Orgonite Website at Dominican Republic soon

It’s been a couple of weeks since Ive decided to build an informative/commercial website to distribuite freely information about what is orgone, orgonite etc… and to sell at a very low cost price the basic devices (Tb, HHg,Ep, Cb).

This is a big step for Domincan Republic, since only a few are gifting here, at Noth Coast there are three germans and one dominican woman and I am at the south part of the island. There is a need for getting people to know and heal the island. I sense it will be a great labor.

The rats might be terrified and pissed off at what am doing, so that explains why am getting bothered with my neck and some other issues on my path, but I want to let them know, that domincans are very curious to these things and it’s for sure orgonite will makke a diffreence in their lives, and instead of one Jose there will be soon a lot of Jose’s gifting, if you know what I mean

As I am getting frecuently bothered I can see the importance of doing this work, so thank you for letting me know rats.

Haiti will get cloudbusters and orgonite “soon”, if the germans havent gifted already ]…and am sure it will experience rains and slowly end drought over there, plus slowly end the tirany/satanism/voodoo stuff going over there for many years.

Am just waiting to get toghether all the materials for the CB’s. I want to personally thank Brenda from and Rob Campbell who kindly helped me getting some of the materials with donations.

As soon as my website is up adn running I’ll post about it. It will be both spanish/english isn’t that great?!


JOse is the scholar who has been translating some of the key documents on EW into Spanish and I’m particularly happy about his new website because it’s the very first one in Spanish. Lots an lots of people who aren’t conversant in English will now have access to the larger network, thanks to him, and there are some jewels on in English, too, including some rather unique material by an about Wilhelm Reich.

Thanks, Jose, and we’re looking forward to witnessing where this wonderful new effort will lead us.


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