Orgonise Africa under Attack again? Please try open website!

(Egoli.buster) #1

Guys, always when we feel a bit relaxed and happy for a moment, the next whammy is not far off, it seems.
After a good second half of March and first half of April, our life blood (orders of orgonite and zappers) has suddenly been reduced to a trickle.
First I wanted to persuade myself that this is due to normal fluctuation, Easter holidays, the like…
But now I get reports from people that cannot open my website.
That would mean that THEY are employing a technique that can selectively blanket he site, because I can see it up and running.

Do me a favour and check if you can see
in your browser and report back to me either here or by email [email protected].
Please also test my email, if there’s any interference, by sending me a mail (solidarity addresses welcome) If I don’t respond, there’s interference.

It is vital that we identify such attacks clearly and punish the perpetrators immediately so that it becomes less and less attractive for them to interfere with our legitimate orgone businesses. This is of course valid for all those of us who make a living by producing orgonite.

Let’s get to the bottom of this and eradicate it in good orgone warrior tradition, ok?



(DaveRusin) #2


At almost 8:00 AM EST this morning I tried to access your page and was successful in doing so.

Checked a few pages to make sure it was not just the front page I could view, and the few I checked came up fine.



(Egoli.buster) #3

Thanks for checking, all of you!

I got about 100 emails so far. <strong>in 98.5 of all cases it opened normally.

I seems the perps have retracted their steps and abondoned whatever they were doing.

One of our sensitive friends fealt very negative energy when opening the site and went to work on that.

So maybe we’re dealing more with witchcraft here than with actual software or hardware based interference.

The spell has been removed for now and we have also received orders again more in line with the normal level.

There are many levels on which this etheric war is being fought.

The most effective way for the darksiders is to <strong>deny us prosperity and publicity.

<strong> Both are closely connected.

<strong> I we do not prosper, we do not have the means to expand the range of our gifting work. That is true for all of us.*

If publicity of the existence of effective healing tools such as an orgone zapper or terminator is denied to the masses of half-sick people out there, we, who make them, will never prosper and people will still continue to die from the mass induced sicknesses.

This experience is often frustrating and so often I thought we’d made it, when I connected to some high ranking person in an African government or when obvious successes in treating AIDS or Cancer with Zappers are reported.

But the wall of sillence, muffling our voices as far as the wider public is concerned, is still very effective.

"Make no mistake" here (to use a favourite quote of the residing usurper in the US)

Luckily <strong>we do not need a mass movement in order to do our energy work and transform this whole planet into a place of radiant beauty and abundance.

Just <strong>enough prosperity in order to have the resources to do our work and <strong>enjoy life without fear + freedom from interference with our lives, businesses, health and mind.

<strong> Is that asking too much?

Of course not!


*Many of us are still under the socialist programming that wealth is evil. Think for a moment: This programming has been manufactured by the same Wannabee controllers of our destinies who originated and control the present fake money system. While living in vast estates and controlling the lifeblood of nations, these fellas just love it when we abstain from gaining control over any resources whatsoever, thinking it’s ethical to be poor…

Oh, how they love it!