvation of China abruptly ended and the new regime began a patient agenda to supplant London itself as the seat of the corporate world order, obviously. There’s a huge body of evidence of Mao’s participation in the old Babylonian genocide agenda in Mao: The Untold Story, by Jung Chang, who was given access by this regime to formerly suppressed records of that period and allowed or perhaps even encouraged her to interview surviving members of that regime and even foreigners who were diplomats in China in those days. I don’t know how it’s possible to put the present regime’s encouragement of the growth of a middle class in proper perspective without knowing some basic but formerly ignored truths about the period of Mao’s mass murder agenda.

It’s a matter of public record, for instance, that the armistice in Korea was signed on the day that Stalin died but his body wasn’t discovered until the next day [Image Can Not Be Found] because everyone was afraid to go into his office without an invitation. I wonder if they only screwed up the courage to open that door after they smelled decaying human flesh, heheh. Stalin had already killed all of his enemies and potential enemies in Russia so who killed him? He only murdered fifty million or so of Russia’s population but Mao murdered two or three times that many and Mao’s most beloved protegé, Pol Pot, murdered the most of all in terms of percentage of a country’s population.

I don’t doubt that the Chinese discourage imports but I suspect that they’re especially keen to prevent orgonite from entering the country [Image Can Not Be Found] so I wouldn’t be so quick to explain away Gare’s experience in the airport in Peking and Ayumi’s failure to deliver the orgonite cloudbusters from Japan that were bought by her Chinese customers.

We do know that the Chinese people are justly concerned about internet surveillance, which might even be more extensive than it is in the Alleged Land of the Free (USA). The use Twitter without constraint, though, and perhaps other means to talk to each other and spread info. Communism in Russia was brought down with fax machines, as we know–in the years before the internet and cellphones were easily available. Of course ‘communism’ simply turned into corporatism/‘mafia’ but the Russians did get more personal freedom from that effort. Communism and corporatism are Siamese twins from the same Babylonian/Venetian/‘British’ mommy, like boranagin chumpism and theosophy also are, and ‘left wing and right wing politics.’

The only reason I’m not yet praising the Iceland scenario is that I haven’t yet come across any evidence that it’s real, yet. I sincerely hope it is but I learned, the hard way, that promoting clever disnformation is like leaning into a CIA punch so I’m cautious, now. If it’s more than the NESARA silliness we’ll all be a step ahead of the ancient parasites. Iceland only has 100,000 people, most of whom live in Reykjavik, a medium-size city. It’s more likely that such a small country could accomplish this, especially a small island country with a homogenous population. It’s harder for agents saboteurs and brain police to hide in such a small group. I learned that in Uganda, where I literally could see the British spooks around us so easily because just about everyone else was black.


I’m not entirely cynical about Americans. Maybe I’ll start calling us ‘The Home of the Sleeping Brave’ since we’re all still armed, at least. Most other countries voluntarily disarmed when ordered to do so by the Babylonians in recent decades, though I now know that an awful lot of Canadians declined to turn over their unregistered weapons to the police when that order came down from The City (London Financial District–New Venice), then. ~Don