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It looks like orgonite gets more and more attention in mainstram alternative media. I have just stumbled upon the link on leading to article on orgonite. What is interesting not only Reich is mentioned but also Don’s achievements are described as:

“Orgonite® was taken to the next level by Don Croft who added crystals to help convert DOR or Dead(ly) ORgone into POR or Positive Orgone.”

Here is link to this article:
Chi, Ki, Prana, Orgone – Utilizing the Life Force

I also added link to this forum and Orgonise Africa in their in comment section. since their sources (links) are basic but could have been better,

Link to the same article appeared on David Icke’s website:

Thanks a lot, Dragonkiller–it’s good to keep track of who is mentioning orgonite and the context.

I might offer a correction: Dr Reich won Einstein over with his orgone accumulator, which Einstein kept in his basement. Einstein remarked to Reich, after he saw it working, that this was going to turn physics on its ear & the former was quite ecstatic in the beginning. Dr Reich reckoned that someone who had Einstein’s confidence succeeded in alienating Einstein from his original interest and I’m guessing that he also might have soon realized that if ‘physics is turned on its ear,’ then so are Einstein’s theories, which are based on denying that the ether (orgone) exists, after al [Image Can Not Be Found]

I think it’s going to be awhile before orgonite and the work that we all do will get an untainted mention in the public media, including well-promoted articles like that one but our relative obscurity is probably our protection, meanwhile.

Damning with faint praise is preferable (at least to me) to concerted slander assaults, which we can probably expect to happen as soon as the media can no longer ignore what we’re doing.

Carol and I initiated this global revolution together, by the way. I couldn’t have done it alone. Since she’s kind of shy and won’t write, much, I get too much credit but the thousands of people she’s personally and individually helped are at least aware of her contribution.

Dirk in the Netherlands kindly sent me a copy of Dr Reich’s, Contact With Space , which I mentioned in another post (Thanks, Dirk!). I read it last weekend while Carol spent two days digging for crystals with her bro and sister-in-law in Lolo Pass, Montana. Dirk sent me the book a month before but I wanted to read it in one sitting and without distractions. I don’t think I’d have understood the book if I’d read it before accumulating a few years of orgonite and cloudbuster experience but the entire thing (except the math [Image Can Not Be Found] ) resonated deeply with me. I also got an even deeper appreciation for Dr Reich and the book steeled my resolve to keep this forum work-oriented, as Reich certainly would have done.

I could be mistaken but I think the book was published shortly before he was railroaded into the American Gulag Archipelago, which was vast even the 1950s. He mentioned the public burning of his books in the last chapter.

Considering that Dr Reich had no way to transmute the poisonous energy into life force also renewed my appreciation of what he’d done. The book is mainly about the successful desert-reversal work in Arizona and California in 1954 and 1955, though predators in antigravity craft were what initially caused him to build the first cloudbuster, as you hopefully know. Carol and I were also bothered an awful lot by these space buggers and nazis, too, until I think they finally figured out that it was counterproductive and was a source of fun for us, especially in the telling.

It would have been fun for Reich, too, if he had a way to transmute the poisonous energy they were constantly throwing at him and his associates since the late 1940s, nearly killing them at one point until he figured out that something could be done about it. The original ‘Space Gun’ got remaned, ‘Cloudbuster’ after he accidentally discovered that he could restore health to the atmosphere with it.

When Carol and I first started flipping the new death towers that had proliferated in the millions around the world in late 2001 and early 2002 it became apparent to us that all of the corporate order’s subtle-energy weaponry only works when a sufficient DOR matrix has been established. Reich felt certain that this was even required in order for an atom bomb to detonate successfully.

Orgonite in the environment destroys that matrix and prevents it from reforming so even their trick, mobile energy weaponry, even at close range, won’t do more than give even a psychic a slight headache. The rest of us probably wouldn’t notice anything except maybe the look of consternation on the would-be assailants’ faces if we are paying attention to those sometimes-omnipresent unmarked vans (I’ve always called them, ‘fedmobiles’).

Another astonishing thing is that someone high up in the US Air Force had evidently (secretly) committed several high-altitude jet aircraft of various sorts to help Dr Reich delineate the DOR fields in Arizona as they were being created by the enemy spacecraft. I’m pretty sure some of those, at least the silver discs, were also US Air Force craft, a la the German SS scientists who moved into black ops immediately after WWiI, including SS Major Werner von Braun. In case you don’t know, in order to be accepted into the SS one had to murder an innocent person.

All of that information about the German SS becoming part of the American government (CIA and Homeland Security are obviously direct outgrowths) is extremely well documented (it’s best to get it from books written by reputable authors) and it’s a sad comment on our general curiosity that it remained secret until fairly recently. Disinformants will never lead you to certainty because it’s their mandate to keep you titillated and lazy. We each have to determine to be happy, to have certitude and a sense of purpose. Everyone has a potential destiny but only a few will ever take the steps to reach that realization. I think it’s always been enough people, though.

The reason I’ve never mentioned is that it’s a vehicle for promoting some disreputable camp followers. I didn’t give them bad reputations because I never mentioned them except a couple of individuals who attempted to murder one of our associates in April, 2004. That site has a glowing writeup of Carol and I, by the way. Discernment has never been tougher than it is, right now, but I don’t think it’s ever been as productive and rewarding, either. In that case Don Bradley was instrumental in helping that guy get clear of those people. The disinformant camp followers of this movement hate DB with a burning, dirty passion for some reason. I think it’s an endorsement for him. had many pages of information about orgonite and cloudbusters in 2002 and then Rense started attacking our work on his radio show kind of suddenly and all that information disappeared. DB gifted his property in LA shortly after that and I don’t think orgonite has been mentioned by him ever since. I think Rense’s scorn and terror about orgonite and orgonite cloudbusters doubled our numbers so maybe that’s why the subject was suddenly dropped.
Icke, before that, also featured material about orgonite cloudbusters on his site. When Rich took a cloudbuster and some orgonite to him a few years ago he feigned ignorance. After that, a clever gal who lives very near us loaded up Icke’s forum with plagiarized orgonite posts and I always had a sense that she was aimed at him for some reason. We met her a couple of times but failed to interest her in doing anything useful with orgonite.

I don’t think either of those guys ever mentioned Carol and I and when you see someone call an orgonite cloudbuster a ‘chembuster’ it’s a little red flag that indicates that the person came to this information from another disinformation source. We never liked that term, much, because disabling chemtrails is a lesser feature of this Reich-inspired gem, of which there are probably tens of thousands in the world by now. The second orgonite cloudbuster was built by my old friends, Kathy and Tom, in St Louis in May, 2001 and Kathy is the one who told me that their CB was erasing chemtrails in the sky over them. Before that, we were using it to bust up black storms and to bring rain to drought areas–we never even considered that it might be the fix for chemtrails.

Anyone who says that chemtrails are still a problem is evidently not doing more than glancing at them in terror or else is pushing a disinformation agenda. These seeded clouds, which only last for more than a few minutes in areas where nobody has yet flipped all the death towers on the ground, never fall; they drift horizontally. The only people who might breathe the stuff before ultraviolet light quickly neutralizes the biological component, are extremely tall people–over 12,000 feet tall.

I think more and more people are disregarding even the more charismatic, eloquent disinformants, by the way. No matter how slick the presentation is you can notice that these people have no discernible reputations; they just show up as experts [Image Can Not Be Found] and some, like Whitley Streiber, flip from being an expert in one field to being an expert in an entirely unrelated one. He was tirelessly promoting the Church of Satan (a CIA asset) before he was a best-selling (devout Catholic [Image Can Not Be Found] ) author about alien abductions in the 1980s, for instance.

Thanks again for posting that link, Dragonkiller, and I see that you’ve also put in a plug for this forum and Georg’s African site in a blog, there–well done! Check out the neurotic (Reich would call them ‘armored’) Greek chorus among the bloggers, by the way: textbook NSA/CIA MKid horse$#!+ on the web [Image Can Not Be Found] and I’m sure these sewer rats at Langley never tire of telling each other that they don’t even have to PAY this army of highly trained, programmed sociopaths who poison and disrupt every single social group if they’re allowed to.

The ones who work within the National Education Association (the union that controls all of the public school teachers and the public school industry) call themselves ‘change agents’ and they won’t even let a Parent Teachers Aassociation develop along a positive track because every time a concerned parent voices a helpful suggestion or a justly critical comment that one is shouted down and defamed by the omnipresent change agents. I think that most people literally can’t believe how vast this sociopath network has become since it got started after WWII. On the other hand, caveat emptor to anyone who, out of ‘niceness,’ won’t draw needed attention to this group dynamic. I’m sure you’ve seen this again and again if you’re in an industrialized country. That’s why I’ve always craved to live in a third world place, where most people are still genuine and the infrastructure for creating automatons out of the vast majority of human beings simply hasn’t been set up.


You were right Don – they started to attack (link from just after I posted links here and to Georg’s site.

So far I think the best approach is to LET PEOPLE THINK ON THEIR OWN, so I left only this message there without any additional comment (No of comments here: 28):
Word of wisdom from the source (explaining some attacks from NSA/CIA/MK-kids and other places) – read it first, and think for yourself (answer on this forum is not necessary – simply answer yourself in your mind, if you have any left):

Since I left also the same “plug” on David Icke’s website, here are results so far:

link to entry on David Icke’s website: … life-force
link to article (same as above, but posted on different website): … 53746.html

There are fewer comments so far at this website (No of comments: 10) but in nastiness much above the previous example.
Advice for rats executed – almost the same as above (my comment left there):
Word of wisdom from the DragonKiller and Don (explaining some attacks from NSA/CIA/MK-kids and other places) – read it first, and think for yourself (answer on this forum is not necessary – simply answer yourself in your mind, if you have any left):

That’s best way to train your mind & brain and not be disturbed by anybody trying to impose on you different point of view!

I think it should either allow people to start thinking, or my posts mentioned above would be removed. Either way the “monkey wrentch” was precisely thrown into machine

PS: In nearest future you will get my gifting reports (I definitely hope, of course

Zen Gardner’s article is unusually excellent.

I’m thinking about asking him for permission to link to it on my homepage. I’ve enjoyed his articles for years.

2012 was supposed to be so tragic. So far it’s been prosperous for me. Orgonite sales are strong. I get more single TB orders than ever before. A person buying one TB is dipping their toe in the water, there’s lot’s of people sampling the moisture. I love it.

I sent the article to some sites and for the moment only one responded enthusiastically and I thank Ross Pittman here again for that.


Thank you to you Ross for your welcome , if you are interested in orgone and orgonite , I can only encourage you to go to……/forum.php which is one of the most genuine in that domain.

Thank you again.

Kind regards.


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Thanks Lurent,
This is a terrific article. I will post tomorrow morning (Monday).
Feel free to send us more like this. I really appreciate it!
Joyful Blessings,
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Laurent – Am I decoding it properly ???
Are you the ONE who wrote THIS article which I spotted and dully reported here ???

If yes – my congratulations, if not let me know even by unofficial channels like messages for members of this forum.


I wissh I had Dragonkiller!, no I am rather very short in my comments so not of mine in anyway, only a transmitter. Sorry for the disapointment if any ;–)