'Operation Raindance' for Australia--ambitious!

Until about six years ago I was in touch with a lot of gifters in Australia, then the MI6 email slander campaign interfered with that, essentially cutting us off from almost everyone in Australia and UK that we had been corresponding with.

That didn’t stop the gifting, at least, and since this is not an organization it really doesn’t matter if anyone contacts me. I do like to put as many reputable gifting reports on EW, for the record, as possible because this is the only English-language site (we certainly count orgonise-africa.net for African reports) on the entire web where those are featured. The agency-employed fakers essentially own the orgonite movement on the web, otherwise. At least for now. Since we’re all amateurs, we don’t have their personnel, time or resources but The Operators have things well in hand, so we’re not worried. I think partial obscurity is a protection for us all at the moment.

In the past couple of years a lot of gifting momentum has been building in Australia and I started hearing from prolific gifters there, again–very busy new ones, at least. You might know that there’s been a lot of rain in some of the previously drought-stricken areas, there. I think the fellow who wrote the following may be positioned to bringg rain to the entire continent, the way Georg Ritschl has been doing for Southern Africa and Je Torres is doing for Spain.

There’s a lot of empowerment in reporting genuine, unadulterated news, which is to say ‘good news.’ This is probably why the What To Think Network is so thoroughly mandated not to share any good news. Some reporters and producers do it anyway in the middle of the night, when all those suited CIA and MI6 censors are asleep, stoned, catatonic or drunk. Those grim federal censors are called, ‘lawyers,’ to the PJ employees in the big network HQs, by the way.

Reality is juicier than science fiction.

When a Las Vegas television station news crew went to Death Valley to show the astonishing natural transformation, shortly after Carol and I finished our work there, their van was wrecked on the way back and the reporter was killed. Not long after that, the fake US President’s wife went there for a photo op, strange to tell. I bet the Rockefeller-funded AlGores squirmed, then.

If you want to contribute something to this massive project, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll put you in touch with Dave in Oz. I’m sending his note to the EW psychics for their recommendations.



Hi Don!

Fund generating for “Operation Raindance” is beginning to gather pace and I thought this a good time to contact you regarding psychic intel on two specific targets here in Oz.

A plan is taking shape to gift along the entire coast from the Victoria/NSW border to Perth or perhaps as far as Exmouth in WA.
I’ve called the plan, “Operation Raindance” just to make it more fun

I would like to know if the hexaganol array near Exmouth in WA and the array in Alice Springs need gifting and if so how and wth what type of orgonite. Is it possible you ask the psychics to check it out for me before I go making any solid plans??

And also, is the array in alice the same thing as the UGbase there?? Ive checked out images of the base which ive read is possibly the biggest in the world and there only seems to be balls and no tall HAARPY type towers…… Perhaps the array is in a different location than the UGbase??

I hope to have all the above completed by November this year…….



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Very good info Frode.

I think Australia its a very important country to destroy (same Spain) for excuse the artificial climatic change.
I think ts very important orgonite gift all the bif military, astronomic, meteo, aeronautic and telecomunications big stations in mountains for stop inmediatly the desert operations of this beautifull land. Then this country return to his natural paradise state, i am sure !

Thank you very much the “lion” australian gifter that will make this importan job !


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I would like to see some Orgonite on top of Ayers rock !

Thank you for posting the gifting that is going on down under in Australia.

I would go back in a heartbeat if someone were to gift me a plane ticket .

Eric [Image Can Not Be Found]

Hello Everbody! Its a pleasure to be able to publish the first gifting report for operation raindance!


Well, that didnt work – I tried to paste the Code from the website but I guess HTML dosnt work in the forum….

Here is the link……

http://orgonizeaustralia.webs……apps/blog/ Scroll down to “Update 3 August 1st 2009”



Urban Warrior….
You guys are doing a great job there! [Image Can Not Be Found] I want to comment on your report in regard to the tower location by the grave site.

I’ve been doing some reading about the aboriginal peoples and their ability to somehow have sensitivity to magnetic lay-lines. It was said that they performed their rituals where the lay-lines converge. Ironically, these same energy sensitive areas are also where the towers tend to be located.

This is also the case in the US. Tribal burial areas or sacred grounds are energy sensitive and again, where they like to place tower devices.

I have to consider that, indigines peoples had greater connection with and sensitivity to the earth. Is that why they were demonized and killed?

You would do well to consider these areas of interest to the anchient peoples. If you have opportunity to meet with some of their elders, you may get some good information. Be aware though, that even those who took part in anchient ritual, were kept ingnorent of the rituals actual intent. Seems to be that the “leaders” keep key knowledge to themselves in order to maintain their role. That said, I believe we all have it in us, but must now discover how to bring it forth.

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This is a fairly typical weather picture from the region for this time of year:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The prevailing winds blowing from Antarctica up to Australia where they meet the HAARP drought before going on to Indonesia and beyond.

Under normal circumstances that black area that comprises the bulk of Australia would not be so moisture-depleted.

You can see the normal moisture levels reflected in the Papua area (top-right in the picture) that escape influence from the big HAARP instalations to the south west.

Best wishes to Operation Radiance on your mission to bust these obscene instalations.


Hello everyone! Wer’e now in Western Australia – We’ve busted up a few more weatherballs at the weather statons and afew of these other things which are signposted as being for aircraft navigation?? – each one is a red and white pair of towers with wires connecting the two……… seemed ait strange as thought they used Satallites for air navigation these days? Maybe Im wrong anyway we busted them just in case – We’ve seen quite afew other of these very tall red and white towers some with weird things on the top – they looked very horrible!! Each one got three TBs…… also loads of “normal, cell-phone” towers and hill top arrays……….

Ill post a proper report in a week or two………………

By the way- if anybody could send us some big juicy Earthpipes for busting pine gap undeground base could they please PM me or email me at [email protected]

we only have 1" pipe and its looking like it will be very difficult to make them………… Ill try but it would be great to knock in some big fat juicy EPs so that would be greatly appreciated if anybody could do that!!



PS…… Its been raining loads since we left – not sure if this is confirmation or not as its the middle of winter so this could be normal for time of year – ill have to ask some locals………

OK, bye for now!

So good to see you on-duty Dave. I am glad to see your work is bearing fruits over there. Bust on.


Apologies to anybody hanging on for the next gifting report – i do have had it all typed up and ready to go online but my silly free website builder wont let me upload the images and photobucket is going haywire – keeps uploading only half the images I want to upload and doubles those ones it decides to upload……… very annoying I’ve just wasted 4 hours trying everything but had to give up!!

I’ll try again next time I hit the internet (should be up within the week, easy)

I can tell you its going great and at least the south of the country has had much more rain than usual for the time of year – somebody told us theres been the most rain for 8 years – which is very encouraging!!

Hopefully have the report up soon!! [Image Can Not Be Found]



Alright! The second gifting report is up – finally! [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’ve been having a real hard time getting images up for some reason and when that finally did work with imageshack other things went wrong like my website builder refusing to work and other weird technical difficulties……

but finally its up – the second report – gifting from Adelaide to Perth. Here is the link again…


I’ve also been trying to put up some products for sale on the same page to help fund the rest of the trip and future gifting but so far i’ve only managed to get 3 of them up……. they are posted above the second gifting report
hopefully i’ll have all of the products up on display soon ……… but in the mean time I’ve also got TBs for sale for any Aussie gifters out there.
They are $4 AUD each when you buy 10 to 49 TBs,
$3 AUD each when you buy 50 or more. Price includes Australia wide delivery.

If you’d like to place an order please paypal the appropiate amount to [email protected] and email me your order and postal address to the same email addresss and i’ll get your item/(s) sent out as soon as I can!

Thanks for your support and enjoy the report! (And the increased rain hopefully!) [Image Can Not Be Found]


Just tried to upload images for next report – Perth to Darwin – but of course, the computer says “No!!” [Image Can Not Be Found];

I’ll have to try again some other time!! [Image Can Not Be Found]



Dave, you cannot upload directly on this forum, you have to host the photos elsewhere, such as in photobucket or flicker and link them by pressing the “insert image” button:[Image Can Not Be Found] Do NOT use the “upload image” button : [Image Can Not Be Found]

Ive got a seperate website setup for reports – but i keep having trouble with pretty much every aspect of publishing a report- im working on it though!!


Yeay!! Finally managed to publish the 3rd report – Perth to Darwin [Image Can Not Be Found]

Ive just noticed the pics on the report are HUGE – is anybody having any problems downloading them as they are so big??


Dave [email protected]

Hi Dave, you should put up a link to your 3rd Report. It takes a long time to load the big photos if you´re using a slow connection.


Hi Alejandro – here is the link to the 3rd report!


Next time I will make a note of taking lower quality photographs and size-ing them down for faster loading….

Any weather observations from drought regions please email me [email protected]

Really great work that you have accomplished there! I’ve been following your reports and really enjoy the photos. It is most interesting to see the different types of installations there. The dolphin photos were impressive as well. To look into the dolphin’s eye was a real treat.

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