Orgonite Donation Request for Astoria, Queens, NYC

This is a part of the city connected by bridge to Manhattan and very near JFK airport.

Jesse, who lives there, emailed a request for me to send him orgonite and claims that a great many new death towers are being erected right now. I told him that the earliest gifting in NYC was done by a couple of guys in Queens and they were dedicated and prolific workers.

In the cities we’ve gifted and where we often visit, very few new death towers have been erected since we did the work, mostly in 2002; certainly not enough towers to reverse the positive effects in the atmosphere and environment. This seems to be the rule but I don’t doubt that he’s correct about an unusual number of tower weapons being erected in Astoria. His frustration is from not having a job or livelyhood at the moment that can support making orgonite. If you’re interested in helping him accomplish this, you can contact him at [email protected]. As always, if he doesn’t answer you pretty soon it’s likely that the NSA has intercepted your message, so you can try again and CC to me to forward to him. I’ll then let him know that CCing to me or anyone and asking to have the response forwarded is a good idea. We’ve been experiencing an increase in NSA $#itrat interference with our emails, lately–probably a good confirmation Cool