Orgonite in the mainstream

no, i’m not talking about a tv show about orgonite, but rather occurances in my daily life where mainstream awareness is beginning to show up.
the latest instance occurred a few days ago and since it was the second time this had happened i thought it might be indicative of a larger trend perhaps.
i was exiting from the grocery store and the teenaged guy rolling my groceries was relatively quiet except for the usual chit-chat. as he was putting the bags in the car he noticed a tb laying there on the floorboard and whirled around to ask “is that orgonite?”. happily surprised, i admitted that it was and not only that but…(a five minute discourse). i showed him the box of tbs in the back and asked him to take some which he happily did.
apparently he had learned about it from some of his friends and had even been to this forum website.
a different occurance happened earlier in january where my daughter was involved in an art show and music festival. i was drafted to help man her booth so she could help manage the entire affair. i had distributed about 25 tbs around the park just putting them on the ground near trees and such, thinking people would find them and bring them home. that evening a couple of young people who were looking at the booth noticed the tb on the table and were excited to say they recognized it as orgonite. we had a little talk about things and they, too had seen etheric warriors and were interested in gifting. i let them get some from the bag of it i had there and they were off to some target they had in mind. good for them.
teenagers and young people in general seem to be able to quickly grasp the significance of orgonite more easily than older types i have found.
i would also like to state that bob roper, a fellow gifter in town , has done a lot towards informing others about orgonite. the young folks at the music show said they had heard about it from some guy at the beach during a drumming circle, and i’m pretty sure that would be bob. way to go.
orgonite is budding into mainstream awareness in a grassroots manner here in south florida.

 yeah, I am 21 and I find that amongst people my age it's easy to find people that are very interested or else allready somewhat aware of orgonite or at least orgone. This is in Hawaii too though which is kinda allready a culturally progressive place
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