Period of 1939-2009

It’s a trivial one, but it’s been 70 years since Reich discovered orgone!
Even considering he “discovered” something that’s being rediscovered every 50 or 100 years, the speed at which this particular “science” evolved in the last few years since the Crofts picked up on Karl Welz has been nothing short of notable!
The fact it would timely fulfilled a need, combined with the operators help was probably a decisive factor too

Thx, Carlos–in fact Reich’s distinction may be that he’s the first mainstream scientist to champion subtle energy’s dynamics–the big missing link in traditional, bonehead materialistic science. Einstein, after he ‘saw’ orgone and also saw how orgone accumulators work, was very excited–said that what Reich showed him was going to turn physiics on its ear, then after a little while he apparently got ugly with Reich.

Tesla created a lot of technology based on orgone (including radio, which iis broadcast on ‘the ether’) but he never specifically mentioned the existence of subtle energy (ether) as far as I know.

Some of us have seen how the $#!+birds weaponized Reich’s discoveries as well as Tesla’s. The death towers generate and direct DOR, for instance.

I really like the way Reich characterizes fake science as ‘mysticism.’ It’s sort of like how credible conspiracy realists characterize the official, What To Think Network story of the demolition of the World Trade Center and terrorism in general as ‘conspiracy theory.’ I wonder how many pajama people Penn and Teller are shocking into wakefulness about the shaky foundation of all of the media’s professional liars.

Another reason I like to draw attention to Dr Reich is because he made the ultimate sacrifice to promote truth and his intellectual and personal integrity were exemplary. Some criticize his ability to theorize but it may be important to consider that he mainly focused on the work and results, more than on theory. He often stated that he expected to be corrrected about his misperceptoins so it’s not like he was preaching some proprietary ideology, as all of the institutionalized, materialistic alleged scientists do.

Thanks again, Carlos, for bringing this to our attention.