Orgone Are Electrons. My Personal Research

Hello everybody.

I read the Croft gifting compendium at the end of 2006, from this moment i understand one thing: nothing was decided in the destiny of the world.

The land of our planet was full of towers, the sky of our planet was full of chemical stelae, the worst was that nobody seemed to realize the worst thing was that they realized that aired absurd theories about it, making it more than anything else, an urban legend of 4 mad boys.

Since i was a child i always ask to my parents; why? I was a vivacious child (maybe today i was hacked with “®italin” [Image Can Not Be Found] ) I asked “why” for everything ! Logically my parents cant explain all the world things.

When i discovered the Croft Orgonite and the good effects i was vey happy, but, again, i asked; why? Why works? unfortunately for me I am not a person with psychic qualities and I could never have understood what Carol or others say and see, and this was saddening me.
I needed to understand that I was happening and I started investigating inside the well-known physics, in the way of working of the antennas, the observation for hours of what the planes do, what it goes on in the sky, etc… and everything what now I exhibit is a fruit of the reasoning and logic. Of course I do not want to impose any absolute truth but what I narrate seems to fit.

Reich said, the orgone (POR) full all, its blue, havent mass and its necesary for life health.
I think that Reich orgone are the electrons, exactly negative ionization of atoms and molecules.

If you search, all the good benefits of the negative ionization are the same that those who assume to POR, and, all bad consecuences of a positive ionization are similar to DOR.
Maybe its parallel, ok, but this physical truth its here, its visible, its measurable, and it is not possible to conceal.

Cascades, lakes, rain, ground, mountains, forests, happiness, orgasm etc… are examples of natural negative ionization, and sun and galactic rays, pain, all types of radiaction etc… for positive ionization. (the same of DOR and POR?)

This might be a mere speculation if the way will end here, but it is not like that.
The rain is one of the things that I more love, and it is the physical study of her the one that makes me come to this conclusion.
The rain formation needs one I balance perfectly between the cations of the ionosphere and the anions of the terrestrial surface, and the formation of clouds and rain depends on this polarity. Now, the observation of the operations for the eradication of rain in Spain led me to deducing that both the antennas and the fumigations are filling our ambience of cations, bony breaking the balance so that the clouds do not form, in his place the cirri, impossible clouds without planes.

The cell, tv, radio, military, etc… towers are creating a big electromagnetics fields that are cationized the layer where clouds forming. The H2O molécule needs electrons to join. Its the reason in mountains, lakes, cascades, etc the magestyc cloud forming first.

The chemtrails (** all contrails are chemtrails. I consider absurd the official theory of which the contrails are glazing of ice. In -50ºC is imposible because the high density make solid ice and the ice isnt antigravitational. And cirrus clouds? kms and kms2 of ice? floating in the air? what ?! :slight_smile: )
seems are dispering Silice gel or other Silice substance as diatomita. The Silice atom its a natural cation !! It is collaborating to the water molecules so that they could not join and precipitate. The result its a pseudo- cloud named cirrus with strange forms (in this forum named sylphs, but i think its the H2O molecules received by the silicon and trying to join. mamatus and asperatus clouds same this effect but amplified, that’s why it seems that the cloud falls down)

How works the orgonite ?

Its complex to xplain and i dont have the finish truth but i need find a logically to all behaviors that seems only pysics persons can see.
I think, resin (C10H8O4)(organic) and metal (Al) are a perfect mix for atract ,move and compress the electrostatic of electromagnetics fields of anntems to the quartz thats its piezoelectric and behaves as anion sending electrons with compression. Its the reason because i view thats orgonite is more powerfull near of towers. Then, with orgonite near seems the towers convert in to a anion generator forming rains until they disconnect it, before, the natural behavior happens.

Come to this point, where I had discovered what they are stoping the rain, I needed to find the way of obtaining a gadget that was obtaining the opposite effect, that is to say, anionizing the atmosphere. First think as Reich made the (bad) oranur effect, ok, if put a big cation (radioactivity substance) into it and i need the oposite effect then i need a big anion into my acumulator of orgonite, then i made a orgon acumulator with orgonite walls but without quartz because the cristal is the electrons generator in the orgonite. I introduces a generator of anions inside, but nothing special happened, then i think in the Reich Cloudbusters that i viewed in photos, and i think that he used the water in the base of tubes as a good anion generator as a cascade. Then, now its 2009 no 1947 and we have better and more strong technologie, then i put in the base of 2 (35 mm x 2 m) cupper pipes my anion generator and whats my sorprise that in minus of 60 minutes the cirrus (chemtrails taking vapor water) disappeared and passed to natural heaps with an intense blue sky. I tested 3 times and all with a very good result, its the reason that i posting the info, because i think its a interesting discovery. Of course more tests.

I named this method, NewReich CB.

The photo of my little anion generator with 2 pipes
My Anion generators its little. A 10m3 type with 1W consumption.
Pipes dont touch and dont touch metal.
Not have orgonite near because maybe can stole electrons to the generator.
Caution, some comercial ion generators dont works correctly (my generator make a blue light in the points and smell good, as O2 and mountain concentred air)
Missing Images

Before experiment sky.
Missing Images

60 minuts after (in 3 hours the clouds turn more bigs and with rains. Sorry i dont have more photos. Next time)

All cell towers, tv, radio, military and etc… stations in 100 kms around the experiment zone are gifted.
I think its a important detail because this towers are atmosphere cations generators, bony, they are in contrast to our desire.

Missing Images

please sorry my bad english.

Original spanish documentation here:

Thank you for reading.
All the best.


Brilliant work. However, I feel compeled to comment on the following in response to your posting, in Spanish, on foroactivo:

Hola Guillix.
Claro que si !
La teoría de Don es correcta, y lo que comenta sobre vitalizar grandes extensiones de agua con orgonite ocurre realmente, yo mismo lo he experimentado decenas de veces, solo que el da una explicación mística por así llamarlo a todo el proceso y funcionamiento y aquí intentamos buscarle la esencia físico/química, ya que y con todo el respeto a las demás teorías por supuesto, a mi me gusta entender y razonar las cosas y no simplemente creer en algo divino o algo invisible e intangible que como por ejemplo en el foro de EthericWarriors se dice tan solo algunos privilegiados con cualidades psíquicas pueden percibir.[/quote:1iu9267g]

No doubt, the grosser, material/physical/chemical phenomenon that you describe in the actions of any of: the original Reich CB, the several versions of Orgonite based CB, or your new “Electric Ion Generator” based CB, operate by directing a stream of free electrons (Negative Ions) into the atmosphere where they have a physical effect to restore/repair the natural balance in the atmosphere, where Rain Clouds would otherwise form but for the manipulation of the atmosphere by positively charged particulates; or, conversely, to precipitate rain where rain would not normally otherwise occur, provided a bare minimum of the conditions for its precipitation exist. Additionally, your hypothesis that life enhancing qualities of POR, generated by Orgonite from DOR, and any other baseline EM Radiation, is also a function of the generation of Negative Ions becoming available, and pervading living systems, has merit though I would submit that it is only a PARTIAL answer to this question and only represents the physical correlate of the phenomenon, as I further would submit that there is more to ‘reality’ than this physical/material realm of consciousness. I do so, not as an act of faith, steeped in mythology, but on the basis of my own interior experience as well as a significant body of research and experimental data that supports my own perception.

I would also submit that, despite the importance, and relevance, of arriving at a hypothesis that can be attributable soley to conventional physics/chemistry, as such would add weight to our arguments, and act to further accelerate this movement and expose the scoundrels that are manipulating the weather for nefarious purposes, to relegate the more subtle, non physical, effects to mere mysticism would, itself, represent a mythological view rather than a defensible, logical, intellectually integral, perspective and view.

Current technology, and pioneers of a new subtle energy science, such as William A. Tiller, are only recently beginning to provide the instrumentation, and new body of mathematics and physics, that would explain and model, the more subtle, YET NO LESS VALID, aspects of Reich’s research. For example, his refutation of the Germ Theory of Disease including his experiments that resulted in his discovery of what he called Bions which, incidentally, Gaston Naessense more recently confirmed, with what he calls Somatids which, IMHO, are fundamentally synonymous with Reich’s Bions. Grosser physical phenomenon, including the effects of Negative Ions, can not account for action at a great distance (I.E. Radionics) or even trans-temporal phenomenon. Consciousness and focused intention do, irrefutably (via a significant body of experimental results data) affect–even robustly–physical, material, reality (See Lynn McTaggert’s “The Intention Experiment” and Tiller’s work at, as a small sampling). Therefore, I would submit that the physical/material phenomenon on which you are ‘solely’ basing your hypothesis on why/how orgonite works, is only PART of the big picture and that MUCH more than currently meets the eye (via commonly familiar instrumentation, technology, and theory) are in evidence.

Regardless, thanks so very much for your work. Your rigorous work to develop a hypothesis, and a set of experiments to test it, regarding Orgonite, Orgone Energy, etc. are of imeasurable importance in combating the designs of the miscreant Corporate World Order, exposing their nefarious agenda, and acting to free humanity from their clutches.

PS: If I have time soon, I will reiterate, in Spanish, my above argument in the thread at:

Hello Azti, thank you very much for your message.

The complete message from

Hola Guillix.
Claro que si !
La teoría de Don es correcta, y lo que comenta sobre vitalizar grandes extensiones de agua con orgonite ocurre realmente, yo mismo lo he experimentado decenas de veces, solo que el da una explicación mística por así llamarlo a todo el proceso y funcionamiento y aquí intentamos buscarle la esencia físico/química, ya que y con todo el respeto a las demás teorías por supuesto, a mi me gusta entender y razonar las cosas y no simplemente creer en algo divino o algo invisible e intangible que como por ejemplo en el foro de EthericWarriors se dice tan solo algunos privilegiados con cualidades psíquicas pueden percibir.

El resto de los mortales no psíquicos tendremos que encontrar una lógica a todo esto que está pasando, y por suerte lo vamos consiguiendo.

Al parecer el orgonite tendría la cualidad de usar la atracción/repulsión de electrones y ante cierto electromagnetismo o quizás incluso el propio magnetismo terrestre o vibraciones de la corteza terrestre ser capaz de activar la capacidad piezoeléctrica del cuarzo de su interior, y así conseguir dotar al agua en el que se sumerge de una anionización mayor, en su defecto anionizando una gran extensión de superficie, la cual es capaz de producir el mismo efecto que con nuestro nuevo cloudbuster, el cual podriamos llamar Anionizador atmosférico, aunque yo lo he bautizado con el nombre de NewReich CB Smile

We must start from the premise that I am not proving anything scientifically.

My research is a humble human need to know and defend a brutal assault on my (our) environment.

It is not my intention to disparage or discredit anyone or any other theory.

I’ve just noticed, conjecture, and experimented with visible and measurable results and should not have much money, not need a multi-lab or university studies, not need special psychic powers to do so. I think people’s power and truth is lost when you have to rely blindly on what others can only measure.

Personally I think that what Reich called Bion in the decade of the 40 were the excess electrons in the field. And this is my personal theory and not in conflict with any other.

Thanks for posting the theories and discoveries of others, but, tell me, how can I check what they say is true? I have not opened this post to speculate but to have a physical/chemical phenomenon that you can check yourself.

Thank you for reading.
All the best.

This is what one could call genuine research.
Having an intuition, trying it out, finding out what it is about.

Je, I´d be glad if you joined the [Etheric Research Forum
Would be great to have you on board.


Hello Manfred, thank you very much for your support and your forum invitation.

Sorry me, i cant post there, your forum try to search and research the ether an old credence and me personally think is that the ether is the electrons, parts of the know physic.
Now i think the etheric theory is obsolete and i understand its a very good excuse for occult the autentic electric importance of our world. All materia is an electrical balance.

When i investigated the electrons and the ionizing molecules i understand that Reich orgon, Tesla ether or other religions prana, chi, etc… is really the molecules anionizing , bony, the plenty of electrons. Its for that, they spoke about abundance or orgon, eter, prana, chi, etc… in forests, cascades, mountains with anionic minerals and a lot of sagrades natural sites in planet. Really, this sites are a big anions generators. The absence of electrons, bony the cationizing of the molecules generates a sick environment, the same as the DOR.

My big discovered was the chinesse anions generator, because send a big jet of electrons vitalizing the ambience across a metallic top that is illuminated of blue/purple color, bony, the orgon color.
When you turn on thie generators discover the life esence and all near take a smell similar to a forest, mountain, etc…

In my research i found that a lot of disinfo about ionizers function, saying this machines generate dangerous ozone. Its a lie !
In Spain, a enterprise that make this generators have a very very very litle amount os electrons. I buyed one of their machines and returned because is very ridiculous. The enterprise said me that europeans laws prohibit major generation of ions. It is absurd !
I discover a very serious enterprise Chinesse that have several awards for theirs anions generators machines. Whats happend? In europe the people is different? Chinesses are more strong !

Of course is my investigation and personal theory. I do not try to impose any absolute truth. Only I am sure for that my experiments works and that’s why I believe that it is the correct way.

Thank you for reading.
All the best.

Do you have the contact information for the Chinese company that makes these devices?

Thanks…Hong Kong John

Negative ion generators do generate ozone, but there is nothing dangerous about ozone, except if very high levels are inhaled, which is unlikely. Ozone is used in various therapies with incredible results. My sister is a veterinarian and they use ozone all the time for healing very badly infected wounds in animals and to speed up healing in general. Its amazing how many good therapies are used in veterinarian clinics but are prohibited or restricted in human treatment. I´ve been moniotoring ozone level in Santiago (via the environmental agency’s particulate and gas monitoring sistem) and when ozone levels rise, smog levels decrease. Ozone is not pollution, its nature’s cleanser. Its similar to the CO2 scam, niether are pollutants. Je you should really do more research on these subjects, before discarding so many good scientists work on the “ether”. I think its important to note that cell phone towers do NOT produce ionization, or very little of it, in fact that type of EM radiation is called “non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation”.

[quote:2331uvac]Thanks for posting the theories and discoveries of others, but, tell me, how can I check what they say is true? I have not opened this post to speculate but to have a physical/chemical phenomenon that you can check yourself. [/quote:2331uvac]

Je, if you have not measured ionization in regards to orgonite then you are speculating and extrapolating, not that there is anything bad about that. By that same ultra-skeptical logic, how do you know that what you have read on ionization is true? how can you check it? How do you know the devices for measuring ionization are actually measuring “electrons”? how do you know electrons actually exist? Some physicists believe otherwise, that electrons are just a concept, a model that made chemistry easier to understand, but that they really don´t exist, its more a flow of energy, a wave than a flow of particles. If you would only “believe” in what you can prove for yourself, then science would be gridlocked and could not advance at all. You need to start from a foundation layed out by other people, if not progress is impossible. Every scientist or inventor would have to replicate all the experiments that preceded them, which is obviously impossible. Discernment is the key. By the way physics has come to a point where even mainstream academic physics is questioning the purely materialistic models and has had to come up with new concepts in which the universe is in fact inmersed in a sea of energy, called by many names by the many different theories, for example, “zero point energy” “vaccum energy” “dark matter” “god particle” etc etc. Physics is trying to explain strange phenomen observed in the laboratories and in observatories, that simply cannot be explained with just “electrons” and “particles”. Of course they ignore the pioneers such as Reich, Schauberger and Telsa, who already had alot of this figured out. It would save them alot of time and money but they choose to religiously ignore these geniuses. I think that the materialistic model has been obsolete a for a long time, even in mainstream science, it just has not percolated to popular culture yet. Materialism was just a short (and devastating) detour in humanity’s path.

There is also a very interesting thing to note on Reich’s cloudbuster. There was NO electrical connection between the Cloudbuster and the body of water used to disipate the DOR that Reich was “sucking” with his device. From the metal tubes, rubber hoses which are obviously non-conductive of electricity (electrons), made the connection from the CB to the water. Please explain to me how these electrons, if thats the only phenomenon that working here, traveled through several meters of rubber hose to the water? Reich was a serious scientist and considered the ionization phenomena in relation to POR and DOR, he discarded it as the only explanation since there were many aspects of orgone energy that did not fit with the ionization theories. It is also interesting that the polyester resin used in orgonite is a very poor conductor, “electrons” would have a very hard time entering the resin. I know you don’t doubt that orgonite works since you´ve seen that first hand.

Paulo and Alexandra Correa are prestigous physicits that have replicated many of Reich’s experiments and run the website . aetherometry: the science of the metrics of the aether (ether) . They have fused much of Telsa´s and Reich´s work with modern physics, very interesting indeed. This extract of an article of Correa I find very pertaining to what we are talking about here:

[quote:2331uvac]AS2-27 Atmospheric electricity, latent heat,
and ambipolar radiation:
a new view of geophysics and meteorology,
challenging the primacy of ionization theory

Correa PN, Correa AN, Askanas M
Exp Aetherom, Series 2, Vol. 4, 27:1-58 (September 2002)

The present communication compares and contrasts two views of atmospheric physics: one based upon ionization theory, the other upon Aetherometry. It also reviews the impact of Vol.s 1 and 2 of Experimental Aetherometry upon a reformulation of basic geophysical and atmospheric processes.

(See Table of Contents below)


  1. Does molecular work need to be considered in addressing the problem of the spontaneous electroscopic discharge?
    We argue that it does, and discuss how. The gravitational interactions of the electroscope.

  2. Cyclonic weather: can ions account for the electroscopic response to cloud systems?
    They cannot account for the equal acceleration of leakage and seepage observed during the passage of clouds.

  3. Anticyclonic weather: can ions account for the diurnal variations in electroscopic discharge?

3a. Is there a correlation between the diurnal variation of the earth’s electric field or potential gradient, reported in the literature, and the diurnal pattern of electroscopic discharge in anticyclonic weather?
Since leakage and seepage show the same basic pattern of diurnal variation, this pattern cannot be caused by variations in the (negative) electric field of the earth, but may rather serve as a clue towards explaining it.

3b. Do ion concentrations present characteristic diurnal variations in anticyclonic weather?
The various diurnal patterns of varying concentrations of ions of different classes are examined, along with the two fundamental ion concentration patterns of fair weather days in the warm season.

3c. How do these findings regarding the diurnal variations of ion concentrations affect the findings of Vol. 1 of Experimental Aetherometry?
The diurnal pattern observed for leakage and seepage of atmospheric electroscopes in fair weather cannot be explained by the mass-spectrographic diurnal patterns of air ion concentrations, neither in amplitude, nor by correlation with the pattern of burst days. Determination of the ion fluxes and concentrations that would be implied by the electroscopic observations is also carried out.

  1. Is there covariation between increasing relative humidity during nighttime and increasing concentrations of ions of both polarities? Between nighttime temperature drops and ion concentrations? What of the relation between water evaporation and latent heat?
    We suggest that the only way to make sense of the relationship between the electroscopic curve and %RH is by considering the higher environmental availability of latent heat indirectly caused by the lowering of the dewpoint.

  2. Can ion concentrations explain the soft correlation between high pressure and slow electroscopic discharge rates?
    The answer follows from the findings of Sections 2 and 3.

  3. Can the deceleration and arrest of seepage and leakage inside ORACs and Faraday cages be explained by mechanical ion blockage by the walls of these enclosures?
    No. Encased and caseless identical electroscopes present the same rate of discharge in spite of mechanical ion blockage by the case. And neither can the observed discharge patterns inside ORACs and Faraday cages be accounted for by mechanical ion blockage.

  4. Positive demonstration of a gravitokinetic energy flux: photoinduced antigravitokinetic regeneration with LFOT photons.

  5. What are the actual main atmospheric effects of solar ambipolar and blackbody radiations?

  6. A better systematization of electroscopic processes.

  7. What, then, is the source of the earth’s electric field in fair weather? Can anticyclonic days be exhaustively defined by monopolar charge parameters? What are the roles of the latent and sensible heat byproducts of ambipolar radiation?
    We suggest that monopolar mechanisms do not sufficiently explain these phenomena, and that one must bring to bear upon them both non-electric factors and massfree ambipolar interactions.

the full article is avaliable on their website for a fee.


Hello again. Please, understand i am trying to communicate in a language that is not mine

Hong Kong John, i dotn want to tell comercial names here, if you have special interest i could tell you by private message of course. Nevertheless if you search in google “anions generators” will discover that the majority of them are made by Chinese companies. (Japanesse too)

For example look:

In Occident there are absurd laws so that these generators are not made. Whats happend here?
I think that the Chinese politics is different and the secrets are not kept.

For example, let’s remember that China has been the only country of the world that has recognized fumigations with diatomita (silician substance (cation +)) to absorb the water vapor of the clouds and destroy for create cirrus (falses clouds that never precipite)

Cirrus arent ice cristals, are silice cristal that take de H2O molecules and make a artificial greenhouse effect. Cirrus dont cold, are hot and hoting all down. ¿global warming?

The same form, electromagnetism from towers are stolen electrons to the air (and water vapor) making cations, too hoting the troposphere. ¿global warming?

Are occident really a democracy? What kind of democracy occult this operations to the populace?

I think orgonite are resisting this towers effects as I have already explained earlier.
Alejandro, the plastic (resin) arent electricity good conductor, yes, but is a semi-conductor. All matheria have electrons conduction. Ones better (cupper) other badest. For exmple, If you put a piece of aluminium paper into a plastic tupperware with top good closed and introduce in a microwaves oven you can see that the aluminium paper miss sparks. why? The reason is that the electromagnetism makes the electrons pass through the plastic. Its only a simple example, but i can think so much.

Then, i think the big electromagnetism of towers create the circulation of electrons in the troposphere and the orgonite take part of the electrons of the wave stimulating the quartz with compression. I think orgonite its a very very good thing, and if are near of electromagnetics fields more good effect.

I would love measuring ionization, but the machines cost about 900euro, if someone wants help me to buy this machine i will very gratefull and i can probe that i am telling.

Alejandro, i think that it is a disrespect to me call me speculator, more than another thing for which it is you who are the only one that speculates publicizing forms of energy that you cannot demonstrate. I speaking of electricity energie from electrones move. The atomic theory its the base of electricity, electronic and chemical sciences, i dont specule.

Alejandro, i dont deal with my theory to discredit others. As I said from the beginning and I do not understand your position on the defensive. I dont know the base of this persons, maybe its a very good discover but have tried to learn something from the page that sent me, but just give me the option of paying a lot of money for a DVD. I am not a

I think that if these people really have this knowledge but do not sell it give away.
I think the liberation of humanity is priceless and if someone had the key should give it away. At least I would and dont understand other way.

I respect so much to Tesla or Reich, evertheless, i think Tesla research and inventions are all realtions with electricity (electrons) and I think bions of Reich are the anions. I think too that the info about this autors was and be so much dirt for people think was a freak persons. Of course i think the atoms hidde more misteries, but at the moment i think all its more easy. i think the new age are making nonexistent bogeys to hidde this simplicity of all. This way everybody will be looking for bogeys.

Other interesting theme is my “NewReich” cloudbusting method.
Isnt panacea, because fight the operations of million dollars, thousands of planes and thousands of persons is complicated, but I can make sure that it works. it depends of the atmosphere vapor water quantity , it depends on the quantity of fumigations (chemtrails), depends on if the antennas of around have orgonite near, etc…etc…

I discovered that exists interprises that sell services Anti-Hail and Anti-Rain with a oposite method ie cationizing the atmosphere.

Look please:

Original in Spanish:

Of course is my investigation and personal theory. I do not try to impose any absolute truth. Only I am sure for that my experiments works and that’s why I believe that it is the correct way.

Thank you for reading.
All the best.

Hi Je, I have one question to ask you if you have an answer to this one, please tell me!

Sorry me, i cant post there, your forum try to search and research the ether an old credence and me personally think is that the ether is the electrons, parts of the know physic.

You think ether must be physical if I understand right?

Can I ask you what is a magnetic field made of?? magnetions [Image Can Not Be Found] ?
I’m myself focussing primarily on that question because I never found any answer… And I’m sure it can provide a big clue about the mechanics of our universe.

  • Magnetism is induced by moving charged particles (moving/spining electrons)
  • Magnets generate a magnetic field because of the atoms in the magnets being aligned in a way such that electrons are all spinning in the same direction hence creating an uniform/aligned magnetic field

Yet no one knows what a magnetic field is… It’s made of nothing it seems, but interacts with everything…

I don’t believe a magnetic field is the ether/orgone, but it gives me a clue that non physical things can exist and interact with everything.
I believe the effect you are describing is due to magnetism generated by electrons, not electrons themselves, but the magnetic field they generate when spining around atoms (anions or cations).

I thought this might help you digg further in your researches, I have no clue as to what a magnetic field is made of… No mainstream scientist will be able to tell you; they just know it’s generated by a moving electron, but they can’t tell what it is [Image Can Not Be Found]
Sorry I think this question will make your researches even harder

This also links quite well with the question Alejandro asked:

There is also a very interesting thing to note on Reich’s cloudbuster. There was NO electrical connection between the Cloudbuster and the body of water used to disipate the DOR that Reich was “sucking” with his device. From the metal tubes, rubber hoses which are obviously non-conductive of electricity (electrons), made the connection from the CB to the water. Please explain to me how these electrons, if thats the only phenomenon that working here, traveled through several meters of rubber hose to the water?

Weak magnetic induction?? Or soemthing like that? maybe orgon, maybe something else, but it must be something that “doesn’t exist”
Personally to me, magnetism is the biggest mystery I would like to understand, it’s present everywhere and yet doesn’t physically exist!

Anyway, if magnetic fields “don’t” exist why not other non physical energies

Great work Keep us informed of your discoveries Je! Just don’t forget magnetism when you talk about electrons, magnetism and electrons are inevitably linked!

Je I´m sorry if I insulted you, it was not my intention.


Its ok Alejandro.

Braikar thank you very much. I am not a scientist recognized like to be able to answer to all the questions, but I believe that the magnets are a metallic matter that was exposed to an electrical load. This load left his electrons with a certain load and with a certain orientation. This explains that the flow of electrons in a magnet should be constant. I do not believe that it is mysterious at all, only electrons in circulation due to his in sync orientation. Normally in a metallic material the electrons have chance and not in sync movements.

You could read about magnetism in specialized books.

For example, in towers, the electro-magnetic field is forced by artificial electrical charges with a determined frequency. And so many frequencies will be created. This field is a simple electrons movements with determined frequency where orgonite its a trip adding more electrons to the field reducing the generation of cations (atoms and molecules with positive charge bony with absence of electrons bony a contrary to nature thing). You can see the discovery of Pierre y Jacques Curie in 1881 about piezoelectricity of quartz. I think the resin and metal catches the electrons of the electromagnetic field pushing them with certain frequency towards the quartz. This way it is compressed and the polarization happens.

The other theme. Alejandro question. I dont response because i think he dont understand me in my first message.

I dont tell that Reich did a electrical connection betewn pipes and water. Reich only simulate a cascade in the pipes bottom. Water (of course the not contaminated water) movement liberate electrons that anionizing the air in the tubes and its propulsed to top anionizing atmosphere for generate clouds. My CB experiment seeks to achieve the same effect but amplified. Logically in the decades of 40 when Reich experimented there isnt thousands of towers, thousands of chemtrails and thousands of satellites, that i said are cationizing atmosphere. Look as for example the big arrays are in the more interesting energy mountains with so many cristals, minerals, etc… , or in a water points. In Madrid for example, most of antennas is put on the channels or water tanks (Canal de Isabel II), isnt casuality, it has an intention very well studied. Look too that all towns and cities was created in waters font and where are the cell towers?

Please, help me to investigate, all the towers are hacking the natural anions generator of field.

Of course is my investigation and personal theory. I do not try to impose any absolute truth. Only I am sure for that my experiments works and that’s why I believe that it is the correct way.

Thank you for reading.
All the best.

LoL no one understands my point of view as always:

You could read about magnetism in specialized books.

Yes I know I’ve read a lot :8 I know how it interacts, how it’s generated etc. But none of the books I’ve read told me of what it’s made! none! Light is made of photon, atoms of protons, electrons neutrons etc, even gravity of neutrinos and higgs bosons, but what is magnetism made of??? it’s not composed of a particle like all other electromagnetical fields! And that’s my question, magnetism is somewhat similar to the definition of ether… no one can see it, it’s made of nothing but interacts with everything [Image Can Not Be Found]

in towers, the electro-magnetic field is forced by artificial electrical charges with a determined frequency…

Ok that’s no problem I agree with you, but my question is much deeper; why is an electromagnetic (specially magnetic) field created by moving charged particles??? Science has yet to answer this question…

And that’s my point I’m sure understanding WHAT a magnetic field IS (not how it interacts) will directly explain the workings of orgonite [Image Can Not Be Found]

Please, help me to investigate, all the towers are hacking the natural anions generator of field.

Totally agree with you on that point, maybe not on the anions part? but “they” always know where they put their towers, corrupted vortexes, sacred places, nuclear power plants are aligned everywhere etc!! When I have more time I’ll come with info on what I’ve discovered on that aspect.


Braikar, sorry if i dont understand so well and sorry if my english is so bad and you dont understand me.

How i understand, magnetism is formed by electrons in movement, south to north pole of magnet (metallic matter that was exposed to an electrical load). The electrons have same charge orientation and needs moving as always, bony, south to north pole of the molecules charged. The atomic properties of metals can posible it.(i cant explain the atomic theory in 2 lines, please read at your own)

The towers create a electromagnetic field because the circulations of electrons are forced with a electrical charge. (and more parameters of course but i dont complicate more)

No mistery, is very simple, i think : )

Nevertheless, i think my issue is being diverted.

Thank you for reading.
All the best.

Some weeks ago i discovered taht Wilhelm Reich orgon are only electrons.
I confirm my theory

I discovery that orgonite its a simple electronic capacitor, no mistery energies, no strange and secrets energie forms, only electrons (electrostatic energie).
The electromagnetic waves of bad boys toys are simple big electrons flow that are cationizing the matheria. Orgonite (i preffer tell electronite) trapping electrons of that flow to create a compression of quartz . Quartz in turn generates more electrons, and adds to this current, thus creating an environment of anions. Just the opposite to what they want. (And read about benefits of a anionizing environment)

If you know some of electronics can review as a capacitor work. A metal (electrical conductor) pass electrons to plastic (for ex) (a electrical semi-conductor). When the plastic layer is charged, launch all electrons to the next metal layer. Well, the orgonite (well made) but acts like a multiplier effect because are multiple layers of metal and plastic. This do a compresión effect when arrives to quartz, then the piezoelectric propertie of quartz generate more electrons. No mistery, is pure physics and chemistry.

Here a new that supports my personal discovery:

“COLLEGE STATION, Texas, December 4, 2008 (ENS) – A self-powering cell phone that converts the sound waves of the user’s speech into the energy it needs to keep running – without a battery charge – is being made possible by the work of a scientist at Texas A&M University.”


"Derived from the Greek word “piezein,” which means “to press,” piezoelectrics are materials, such as crystals or ceramics, that generate voltage when a form of mechanical pressure is applied. "

Is the same as electronite (orgonite) are doing near of towers ? : )

Thank you for reading.

Hi Je

First off, great work. Think we’re getting a bit closer to how it all works.

One Q for all of you is do you know of any PSI or intention tests where negative ions are influenced? I do know that there’s a more recent development in ghost hunting is to use ion detectors. Also the ‘white lady’ ghost is an indicator for bad things and illness to happen. A massive surge in positive ions from underground or local source?

In my Ark of the Covenant feature we suggested it was actually a form of capacitor:

Now burial mounds have the same layering aspect as both Orgone accumulators and a capacitor. Also there’s natural earthworks that have the same structures.

If one can through intention, quantum effects or whatever you want to call it effect the concentration of negative ions then there’s another element.


Hi Mark, thank you very much for read me and your opinion.

Personally i think that most of the physical and chemical facts were discovered early last century and for example atomic model of Bohr was a very big discovery for understand univers work.
Very amazing invents and machines was created in taht time, and from that moment everything seemed to stop and were only magnified scientists saw ghosts and that only they could demonstrate.

I think the secret of everything is electrostatic, and Tesla, the great electrician would like to transmit the whole world but he was muted, but all his inventions shows that he had discovered the operation of all. I think the new “physics” (quantum ) is an invention for mislead.

Mark and all this forum speak about a ocult energy, but no one shows, only persons with special psychic powers can view, and the same way is taken the officer “science” that (i think) invented the antimatter particles that only big machines can view. For example, the officer “science” speak about similar your orgon, its the Higgs field full of bossons particules, but its a theory, and the best, need a very big machine (CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC)) for tray to demostrate. Its a joke? I am sure LHC its a new step in weather and earth modification.

I think, all univers work is very simple and the bad boys dont want we know and are inventing fantasies to distract, and both worlds, the ‘mystic’ and the ‘scientist’, go to the same point. Coincidence?

For example, this invention shows that my electric theory of orgonite (electronite) effect near anthems:

Look, the hidden technologie was invented for create rains, but the same technic for destroy rain cloud across electric charges.
I think electronite near towers turns the bad effect of cationizing, separation and break of H2O molecules (the opposite effect for creating rains).

“This weather modification method has its roots in Moscow, where Lev Pokhmelnykh developed what he called ELAT, or electrification of the atmosphere, and founded a company based on the first patented atmospheric ionization technology.”

Thank you for reading.

When I started making zappers for sale in early 1996 I was handicapped by a nearly complete lack of knowledge about electricity. This was a year or so before I started playing around with orgone accumulators.

Je, I’m inclined to agree with you that free electrons and orgone may be the same thing and that’s only based on my experience and observations, since I have no technical education.

The first evidence of this was shown to me by my friend, Dr Mary Tomanio, in Eliot, Maine, in the summer of 1996. She was my first wholesale zapper customer and was a renowned natural healer. She used an amplified stethoscope to listen for life force in the body. This is one of the ways she gauged the success of her treatments and she was pleased and astonished to see that when a zapper was placed on any part of the body, the sound of living energy in that spot, measured by the amplified stethoscope, was quite loud.

That device is made in Japan and is not expensive. I never bought one but they’re easy to find, I think.

At the time, I’d gotten some textbooks about electricity and I was frustrated to learn that nobody evidently unerstood it but everyone with letters after their names who talked about it were merely theorizing.

Notice how Je’s simple statement aroused discomfort in some of the contributors to this thread. I think it’s a natural response and useful consultation but if any progress is going to be made along this path it’s probably going to happen on Manfred’s forum.

As a workable theory, the notion that ionization is an orgone function is pretty good, I think. Several of us have been poisoned with radioactive material and/or have gifted radioactive sites and seen orgonite’s easy ability to neutralize that poisonous energy pretty fast. If healthy ionization is an orgone function, then so would the bad kind be.

Dr Reich used a Geiger counter to measure orgone, both positive and negative. The Geiger counter evidently can’t distinguish between teh two but only measures their relative field strengths.

I apologize to Je for seeming to stress the psi activities related to our work but even Dr Reich was evidentlyh energy sensitive because when he instructed people on the use of his cloudbusters, he advised them to feel for negative energy in the atmosphere, then aim the cloudbuster at that area until it was no longer negative.

To any of us, if someone is explaining something that’s outside of our personal experience and understanding it’s going to sound like mumbojumbo. which means, ‘a complicated ritual wityh elaborate trappings; gibberish; nonsense’

If one feels that there may be some use for psychic exploration in scientific pursuits, then one will probably gradually gain a workable understanding of the dynamics. We stress the cooperative nature of our efforts because empirical evidence is often better than lab evidence and when several reputable psychics consult together it tends to produce quite a broad and functional information base. I think that Dr Reich’s energy sensitivity, as an aspect of his work, pointed toward what we’re now devloping. Materialistic science is obviously too shackled to give us an understanding of subtle energy dynamics and the scientists who break free of such scholastic bindings usually end up working in secret military projects, where they at least aren’t bludgeoned by old lettered farts into dull conformity.

What is already showing, though, and what many free energy device inventors have demonstrated, is that massive funding is not needed, any more, to produce groundbreaking scientific discoveries. Manfred has demonstrated orgone’s nutritive property, for instance, with a handful of yeast and sugar in a contrtolled experiment.

Reich funded all of his own research too, of course.

Edison, who stole a reputation by ripping off more gifted inventors like Tesla, was probably wrong when he said that ‘Invention is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.’ The really big discoveries often come in a flash of inspiration.

Tesla is a special case, of course: he visualized his inventions and when he built them they worked without any flaws and he never missed the mark. We’re still trying to catch up with his vision, though the $#!+birds have weaponized a lot of his less known technology, which I believe is all orgone based. Extremely high voltage, low amperage and high frequency discharges produce a blue orgone field that’s stronger and denser than anything we can produce with orgonite, pipes, etc.
The (Tesla-based) weather weaponry that is failing the world order, now, is probably DOR-based bastardizations of TEsla’s offerings. So, perhaps, are the millions of new death towers on land and under the sea.

Keep up the good work and enquiry, Je and everyone else! We might be too early to have many solid and simple explanations for what we’re accomplishing but we’ll no doubt grow into it eventually.


‘Peer review’ is academics’ way of saying, ‘We really don’t know our @$$es from a hole in the ground but we have to justify getting paid for not knowing anything.’

Along with the mummery about ‘quanta’ from these imaginitive but unproductive theorists there are some genuinely productive inventors who are evidently calling ether by their own proprietary names, like ‘tachyon,’ and whatever Gaston Naessons is calling it. They usually opt to say that they’re particles, too.

Reich knew that orgone is not particles but he showed the little light and dark squiggles of energy currents to people in his orgone scope and it’s easy to see why someone would assume that they’re solid.

The really funny thing, to me, is that we all obviously know what we’re doing but simply can’t explain it in scientific terms, yet. Dr Reich probably laid the groundwork for our eventual verbalization of our understanding and the reason I favor him over the more proprietary inventors is that he never pretended to own the ideas but rather insisted that future developments should not be ignored on the basis of his limited findings. Someone probably ought to let DeMento know about this [Image Can Not Be Found] and also about how one really needs to be energy sensitive, as Constable is, in order to use a Reich cloudbuster. I sure wouldn’t try to use one.


Another aspect of the ‘quanta’ scam, in my opinion, is that the public is evidently fooled by harumphing corporate white coats into believing that gargantuan, costly facilities like CERN and Fermi Labs are designed to ‘find subatomic particles,’ which is perhaps the same as saying that a giant redwood tree needs to be cut down to make a toothpick.

Really, those are massive scale weapons and the proof, for some of us, that this is so is that the timely placement of earthpipes around CERN, just before announced events, caused the facility to shut down, both times. I heard they’re planning to get it going again in NOvember, by the way

Tesla’s free energy broadcast technology is not hard to understand; it’s based on the principle of his little earthquake producing pocket device. I finally ‘got it’ recently when I read a biography of TEsla published in the late 1940s, written by a fellow who was a newspaper’s science writer and knew Tesla.

This, too, is evidently an orgone function, as Wilhelm Muller’s magnet-powered engine clearly is and probably every other free energy device. Maybe ‘electricity’ is to orgone as steam power was to electricity in terms of a new technology base. I’ve always been certain that we’re too close to the power of orgonite to appreciate its grand place in history.

Some of us have a hard time breaking free of fruitless academics’ mind-numbing pronouncements but we need to be patient with each other, that way, and recognize that we’re all doing the work, after all.


I usually have to edit my posts about three times before I’m satisfied that they make sense. In this case, I forgot to mention that the sound effect of the amplified stethoscope lasted for a long time after the zapper was removed from the spot and no sound was being produced in that spot before the zapper was applied.

Since the circuit I was using only puts about five millionths of an amp into the body with five volts and a low frequency, I think this was proof enough that extremely weak electric current induces extraordinary life force in the human body.

The incredible volume of fake science that has attached to simple electromedicine has been pretty discouraging to me over the years. Our customers who were never exposed to that trash usually get better results and sooner with their zappers because they haven’t been made afraid and confused by the white coats who pretend to be experts.

The Russian electromedicine enquiry is more intelligent and productive, though it’s not simple zapper tech; rather it’s for pain relief and very quick healing of injured tissues. A Russian company is producing the Sputnik, though, which is a zapper you can swallow (re-usable, I presume). I wish I were in touch with more folks in Russia but I think they’re still a little leery of surveillance and retribution for talking to me. I think that problem will go away as excessively centralized governments continue to crumble, though.

Notice that I don’t make any claims around this. I probably would make some claims if I had enough information and were disciplined enough for genuine science research but some specialization in this vital network is inevitable and Manfred’s better qualified to foster some more focused and refined research. If I can spark our readers to escape from institutionalization (university education) then I’m earning my shekels.

Have you ever considered that the liberation of the mind from institutionalization is traumatic? Everybody says he wants to be free but when freedom is offered, most folks will stay in their cages, if possible. I’m hoping that more and more people will destroy those shackles now, while it’s possible to do it with volition, than to have the shackles torn away in the event of the complete exposure and collapse of the intellectually bankrupt cartel that’s known as university education.

The reason my wife and I work so well together is that I’ve been able to trust that her relevant insights are free of prejudice and fear. She frankly misses the days when only she and I were doing this work but I think her blogsite will demonstrate, for her, that mosgt of our readers are as interested as I am in what she has to offer.

The other psychics live up to the same standard, so they all work well and very productively together. I can reassure Je and others who feel as he does about the use of psychism that none of what we produce in the chat sessions can be considered authoritative. We rather consider it to be ‘battlefield intelligence’ and that’s yet another barrier for some of our readers; the ones who are militantly opposed to fighting tyranny directly.

So, has a relatively narrow focus. It’s not really scientific but it is work-oriented.

I think there ought to be a viable artists’ forum, too. I’ve been in touch with some pretty talented and inspired artists, including Cesco, Jeff Hines, Ben Morten, John Kilroy and others. There seems to be a groundswell developing in that area.

I learned the hard way that I mustn’t try to influence developments like that too much. There are several CIA-sponsored forums that the search engines favor over this one and they all got started with my encouragement and support [Image Can Not Be Found] before I figured out that I was being played.

The friendly and encouraging nature of Manfred’s forum is in sharp contrast to other science forums, as you probably know by now. The internet is filled with chest pounders and armchair scientists who look for opportunities to shut down creative enquiries by playing ‘the devil’s advocate.’ I’m patiently waiting to see more people recognize that this puts institutionalized (academic) science in the category of ‘devil.’