Pine Gap, Australia

Late last year I got myself a Kindle copy of a book titled Our Universal Journey by George Kavassilas.

While looking in a section of the book that deals with the Moon, under a sub-section titiled “Inner workings of the matrix” I found a passage where the author mentions a “biological computer with an artificial intelligence” in the underground installation called Pine Gap in central Australia.

I haven’t found many references to gifting in Australia on this forum and specifically not any to Pine Gap.
There might be other good reasons to gift around in Australia as well. According to the author, the western arm of the planetary control structure has its head in that region. (See quote below).

So what does this Artificial Intelligence (AI) computer have to do with a chapter of the book on the subject of the Moon? Well, according to the book the Pine Gap computer is a “baby version” of the AI computer already in the Moon, which has been keeping tabs on humanity for some time. (See quote below).

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(Deleted some info on the author’s work on Internet, as it has no relevance to the topic).

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The quote from the book:

Many people think that America controls the world. Look at the western arm of the planetary control structure in a similar way to a mafia setup. You have the front man, also known as the muscle man that goes around doing all the heavy and undesirable work, and in the process gets the reputation out in the public domain as a formidable presence. Consider this to be North America. Then there is the insulating layer of the business men who are the interface between what policies need implementing and the head of the mafia that remains hidden from public view. So consider that Europe and especially the London business district as the insulating layer and interface of business control on the planet. Then, you may wish to consider that the real power players who pull the strings behind the scenes, the head of the western mafia, the hidden hand so to speak actually live in Australia and New Zealand.

There is a baby version of this biological computer with an artificial intelligence in Pine Gap, an underground base installation in central Australia. This underground base is by far the biggest in the western world and there are technologies being used there that are far more advanced than anything being used in other secret installations around the globe. There are transport platforms that connect to other underground installations around the globe using an artificial intelligence bilocation technology. This Bio-computer was a gift to the collaborating earthly ruling cabal in exchange for their conformity and devotion. The so called “ruling elite” or ruling cabal are using this to monitor all informational transfers via internet, phone systems and other forms of communication, as well as people’s movements. The way they can track an individual is through our own unique energy signature. Each one of us has our own distinctive expressional series of frequencies. Implants are archaic, cumbersome and used by races from a lower level of technology. So for one to think that they do not want a mobile phone so that they won’t get tracked well, you may want to re-evaluate your understanding of the bigger picture.

George Kavassilas. Our Universal Journey (Kindle Locations 2808-2816). George Kavassilas.

All underground bases are worth gifting, of course.
I don’t want to venture too far from the topic of this board, but since you bring George Kavassilas up,
let me just show you a video:

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I guess we are now supposed to think the hackers don’t like it. [Image Can Not Be Found]

Thanks for posting that video, NoFairweatherFriend. As I said I do not necessarily buy everything offhand. This also goes for this video presentation, by the way. It is easy to just react when seeing something like this and cry wolf. I’ve decided not to fall into that pit either (consider the part of our brain called the reptile brain).

On YouTube, under the the video you posted, there are links to the source videos for it. One could check those, read the original interviewer’s comments there as they relate to the above video presentation, and then browse thru the many comments and get a totally different view on this again. It’s not easy always to know which is which and what is what. Towards the end of the video you posted, the origiinator writes that many people on YouTube and equivalent sites are “brotherhood agents, reptilian shapeshifters”. So how do we then know that the originator of the materials of this presentation is not “brotherhood”?

In the end I guess it boils down to going within oneself and finding one’s own truth, what resonates most. Try and be as true to oneself as possible. Connect with one’s true essense and find the truth there.

Maybe it was not such a good idea of me to mention his works in the post about Pine Gap. It seemed difficult to not do that as there’s where I got the info from. He seems very far away from New Age though, which is suggested by the video caption. In fact more like debunking it.

That said, there are however some issues of his story in general that I have difficulties getting around and I’ll see what those lead to eventually. I’m not the defender of his work, nor am I the attacker of it. I however reserve myself the right to pick bits of knowledge and truths that resonate with me from various sources, regardless of who they are.


Sure looks like a Cylon! Seen all of his videos. And where does he get that sort of info if he isn’t one?

My gut feelings haven’t been all that positive so I had to dig deeper into this. Two days ago, just the day after my previous post, I got onto that there might be some negative energies attached to his videos. A lady who frequently posts spiritual stuff on YouTube (though I didn’t pay much attention to her when I ran into her before) had posted a video where she claims there are energy vampires attached to George Kavassilas’ videos.

That was a “Bingo!” for me, sort of speak. The time since I’ve had more or less incessant attacks on my solar plexus, like somebody poking at it, corresponds in time to my starting to watch his videos about a month ago. I just never made the connection. Before that there was a time last November when I had listened to a couple of his radio interviews and that’s the same time when the poking at my solar plexus started in a smaller scale.

So now I’m doing energy clearing and boosting… had a real go at it last evening . [Image Can Not Be Found]

Its pretty wild, isn’t it, that energies like that can attach to the channel of information, perhaps regardless of the words or message by the person. Or maybe it goes with the sound. I don’t know how this is done or even if he himself is quite aware of it.

Though I think Mr Kavassilas says a lot of truths, one of the things I’ve had problems with is when he talks about ascension and says there will be a portal in the geometric shape of a vesica pisces through which you go to the 5th dimension. That just sounds to artificial to me. I don’t think you need a portal like that to eventually access higher dimensions. Such an artificial construct would in my opinion be a hallmark of the very beings behind the cosmic matrix whom George Kavassilas himself have been warning us of.

Thanks for the input, John. I didn’t know what a cylon is, so I had to do some research. (I haven’t really been reading any science fiction for the last two decades). I came up with this definition: “robotic creations of a reptilian race from the Original Series” (of Battlestar Galactica). I presume that’s what you’re referring to.

Maybe they’re sending in cylons if they’re having a harder time being here themselves due to rising frequencies of the Earth. I figure someone or some entity has to run the cylon though. An AI entity? Just some relections of mine.

Suggesting that you can’t get that sort of info unless you’re a cylon is a bit of overlooking our capabilities and vast potentials though, in my opinion.

Regarding the shapeshifting video, I’m still not convinced of its veracity. The soure videos are of poor quality, like transmitted over low bandwith I quess. There are glitches and frozen images and so forth. It would probably be easy for someone along the line to insert fake reptiliain hands, eyes, etc in those glitches.

According to the info on YouTube, the source videos were uploaded August 2010 from an interview conducted 4 days prior (split into several videos). The shapeshifting video was uploaded in Jan 2011 and the poster gives credit to another poster who uploaded two days before. As far as I can see there is no specific source stated there.

It is also insinuated that the interviewer is a shapeshifter too. Question is then why would they even bother to upload the original videos if they were shapeshifting in them?

Another thing is that this is the only shapeshifting video of George Kavassilas as far as I have seen (correct me if wrong). Consider the large amount of video of his on the Internet. If he’s a shapeshifting reptilian, why is there only one?

Another thing that bothers me, is when the video is slowed down to present the shapeshifting footage, the voice is also slowed down which makes it a guttural and horrible sounding voice.

I might be completely wrong of course. Maybe he is shapeshifting, maybe not. I just think we should ask a lot of relevant questions. Somebody somewhere said that most conspiracy sites are run by the cabal itself. Isn’t it safe to assume they would want to get into the shapeshifting video scene as well? I reckon there by now are a lot of disinfo in that field too. In order to discredit, ridicule, or just keep people sucked into watching these things. My advice is: stay detached, ask the proper questions, look beyond the outward appearance of things.


Want to confirm what Krisian sais… The next morning after watching that video I had the soarist back possible that could only be relieved from zapping… My Wife blaimed it on all the earth pipes I’de been pounding in the week prior but I knew that wasn’t it…
Thx again!

More about Pine Gap … eculation/

Surely a worthy target for gifting in my humble opinion.

Sorry, there was no hacker, just my mistake. [Image Can Not Be Found];