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Dear You,

Words are my limitation.

For the last few years I have been blessed enough to participate in an adventure of unknown proportions with my friend Kelly(Laozu).
He always takes the time to document his/our journeys in detail.
I am refering to his �Heaven and Earth� chronicles, which can be read [here

I understand if people might have some expectations/wishes from my part to also contribute what I experience during our trips but so far I havent been able to meet those expectations/whishes.

Explanation why:

Hand in hand with these journeys has been a road of personal development for me which in many ways can be explained as immensly rapid and ever increasing.
During our trips so many �things� occur that are so personal and also foreign(at the time) to me that I am very hesitant in trying to explain them, I feel this is the wisest decision.
Otherwise I might paint a fairytale like picture with big gold letters spelling out: Sensational!
The mystical aspect of existance seems to have a strange attraction to the seeking human being, and within the circles these words are read that might be truer than elsewhere.

When I am not traveling I am quite secluded as a person, I don’t interact much socially.
During a recent trip to China, Kelly and myself met two Buddhist nuns, one of them spoke English very well and told us about their beliefs.
I think to her surprise I very much live like a Buddhist monk would do but withouth the typical religious framework around me.

The difference between myself and a monk belonging to a convent or monastery is that I have to work to sustain myself and I don’t follow a set of scriptures dedicatedly(although I might be doing exactly what certain scriptures recommend).
My income is usually provided by serving as a handyman, meaning masonry work, tiling, demolition chores, house painting etc.
It is a nice contrast to the inward path I also walk simultaniously.
Once in a while I also get decorational/design work that can pay relatively good.
Calligraphy and Typography is something that I thoroughly enjoy and if my life had been different I might have chosen that path with dedication and discipline.

My intention for sharing these words with you is to explain why I havent participated here much, vocally anyway, and also to declare my resignation from the board.
This decision has only to with me not feeling I am contributing anything here anymore.
I am also entering a stage in my life that requires me to put my focus elsewhere.

I wish to express my gratitude to Don, thank you.
Also to my dear friend Kelly for letting me tag along the earthly plains with him, deep bow.
And finally to you, you and even you.

Thank you.

True in being.

Little Cesco

Thanks for all you do Cesco with or without posting on the

Stay warm in chilly Iceland this winter and don’t stop throwing Orgone Energy

Really, most of the people on the memberlist, including some prodigious and dependable gifters, have never posted anything, nor do any but a small handful of members participate in the weekly chats, which I consider to be the living heart of this forum effort.

I mention this because I want to be clear that this isn’t an organization and there are no expectations for the contributors or potential contributors other than to strive for personal and intellectual integrity when posting and to hopefully steer clear of associating with this forum’s sleepless detractors.

My wife posts about once a year though without her activities and instruction there probably wouldn’t be a gifting network, much less this forum.

I’m not demeaning Cesco’s post but I hope the readers will consider that all of us humans are prone to isolate ourselves and this tendency, in the case of gifters, is fully exploited by the world odor’s psiop mavens. Too bad for these sewer rat agencies, I suppose, that our hearts are connected to each other and to The Operators because in that case ‘organizational’ isolation isn’t a handicap at all.

Most of us take long and short breaks from having contact with other gifters and boosters. Carol and I have always considered that to be just part of the process. It’s always up to the individual to determine whether isolation is helping or hindering his/her spiritual growth, of course.

Our unorganization is a carefully crafted achievement, though, so any association among the ‘members’ of this forum is entirely due to his and her volition and is not done from any sense of obligation, arbitrary membership or conformity. I only offer membership to people whose possible contribution and access to this simple internet device might seem helpful to the rest of us. If you’ll take a look at the very long list of previously active gifters who have entirely left the field, you’ll likely find that it happened after they established personal relationships with clever moles on open-membership forums. Of course this isn’t the case with Cesco, Jeff McKinley (whom we haven’t heard from in almost a year, since he survived a couple of murder attempts with us), and one or two other dependable, consistent gifters.

I’ve always based invitations on my perception of one’s character and achievements, never on words. As we know, the cleverest moles usually say ALL the right things, after all. Being skillful with words isn’t necessarily a good attribute. In fact, in the present world it’s usually a spiritual handicap, like good looks, wealth and high intelligence most often are. Don’t even get me started about how I feel about personal charisma as a spiritual handicap


Fare Well
I have known Cesco for nearly three and a half years now: through good times, times of wonder, stressful times, and intense times. Time enough to get somewhat below the surface, to get an idea of what he is out after in this life, and how diligent he works at it. Quite a good reflection of his attitude in this regard is the closing admonition with which he often ends his personal written communications:

Be True
More than most, he takes life seriously, as something precious: not just for the sake of pleasure or happiness, but as opportunity to participate in doing worthy things, and through self-cultivation, to make himself more ready and able to make use of such opportunity as may from time to time present itself.
People like this are rare, and inspire by example, … and so it is sad when they retire from public exposure.
But it is in the nature of their striving that at intervals they must do so. For when one becomes involved in the actions and doings of others, he will expend energy, and may lose awareness and focus on what most matters. And when this latter occurs, he has to pull back if he is to be true.


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