Paging Don Bradley(NEW BLOG UP)

You are to special to be silent.

There aren’t any Stuart Jackson’s on this board, dude.

As noted, Stuart Jackson being the old webmaster, administrator and troll.

We’ve been waiting you out for a long time and what better time is it than NOW to post again ?


I second that motion.

D.B. is one of the most interesting (if not the most interesting) person(s) in the orgonite arena with an awesome knowledge base on orgonite and other related subjects. I still read alot of his mesmerizing classic articles.

“Don Bradley had balls before they were ever invented.”

D.B. come on down!


I have to add my voice too. Some of us were ready for your words back then Don and the ones who freaked out are…gone.

We are a nice bunch gathered here still in need of some of your words. For me it is a bit selfish for to hope your presence here with us again, because a few years ago you brought me healing through your words. Sometimes with a brick and a hammer but I listened and I grew up. You helped me to heal certain parts of me.

This planet needs A LOT OF HEALING.

Many of us here have accepted to be a part OF IT AND TO DO THE JOB NO MATTER WHATS THE PRICE.

But you know Don, sometimes even the fiercest warrior need a shoulder and a friend. For you to accept to say hello would be a little of that shoulder for a few here who hope for you.


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