Peak Oil Fraud/Scam

20 Feb 2008 15:34
Subject: Peak Oil Fraud/Scam
As I was speaking with Don on our recent visit to his place, we were discussing the scam of Peak Oil. I mentioned I’d read various articles about this fear mongering scam to raise oil prices artificially (they are so un origional in their ploys…fear seams their only tactic). Don asked that I post about this to shed some light on the mostly unknown (at least in the U.S.) Russian research that proves the planet makes oil continually and has hundreds and hundreds of geological studies that prove their point. One web site with this information is: … a&aid=6880. There are others that I will post. Enjoy the truth, it will set you free:)



Here’s a quote from another site that is interesting: In June 2003, Geotimes paid a visit to the Gulf of Mexico (“Raining Hydrocarbons in the Gulf”), and the story grew yet more compelling. )

Below the Gulf of Mexico, hydrocarbons flow upward through an intricate network of conduits and reservoirs … and this is all happening now, not millions and millions of years ago, says Larry Cathles, a chemical geologist at Cornell University.

“We’re dealing with this giant flow-through system where the hydrocarbons are generating now, moving through the overlying strata now, building the reservoirs now and spilling out into the ocean now,” Cathles says.

… Cathles and his team estimate that in a study area of about 9,600 square miles off the coast of Louisiana [including Eugene Island 330], source rocks a dozen kilometers [roughly seven miles] down have generated as much as 184 billion tons of oil and gas – about 1,000 billion barrels of oil and gas equivalent. “That’s 30 percent more than we humans have consumed over the entire petroleum era,” Cathles say. “And that’s just this one little postage stamp area; if this is going on worldwide, then there’s a lot of hydrocarbons venting out.”

Dry oil wells spontaneously refilling? Oil generation and migration systems? Massive oil reserves miles beneath the earth’s surface? Spontaneous venting of enormous volumes of gas and oil? (Roberts noted that – and this isn’t really going to please the environmentalists, but I’m just reporting the facts, ma’am – “natural seepage” in areas like the Gulf of Mexico “far exceeds anything that gets spilled” by the oil industry. And those natural emissions have been pumped into our oceans since long before there was an oil industry.)

The above quote comes from: [

The Google search I used was “Russian oil research peak oil” lots of interesting sites come up with real info, not the usual propaganda spouted by the What to think Networks:)

Don Croft
21 Feb 2008 06:18
Subject: Re: Peak Oil Fraud/Scam
Thank God this news is finally coming to light! Good links, Steve, and let’s see how much trouble the dissemination of this new information throughout the world wide web will make for these dried up, mean-spirited, avaricious, grasping oil cartel parasites Cool (let’s love them aggressively!)

It’s a little ironic that this is coming out on the eve, perhaps, of the explosion across the world market of proven free-energy technology. I personally think that more inventors are developing free energy applications than the CIA murderers/extortionists and their Bearden-style disinformants/naysayers can keep up with by now.

Also, the expanding-earth hypothesis might shed some light on the process of petroleum generation–who knows? In light of Dr Reich’s insistence that nobody can have a ‘last word’ on future science, which each of us in this active network are contributing to, there’s no limit to what can be discovered, nor is anything ‘too good to be true,’ any more.

Another encouraging sign, now, is that ordinary orgonite efficiently clears smog out of the air, apparently by simply ionizing the atmosphere. Many of us who have gifted entire cities have noticed, for instance, that even in summer time we get a terrific spark/shock when we step out of our orgonite-loaded cars in very smoggy downtown areas in the beginning of our city-gifting expositions. This is caused by the abundance of healthy ions in the car rushing out through our grounded foot, via the hand on the metal car, toward the ion-hungry atmosphere around us. A painful but important lesson in static charge as it relates to the healing capability of orgonite.

I actually think that the way orgonite, by quickly clearing smog and cleaning water and soil, potentially puts Rockefeller-funded, environmentalist nazis out of work is delicious.

Maybe in our chat sessions we can work on destroying that old parasitic thoughtform which the scaly, firebreathing oil cartel hive, including Bu++fu([email protected] Palace and the Shelled royals of Holland, birthed and have been feeding with the blood of innocents. The evidence of our success might be to have bludgeoned the price of gas back down to a dollar a gallon, which would probably reflect it’s actual value Laughing .

As I said, nothing is too good to be true, any more.


21 Feb 2008 09:08
Subject: Re: Peak Oil Fraud/Scam
Bu++fu([email protected] Palace

Don, you absolutely crack me up

Don Croft
03 Mar 2008 14:54
Subject: Re: Peak Oil Fraud/Scam
Thx, Jeff–got that line from the movie, KNOCKED UP. A Canadian character used the term, there Wink

Here’s some related info on the old oil scam (thx, Matthew!):


The subject of the ‘peak oil’ scam was mentioned on EW recently. I’d
like to point out a good website that covers the subject:

Dave McGowan’s “Center for an Informed America” -
(It looks like he chose that name to get the tongue-in-cheek acronym
‘CIA’ Smile )

‘Peak oil’ is covered in several of his numerous newsletters written
since 2002 (there’s also other articles on the site going back to 2000),
but they’re mixed with those about other subjects (including 9/11,
‘serial killers’, and ‘elections’), so here’s direct links to what I
think are the most interesting: – About the oil refinery
in Bakersfield, California which was owned by Shell (but had only been
bought by them 3 years before) which they had planned to close and
demolish in 2004, despite it being extremely profitable and estimated to
have huge reserves of oil remaining, and despite rising gas prices and
lack of refinery capacity in California and across the US. Now why
would a greedy profit-driven company do that? (This was exposed by the
LA Times, and was so blatant that the FTC conducted at least the
appearance of an investigation. According to what I found through
Google a minute ago, the refinery was eventually left intact and sold to
Utah-based oil company Flying J in early 2005.) – About a ‘Peak Oil’
skeptic researcher who died allegedly as one of a small number of
victims of an outbreak of ‘West Nile Virus’. – Written in what you
might call a ‘chicken little’ tone, but informative. Discusses how the
wars in Iraq and Afghanistan etc. are indeed motivated (at least partly)
by controlling the oil, but not in the way many people assume: not so
that the US can get at the oil there, but to make sure no-one else can
get at the oil. Mentions that in 2004, Saudi Arabia announced that it
actually had about 5 times more oil than according to the previous
estimate, and it could at least double production and there would be no
shortage for at least the next 50 years… and curiously, oil facilities
there were attacked by mysterious ‘terrorists’ just 3 days later! After
Saudi officials announced that they still intended to increase oil
production, another ‘terrorist’ attack followed – then they decided to
shut up about it.

Also, McGowan’s 9/11 research is, IMHO, some of the best. He was one of
the people questioning it from the start, and exposes not only things
that happened on the day but some of the disinfo campaigns that have
been launched against the 9/11 truth movement. (He focuses more on the
Pentagon and Flight 93 and less on the demolition of the towers -
regarding the latter, I think Steven Jones’ paper is essential reading.)


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