OK, Who's Responsible? :O)

Dan sent me this new The Smoking Gun report today, mindblowing and cool to boot!


That;s mine Andy,.

I put it there in the pool 3 years ago !!!

That was back when cloud-busters.com was up and running and some

agent(spook) was saying that water gifts had to be waterproofed or they would corrode quickly.

So back then I got my hands a few hundred baby food jars and used them to make orgonite and then I used Alex plus caulked and caulked them as well.

I can’t believe it !!!

The poor dolphin just gave up it’s prize possesion.

Do you think I should tell the cops, it’s orgonite and then get te news stations to cover

orgonite and orgonite gifts, this could be the breakout we’re all looking for .


It still looks good 3 years in the salt water !!!

The timing is a little coincidental for the penned in dolphin in the florida keys to toss up my baby jar tb after I recently gifted Boston Harbor and the Charles river to help out the dolphins up here in New England.

It’s either the dolphins way of getting my attention, or it has nothing to do with me and the caged dolphin was just having fun not knowing it was me who made the tb or any understanding that I’ve been gifting the oceans for their benefit.

Either way, it’s confirmation of something and in the bigger picture the incident aroused the curiosity of the Dolphin Aquarium staff and the local cops in the keys and because of the panic and fear law enforcement is bent on maintaining My little water gift and photograph of it made it in to the national wire service and mainstream consciousness.


we had a similar experience early in 2006 when we tossed one of Steve Barons’s dolphin cups into a dolphin show aquarium in Durban, South Africa.

an hour later we watched some very concerned looking wardens brooding over the object which clearly showed the dolphin’s bite marks on it, wondering what to make of it.

clearly the dolphin must have dived for it and brought it up as the pool was big and deep and none of the wardens would have even noticed the thing.

I imagined that he’d have brought it to the suface and probably proudly shown it to the wardens, who then deprived him of the lovely toy…


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