Operation Live Free Or Die: The Gifting Saga

Where do I begin? I think it is the brightest idea for me to split this up into seperate posts.
Orgonite truely is the gift that keeps on giving. :)

Quick Synopsis: I’ve been able to use orgonite to stop violent flooding and hurricane like winds in my area. I brought the Sylphs to Manchester, NH, and the clouds in my area are now extremely pleasurable to view. But life isn’t about the end result, its about the journey :)

A breifing of NH’s strange weather suffered for the past 2 years.

NH 2008 Ice storm: https://www.wmur.com/news/18265615/detail.html “state of emergency declared.”

NH 2009 Summer month long of rain in June:
https://www.boston.com/news/local/new_ha … last_year/

Manchester NH suffered a hurricane force storm in Feburary 2010 which knocked off half the power in the city, numerous trees, and fires from trees on powerlines. “State of emergency” declared." 70mph winds knocked down a whole lot of trees in a single night.

Not to mention the massive amount of flooding experienced in NH!

Great Scott! What is going on here! :) So we have a problem here which is unbalanced weather. Intelligently placed orgonite is the answer.

Ok. So I got in contact with the very friendly Don Croft, mostly because I wanted to network, because in special circumstances people are effective when working together :stuck_out_tongue: Don/Francie informed me of an underground base in New Boston. I also re-read a lot of the gifting instructions, and used froogle.com to find the cheapest 5 gallon bucket of resin. :stuck_out_tongue: 5 gallons really goes a long way in gifting terms, as I’ve done all the gifting below and still haven’t quite used it all up :slight_smile: I get my quartz from the ground as NH has no shortage of it, it’s just everywhere all over the ground, and calls out to me.

Actually before I knew about the underground parasite problem, I had miscalculated sizes for a CB, which left me with extra pipe :stuck_out_tongue: Here’s the photo of these “coincidental mistake” earth pipes. Its fun when things happen for unknown future reasons.

Here’s some of what I wrote to Don / Francie at that time.

“I hope these will help, and I’m hoping there is some timeliness, in this week in particular (March 29th). They will all be placed in the ground by next
Sunday morning, so that may be a good time to evaluate effects and determine if more are needed.

Also made 24 of the little babies (TB’s) that you see on top, I love TB’s because they are so versatile.

While making these I was plagued by doubt attacks, especially worried
that the resin wouldn’t sink all the way to the bottom, in the EP’s.
I checked the bottoms, and the doubts were exposed as false. Sticking
my hand over the EP’s, I can feel warmth.

My newfound energy sensitivity is owed to a combo of blessed herbs, organic food (mostly) and distilled water, and that 1
session with Dooney that quite literally changed my life / life perspective on everything.

The following morning after making the orgonite, there was a lot of mist in the mountains and light rain.”

The week before I made the earth pipes NH experienced heavy rain which caused flooding. Only ~4 to ~6 hours after I placed the earth pipes, the rain stopped. From then until now, there has been no heavy rain/flooding in my area. It's official, the underground base was causing massive large scale flooding from Manchester to Portsmouth. I also noticed flooding in Rhode Island, and came to the conclusion that a weather station near Providence, RI was working in conjunction with the base in New Boston, NH and whatever else, to cause RI massive flooding. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/03/3 … 19255.html

This is all about creating weather disasters to put places into “states of emergency.”
Here is the radar I looked at, as you can see if you check back to it, there is a constant reflectivity / clouds over the Providence area, it needs to be gifted! :stuck_out_tongue:
https://www.wunderground.com/radar/radbl … er%2c%20NH

That was my first placing of the earthpipes in NH!

Needless to say, apparently the base was massive enough to warrant more earth pipes. In New Boston there is a lake called “Haunted Lake,” which has supposedly been haunted with “spirits” since the early 1800’s, and human remains have been found there.

https://books.google.com/books?id=llGDth … &q&f=false

Ah, so one day I’m at a ball park chilling with my friends, when my attention was brought to the woods! Inside of the woods, I found a massive metal pipe! So, I took the pipe home with me, and created the monster I like to call the “Mother Earth Pipe” :slight_smile:

<-- Glory in Earth Pipe form :wink:
The orgonite is actually filled slightly higher than the rubber band (oops) and contains a
total of nine 1 inch long pointed crystals muhahahahahah I
originally planned 10 but the universe had other ideas because the resin didn’t quite reach all the way to the bottom. Interesting 9 x-tals w/ 1 pipe, this time they are coiled.

I could just not resist turning this into an earth pipe, for a couple of reasons

  1. The lame etheric attacks / howling wind at night. The flooding has
    stopped so far, but at night they can still make the wind go crazy.
    The attacks actually haven’t been so bad… I’ve learned to boost and have had some help.

  2. The apparent attacks on friends in the etheric realm from this base.

  3. The pure pleasure I get thinking of the effects of this fellow (EP)
    sitting silently, doing his thing to the under earth / world. I’m
    hoping this pipe will be a great source of frustration to the UB

Right b4 placing this pipe a heli-chopper flew over head. Coincidence?

Ok, so I placed this pipe in a very soft spot in the ground, and amazingly I used a sledge hammer and got it very far into the ground, while hammering this thing hard I was causing it to spark and bending the metal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are the confirmations that I emailed to Don :slight_smile:

A) Right after I placed the thing, some really large dark
cumulonimbus-like looking clouds appeared in the sky.

B) There was a strange sense of stillness that I could feel all the
way to Manchester, Francie commented about quiet in her house. My work
was the quietest it has ever been, and it seemed like less people
showed up (coincidence?).

D) Etheric attacks which occur like clockwork between 3 and 4 am on
odd numbered days usually spaced out a week or two apart. Francie
commented that the base is really big and still needs more EP’s.
Usually its some attempt at giving me a nightmare (last human
impression was fat CIA dude [boosted], then some mechanics targeting
my heart center [boosted], this time it was a cannibal that was threatening to
eat me lol) and when I force myself to wake up after evasion I feel a
heavy nasty energy around me.

Currently I am physically sick from a very contagious bacterial throat
infection that has appeared to have infected my work, my living area, and my tkd area.

Finally, I am able to nail the base with my first “Well Made” earth pipes. If at first you don’t succeed.

Here’s my mail…



(straight up)

I wonder if this is enough EP to disable the pirates.

They are 10 EPs, each 2ft long and 1.5inch diameter, large coiled clockwise xtal. The 1st picture contains a gallon of resin, the pipes
are filled about half way.

All were placed in strategic locations, only 2 went by rivers, rivers
seem like a safe bet for Ep’s, I imagine dark energy being swept away.
I also put the 6 tbs in the water around New Boston.

When I first made these fellas, the sky turned blue, a whole lot of
healthy white cumulonimbus clouds appeared for a while, then they all
disappeared at night and are still gone in the morning.

When I placed these, now all clouds are gone from the sky and its just blue as far as I can see.
First time this year it has been this blue and cloudless. The chemtrails dissolve as fast as they spray.

After the initial round of earth pipes we received the lightest
rain I have ever seen, it was basically mist, like clouds hovering
right above the surface of the earth. Its hard to believe those initial pipes were that effective.

After this round, blue skies, looking at the radar its clear everywhere except the Providence area.
Looking at the radar there is a clear circle of rain/clouds with the “weather station” at the center of this

Yesterday I was greeted by many sylphs, first time I have seen them in New Boston (although only been here short time).
There was one rather large and detailed one that was really close to the ground, followed by many babies.

I also saw a rainbow straight up in the clouds, and there was no rain.

Apparently lots and lots of people got sick here in NH.
A lot of the people at my work got sick with the same cough.
A lot of people at my tkd place.
My housemates.
This is an incredibly infections something that causes mucus in the throat.

And then later…. Do we see a pattern emerging here :) Ah so many patterns. This is an email that I edited slightly.

Now I’m being psychologically messed with on a deep level, although I
suppose I invited it into my life by trying to reach out.

I am isolated here, and pissed off. I’m moving to Manchester, NH.
Maybe after I gift Manchester I will meet some people, and maybe not.

New Boston barely has any (haven’t seen any) death towers and has a
low population, Manchester has a couple towers however. Whatever they
do to me just wants to make me gift more, I really have nothing to

I saw the harp grid clouds in Manchester and New Boston, although they
are gone from New Boston at the moment, they probably can’t keep those clouds up forever.

At least I know there are some good folks out there gifting, somewhere in the ether :)
NH has a low population (1.3 million) and a high concentration of quartz / mountains / forests / rivers,
so it should actually be easy to get big results here : )

I have turned my car into a mobile gifting unit by packing the trunk with orgonite supplies. In this way, any time that is convenient for me, I can pull over my car, pop the trunk and make orgonite! :)

Then the Sylphs started showing up. They are also very friendly. Meow :stuck_out_tongue:

Today I decided to just take a little trip to gift 4 radio towers that
were conveniently in the same location, on top of wetland. So, on my
trip I was able to gift those, and then along the way back I was able
to find many good places to place my gifts in the city, so many that I
finished placing all my tbs, and they are all in great places :)

Around the city I saw a lot of strange characters. Like a very tall
dude with sunglasses, this other buff dude whose path intersected with
mine twice in a small period of time. I could also recognize there was
a good deal of folks who felt like they had a good level of awareness
/ spirit. I boosted whoever came into my consciousness on the trip :stuck_out_tongue:

I stuck 3 tbs by a power transformer with high tension power lines
coming out of it (the birds around it started to go crazy, I didn’t
know there was so many birds there!), I was able to gift 6+ towers in
the business district of Manchester, there was one really tall but old
one in a stadium that received 3 tbs, I found one “tower” that
consisted of a police station with overly abundant power cables
climbing up its sides to reach the large “cellular repeater + decay
combo”, one tower on top of Citizens Bank, some really crude / basic
tower tech on top of an ambulance station that was located next to a
cemetery. I think I heard a generator running at one of the towers :stuck_out_tongue:
I did recently place a TB in a small square pond, but it was not
gravel lined and was located close to a residential area.

The overall statistics is that with this batch of 24 tb’s I managed to
gift ~15 towers and a few other random targets. I tend to enjoy
slightly over gifting certain areas, to really mark the territory.

And the slyphs started showing up!

The camera captured the slyphs better than my eyes, apparently.

On the first pic of the first page there is a face :)

The 3 with the red hue are all the same slyph, #2 and #4 on page 1,
and #4 on page 2.

One of them was traveling the same direction as me on the highway and
seemed at a slightly lowered altitude, they can travel fast! :) As I
saw it moving at a fast speed while the other clouds around it were still, it was moving west as well :stuck_out_tongue:

These pictures tell a good story anyways, the site I uploaded them to put all the pictures in the wrong order, however. There is also a zoomed out shot of the ‘face’.


Here is my latest gifting trip, where I’m gaining a following! :slight_smile: Horray!

I’m very surprised that these guys have the time to follow someone
like me around. I mean, really? Honestly? Do they just sit and wait
all day long? Don’t they have something more important to do?

https://imgur.com/a/W21TK/gifting_mounta … rp_array/1

So, the logistics of the mountain top array. A tiny mountain with a
public access road that has 17+ towers in a /tiny/ location! I’ve
never seen such a high density of towers in my life! The reason I
wanted to gift it is because the 50 wildfires in Quebec has covered
the entire state of NH is a thick smoke that smells like burnt pine
sap. You must imagine how bad the wild fires are to reach all the way
down to NH and cover the entire state in smoke.

I’m thinking the wildfires were done on purpose by the freaks, which
gets me angry, and I don’t enjoy seeing a thick smoke covering my
entire area. So, I remembered there was this mountain that was covered
with towers, like fleas on a dog. Bing maps hides the towers, google
maps shows the towers.

Here’s the google maps link:

https://maps.google.com/maps?f=…..38;source= … 5&t=h&z=17

There are at least 17+ towers on this mountain. I left 23 of my TB’s
on that mountain.

On the way up to the mountain, I was met by 2 motor cycle dudes who passed me as I went the wrong way.

On top of the mountain, while I was burrowing and throwing TB’s
around, the motor cycle dudes did 1 loop around the top and then left.
At the end of my gifting round, I saw this guy on a mountain bike. The guy
simply looked at me, and stared at me for an unusually long 5 or 10
seconds. I said “hi” and gave the psychic hint that I’m basically not
afraid of death or whatever they want to throw at me. He looked down
at the ground after I said “hi,” and he didn’t say anything back to
me. I’m guessing he’s going to try and go hunting for my TB’s, haha
good luck with that. I try to put them in places where I can’t find them :stuck_out_tongue:

Then I decided to take a little extra longer before I finished. As I
was coming down the mountain, the guy on the mountain bike was riding
back up the mountain, and he looked away from me when he saw me :slight_smile: I
think he may be afraid that I might smile at him, or take a photo of
him :slight_smile: Or maybe he is embarrassed that his timing was so bad, that I
spotted him coming back up the mountain after he thought I had left :slight_smile:

Anyways so today I managed to bust 18+ towers. Its my new record, I’m
not sure I will be able to break it :slight_smile:
As I gifted one of the towers, the generator turned on. Does gifting
them turn on the generator? When I got there a bunch of the towers
were already making a loud generator like noise.

As I gifted, I also noticed a strange sensation. My navel cavity was
making a “clicking” noise that sounded exactly like a Geiger counter.
I hope I don’t get cancer, but I’m doing things to make sure I am
crazy vital, and therefore I will be a very hard target for anything.

Also, right when I showed up there a low flying plane went right over
me, I got a photo of it :slight_smile:

I also took a good photo here :

It shows the blue sky above, and the grey stuff below is all the smoke
from the forest fires. I think this is more of an effect that the
smoke can not be seen when looking straight up into the sky, but can
be seen when looking more horizontally at the sky. Either that, or a
blue hole formed over the location. But I don’t think the hole would
form that quickly. I notice that looking straight up, wherever I go,
it always looks a lot clearer than looking at the atmosphere on the
horizon, and I think this is because of the layering effect of looking
at the atmosphere on the horizon.

I’m going to head back there sometime and double gift it so that it
will reach my standards, it is probably technically “busted” but I
enjoy making it feel really “good” so that, it would still be “busted”
even if they double the amount of towers in that location.

If that small area was important enough to install approx ~20 towers
in such a small area, it needs to be double gifted.

I also notice that it usually takes a day or so to /really/ be able to
notice the effects of the gifting. The day after gifting is always
amazing, and then everything tends to settle down again later. I look
forward to see / feel the energetics of tomorrow. It gives me hope
when the whole area is covered in smoke :-/

What happened after gifting this mountain, were towering puffy white clouds as far as I could see. Good stuff.

Now we are all caught up to the time line of events that lead up to the current time.
Here are the photos I took, for the record, of the amazing clouds. Also, better sylph photos. And a pretty detailed photo of a HAARP assault.

Visual imagery contains so much information.
The tower in the photo is overly gifted.

Sleepy time, o’ what shall await in my dreams tonight :o

I asked Clay to post about all of his experiences and impressions because these are mostly typical for what anyone can expect if he/she really takes a bite out of the corporate world order’s decay-energy matrix in his/her area.

Also, I have a sense that the sewer rats loathe to have large scale gifting in New Hampshire becuase it’s probably the state that is closest to secession. State secessions can bring down the US/Britain/Israel ‘Axis Powers,’ which is the world’s only terrorist organization, very fast and without bloodshed. These corporate villains have only constructed a house of cards, after all, based on mass hypnosis and they are merely parasites, which is why their genocide attempts continue to backfire on them.

Since the majority of other states’ legislatures and even governors are straining at the leash to be free from the federal parasites you can imagine what’s going to happen when one state commits to doing so. It may be that Clay’s gifting of New Hampshire’s most populous area will tip the balance decisively in favor of secession.

I lived in New Hampshire longer than in any other state and I love it dearly so I’m very happy about Clay’s ongoing success. My daughter in Boston was born there. My other kids (all adults, now) were born in Vermont, Maine and Washington State.


I suppose I will post the experiences here in this thread now :stuck_out_tongue:

Night attacks!
This was an email sent to ether friends.

I still find the night attacks the biggest confirmations I have had.
I find it extremely curious though that this “attack” was based on
even numbers instead of odd ones. All the other attacks were occurring on odd numbered days at or around 3:00 am.

Had a dream and woke up at 2:34 on 6/8/2010 .

I heard the song “I’m looking at a shadow eh, to another world.”
The voice sounded like Smashing Pumpkins. Needless to say the fact that
as far as I know the song doesn’t exist on this planet gives me a
large satisfaction that I didn’t make up the song :stuck_out_tongue: .

Since high school I’ve been honing my ability to play songs in my
head, to help me deal with issues.

In my dream I was in a room with a television screen, there was text on the
screen, and in the text there was a purple hue. This intrigued me, so I sat down,
somehow I knew I would start seeing things through the reflection.

I saw white bald headed people that looked like Voldemort and then I
saw what seemed to be a draconian staring back at me through the reflection of a television
screen in my dream. I couldn’t see it perfectly clear, but clear enough.

I woke up and then my 3rd eye kind of hurt, also immense negativity.
I’m awake and I still have this thing on my back, so to speak, tired
but will try to boost it.

Interestingly, I just looked up the picture of the smashing pumpkins
lead singer, https://images.smh.com.au/2010/06/03/154 … -420x0.jpg
and the people looked like him, uglier though.

I also did a google image search of bald white headed people.
Needless to say a lot of imagery for the bald eagle.
Voldemort. Darth Vader. Brittney.

The images of Voldemort best capture the energy of the bald white headed people I saw.

Maybe this is the group that neo-nazi’s think they are or worship.

Is there a planet of Voldemort like beings run by a draconian ?
What’s really their problem with me anyway?

Time will tell. I’m sure they are “excited” about me sharing info :stuck_out_tongue:

Well there you go, I’m an official ether magnet now, the good and the bad :stuck_out_tongue:
Sleepy time.

  • Clay

Here’s my other one…

I am honestly very surprised that I’m getting the level of attention I
am getting, from both sides, especially being stared at from a
Draconian on another planet, and my apparently friendly :stuck_out_tongue: blue whale
friend that chills in the background that Dooney saw in a coaching

I am enduring the baptism of fire, metaphorically speaking. I’ll be
fine its just that I’m going to be experiencing a spiraling of
experiences that push me to the edge of my comfort zone for the
purpose of spiritual growth, so at times I will feel, well, it’s
honestly very challenging. Being stared at by a Draconian is slightly
intimidating, but it actually gives me a boost of confidence that
‘they care.’ The whole experience is /very/ intense.

I honestly don’t know why the bad guys bother with me, it’s like they
want to personally welcome me into EW :p, but seriously, I think they
are actually contemplating on the level of harm they will be allowed
to do to me.

I am aware of all the sand traps and pit falls in this whole thing.

I end up playing this music (Wingmaker? :p) in my head nearly 24x7,
and basically been doing it since High School 2004 grad, originally
started it to stem off depression. I play different songs I like at
different times :stuck_out_tongue:

How is this music for a conduit? [Image Can Not Be Found]

<-- describes my mood

I also like Jem

Just this morning I was woken up by a strange etheric being that was
really intent on me looking at what time it was (7:00), not quite sure
what that was about, doesn’t want me to be lake for work? :stuck_out_tongue:
The being reminded me of Dobby from the harry potter movies.

I have been seeing many sylphs / large birds (hawks) crossing my path.
The thing I am kind of curious about is what is basically a mystical
dragon race that is strong in my consciousness and I could describe
them, perhaps these are the wing makers? I am not talking about the
reptill / draconian wannabes.

There is so much going on and so I never run out of anything to write

Last night I feel that I was circled by a light the size a little smaller than a volleyball,
I think it was healing me but I’m not sure. The light was cute. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seeing very interesting people out and about.
Oh yes Dooney I printed out the Vryal pic and put the obsidian on the eye :stuck_out_tongue: I felt some relief after that, as I feel my normal life issues were being exaggerated.

Going to enjoy some rest and peace, now.

I should probably post this. I’m in the process of dealing with debit card fraud, it is half as bad as it could have been, but still… hrm boosts appreciated.
In the mean time I am trying to figure out what exactly I am going to learn from this experience, and what moves I can make to put these “things” into checkmate, have them digg their own graves, so to speak, by using their own force against them.

As always, I make a point to make orgonite /whenever/ something like this happens to me :stuck_out_tongue: I get tickled by thinking I can train the freakshow to make sure nothing bad happens to me, or else ORGONITE! [Image Can Not Be Found] More on that orgonite at a slightly later date [Image Can Not Be Found]; .

Don, about your point on NH state succession. I do not see it happening, /unless/ there is a triggering event, like the Feds trying to pull off martial law after a series of “natural disasters” and “terrorist strikes,” although I apparently took away their ability to flood and hurricane my local region. I think we are at the beginning of a “rough” period, and those who learn to deal with it sooner will have a smoother transition o’er the next few years.

Well, good luck everyone as things come to the head, “godhead?” : )

I’m actually rather curious to see what tricks and miraculous events take place, I suppose it will be quite the spectacle considering the current state of affairs.

And I’d like to give thanks to all my h8ters and to the game. [Image Can Not Be Found]

Oh yes and Dooney my obsidian on Vryal drawing is keeping them off my back. It feels as if they want to push through but can’t. The obsidian is very large so it covers the entire head area, more than just the eye [Image Can Not Be Found]

Edit: Oh, and also my dream. I had a dream about stars creating fields of consciousness which in effect create us, as we work our way back to the stars. : )
Furthermore, its as if the dream wanted me to explore the connection to the field of consciousness created by the stars, as if there was great knowledge to be had there : )

Perhaps these are the strange alterations of consciousness I experience at night sometimes. The feeling of a very high amount of energy / buzz, the imminent feeling of “not being me,” losing my body, dying in a way, or being afraid its the work of other beings. Maybe it was just a sunspot.

As I start to get a scope of the sort of role I am going to play, so to speak, and get the massive scope of everything that’s going on, it makes me feel kind of sick, almost like “vomiting” feeling Neo gets when he awakes from the Matrix.

I made another 24 tbs, I was going to gift it, but its felt so right just to keep them in my car. Also, ever since driving around with them in my car, the weather here has been awesome again.

I was going to double gift, or gift the drinking supply, but wow its nice to have them in the car.

Also, I have massive amounts of this strange sort of energy. I need to make my grounding cord as large as I can (reasonably), to ground effectively.

Ah so many things it makes me feel crazy!

I’ve noticed posting on EW its weird to feel more people looking at me lol, yes that does make one shyer, and my nature is shy in the first place, posting here is like jumping off a cliff, I don’t think about it I just do it. Hi there peeps ;)

Thank you Don + other warriors for being the large ice breaker ships in this process, now all we have to do is find the narrow route in between the large patches of ice before they close in on us and crush us. Without the ice breaking, we would be headed nowhere fast =)

Tip of the day: Gratitude is the currency of the universe ;-)

Unexpected Ocean Excursion.

With the advent of Switchblades being legal in NH, I acquired one for self defense purposes.

On my way back on the highway, this is what it was like from my perspective. I was driving back home (or so I thought :p), and I gifted 5 towers with 10 tbs just pulling over on the highway. It was raining with some dark clouds. The last tower I had to turn around, I must have confused 101 W for 101 E , or got fuzzled somehow, and I ended up going 101 E without realizing it. Really quick before I knew what had hit me, I found myself at Hampton Beach :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazed and shocked, I immediately thought of the operators :stuck_out_tongue: , thanked them, and parked my car. It was raining and starting to thunder, and so at the moment I arrived everyone was getting off the beach, while I was getting on it, bared foot and shirtless with a bag of orgonite around my shoulder :stuck_out_tongue: I had the whole beach to myself, rain on a warm day = does not bother.

I tossed a few tb’s in the drink, and walked all the way to a rocky breakwater. It was another nice bout of balance training, walking bearfoot on wet rocks.
Then I tossed the tb’s from the peninsula into the mighty blue yonder.

I’m really a lot closer to the beach than I expected. The slyphs have taken up residence happily in Bedford, I took some pics but silly me no memory card in it, next time, which has been when I take my most impressive slyph pics sigh. I’ll get a hang of it sooner than l8ter.

Total tbs used: 24

Also I don’t recommend leaving resin in your car, unless you have to :stuck_out_tongue: Yes heat does cause it to harden, or harden quicker than normal.
I am also starting to get pretty comfy in my own shoes now.

Couldn’t agree with you more, Clay. Whenever I’m out on a “gifting run” the operators are always getting in the way – making me miss turns, confusing me as to where I am, etc. Always manage to take me passed death tech I’d have never known was there otherwise.

Way I look at it, if they felt it was important enough to have me driving in circles to get me to it, its definitely important enough for me to gift for them. Now guys? Get me the heck out of here and back to civilization! (hehe) They always do (hehe).

Polyester fiberglass resin: believe what Clay says. Resin cures by a heating process. The catalyst, beyond containing a plasticizer to prevent the curing resin from cracking, contains a mix of stuff that causes an exothermic reaction within the resin that heats it up probably to over 200F. The heat does the curing. Leaving resin in a closed car in the summertime where it could easily hit 150F or more is definitely an unwise move if you want to get it back out of the can (wink).

Another good gifting target is town/city municipal water supply towers/tanks. These almost always have a ring of cell antennas strapped around the top of them, negatively charging the water which is then distributed as drinking water. Tossing TB’s into the reservoir is also a good idea (don’t let anyone catch you doing this – tossing things into the drinking water supply would usually be frowned upon highly).

Good gifting plan: Gift your property well and your surrounding neighborhood. Hit the death towers next. Then hit the water supply tanks/towers and get some in the reservoir if you have one near you. Wait a few days to see how well the sky and ground energies clean up and make a decision as to whether grid-gifting is necessary. Not having to grid-gift should you determine its not necessary frees up lots of TB’s to expand your circle of coverage of death tech and perhaps even more municipal water supply towers and/or tanks. Obviously finding any weatherballs or satellite dish farms would be high priority targets.

Funny addition to this thread, I kept getting this notion in my head to drive down a road that is by my house, but my ‘rational’ thoughts consistently talked me out of it.

For some reason I finally went down the road only to stumble across a small HAARP array! The towers were really short so as to not poke above the tree-line. Needless to say, it received some healthy attention and is now working for good.

Thanks for the comments [Image Can Not Be Found];

This was an interesting experience.

[u:zrojsoes]Night Summers Dream [/u:zrojsoes]

Decided to take a night walk. The air is perfect, cooly warm and gentle stirring breeze. The lightning bugs were being lightning bugs.
The first thing I noticed when looking at the sky were these massive large white clouds that seemed to glow in the dark a little bit, like a silver lake moonlight kind of glow. Very amazing and inspiring to see, I went to get my camera to see if I could capture them. By the time I got it, they were starting to go away. Within a very short time (period of 10 minutes or so) they disappeared. My camera is not cool enough to capture them either :stuck_out_tongue:

Also when I first walked outside I noticed this bright glowing star with some nice energy, and I got a nice chill from it. I was pretty sure this was a ship of some sort, but wasn’t 100% sure. Within 10 minutes after I looked in the same exact spot, there was no star. There were no clouds blocking the area.

Near the end of the walk, I saw another star high in the atmosphere. Although, got the hunch it wasn’t quite a star. So I stared at it, and saw it make its way across the sky slowly. I get the hunch that a lot of the stars are moving, but with such a massive distance its difficult to determine frame of reference. Yes, I know if you stare at them long enough they will all be moving due to earths rotation, and moving clouds can make it look like they are moving. This one moved while all the clouds and other stars stayed still :stuck_out_tongue: The brightness also changed.

Still, the glowing silver moonlight massively large puffy clouds were very impressive. It feels like the first time I’ve ever seen such a display.
I’m really getting spoiled here :stuck_out_tongue: mood is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX0D4oZw … re=related Double clouds across the sky, can’t even capture it on my camera ;p

Edit: Next day clouds:

Edit: Thank you whichever ether friend boosted me at 7/14 2:40ish or so today. If you operate in the physical, this should be a cool confirmation :stuck_out_tongue:

Another batch of 24 made, just slow gifting them. Dropped 6 tbs into city lake water reservoir, 1 tb near the tower by Hampton beach on the coast. 1 tb will make its way to exit 7, which for the most part means from Manchester to Hampton stretch of hwy is gifted after that. 6 will go around the city’s “ghetto” east side. 10 will secure the massive 17 tower HAARP station and no one will have to worry about that one, heh.

I admit all these experiences I am having are grinding at my psyche, but I suppose it doesn’t matter as the alternative isn’t any better. After a rel. gone bad I am very isolated from everyone. My consciousness lies at the very edge of human expression, so I don’t really relate to anyone anyways.

My ‘psychic’ experiences make me feel like I am going mad. I do appreciate them, anyways, I had a good time in waking REM the other day, how many can say they have experienced that, and seeing the room around you with your third eye, either that or I am actually opening my eyelids in waking REM.

I have a tendency to lock myself out of my car when gifting, the 2nd time was today, when I dropped 6 tbs into the city reservoir.
I had to get the help of the police, who gave me a ticket for expired registration, shame on me I suppose, at least he didn’t have it towed. It’s always the silly things that get me, silly being.

I did successfully predict I would be pushed to the limits of my comfort zone for spiritual growth purposes, still discomfort is discomfort.

No damaging storms, and not a whole lot of lightning around, when every other week it predicts lightning and most of the time it never appears.

Today was the most beautiful day outside.

Let’s toast to a brighter future. Also, earth being a space ship housing intelligent life, one has to do mental gymnastics to not believe such things exist when they are living on one.

Edit: That being said, I am very friendly and contactable

Edit2: The irs is auditing the little money i made in college [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found]

I just learned a cool etheric trick anyone can apply =) If you want to complete a task, imagine it as already being completed. Or if you wish success, imagine it as already being successful, and you just have to wait for the right time to see it in the physical. That’s what I use to also wait for the “age of abundance” : )

Anyway… I finally added the 10 tb’s to “close the portal?” I have a strange hunch on that, but alas, I could be wrong. The amount of DTs there and the teenage boys popping up out of the woods when I am there, unless its a really popular hiking destination and people always pop out of the woods when I am there =) Last time I met 5 friends (2 motorcycle dudes, 1 biker guy, and 1 boy) that decided to be in this secluded tower haven, and this time I met 4 friends (2 guys fixing towers, 2 teens walking together) . I got a pick of the tower repair guys truck, I think they are trying to upgrade the towers or something, dunno.


I feel relief about this site now, as I have a good amount of tb’s there (~30) and I think there are only ~18 towers. The towers seem to be “brighter” after being gifted. I haven’t seen HAARP whiteout in Manchvegas in a long time, though I still see the occasional ripple waves.