Pisa leaning tower, Mars mission, triangle

Since we talked sacred geometry, this is triangle of a strange coincidence is about 3 landmarks on a perfect triangle.

The best is that one line passes exactly over the Lining Tower of Pisa, and in sequence also the station and airport of Pisa middle point are lined along.

In order site

1 Radar weater ball - the forbidden word - in Val Benedetta Livorno. In 18 th century during the building of a church dedicated to 11th century Valleombrosiam monk San Giovanni Gualberto they discover precious archeological artifacts like anphors and coins.

2 St, Michael Church in Ronta, a former Mars Temple then Cosimo Medici III built a church in place of it. This village is near neighbour to racing circuit of Mugello. And to artificial Lake Bilancino in Barberino Mugello.

Take notice of the photo of the little weird pillar monument to the Glorious dead of Rontia…

3 Cervarezza, the Gate monument of Santa Lucia Terme Spa, a village next to an antenna array, neighbour to Pietra Bismantova.

Distances are written on the map image, 60,80 mile or 2 of the sides and 61,07 the longest side.

how they can do it amazes me…

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Good call on the triangle, Silvio, and you’ve noted many such alignments over the years, a lot of which you treated with orgonite. When you and I first started corresponding around ten years ago you had just started doing this field work in England and were finding similar alignments, there. I think England is a terrific training ground for doing this work in Italy, which seems to have a denser concentration of ancient energy sites.

In the very beginning of the global erection of millions of death towers some people noticed that they’re often on earth energy grid nodes, all of which are orgone (earth energy) vortices. Larger death tower and weather weaponry arrays are often on major vortices and I think that point is best illustrated by the clusters of death towers around the sacred sites in Mecca. I think that nearly all religious sacred sites are major earth vortices and the big religions only seemed to get dirty in the Indo-European regions during the spread of of Babylon’s influence. The child sacrifice rituals of the secret-handshake oligarchs, who closely follow the old Babylonian cosmology, probably illustrate my point best.

Baigent and Lincoln wrote a followup book to Holy Blood; Holy Grail , and invited a surveyor to add his data and they showed a massive six pointed star, joined to an equally big five-pointed star in which all of the junctions an points were ancient, primary sacred sites, including the Cathar ones. This image literally covers the entire map of France. They speculated that it was set up over sixty thousand years ago. I like it when intelligent people provide data that buggers the briefer masonic/theosophical paradigm of alleged history, such as their Atlantis meme. There were obviously advanced civilizations here millions of years ago, according to machined metal artifacts found in coal beds.

I’ve never been strongly tempted to speculate about such things but when I read View Over Atlantis in the mid 70s, which was written by a beer distibutor who noticed in his travels around England, I think in the 1920s, that the standing stones around the British Isles, Europe and beyond all line up in a grid pattern, it was suddenly apparent to me that the ancients had technology for harnessing ch’i along the earth’s energy pathways. Orgone is just another word for ch’i, prana, life force, etc. In spite of the title of the book, the author was innocent of a dogmatic agenda and I recommend the book. He noted how old churches were usually built over pagan sites in vortices, by the way.

Now that I reviewed the triangle using freemaptools I can restate that the tolerance is even narrower, the measure of the shorter side from 60.8 can be recorded 6.865.

Its interesting that as for the practical building of geometric orgonite device 108 the precision is ultimately important, it must be the same for the sacred geometry grid. I think it is exemplary of the builders can achieve such precision, to have landmarks done so precisely. I am almost grateful for their precision.

I yet have to explore this map, what amazed me to found at half way on the side of the Appennine a place that I already noticed before. It is called Rocca Corneta, it is a village with pointy rock and a ancient defensive tower built on top. This place seems to be the middle point of that line. It is interesting.

Another part I am looking is the middle of the triangle, approximately is near Pescia in Tuscany wich is a Templar town. Particularly curious is that right close to the middle seems to be a suburb called Vellano. I punched it in the browser and a brand of alloy wheels for luxury cars come up. Their logo is red V letter on a black square. … if I am not wrong.

Don time does fly fast but unless we time travelled togheter 10 years ago I had no clue yet about orgonite and this forum. Which I discovered in the year of the eruption of the vulcano in Iceland. Because they stopped airplanes flying over London for 1 week I had some confirmation that something weird was going on in the air and in the sky. Then remembered about Ighina cloud machine and then discovered the word orgone and orgonite.

I was influced in that period, to make some sense about lay lines and enrgy of places by psychics and practictioners revolving around a crystal shop in Ealing London. One woman bought pyramids from me for her friends. One other recounted me that once she transported orgonite for a friend to a festival in the UK, which by the way was very well priced. And suddenly a car tried to crash into her car. All in all there was far advance knowledge of orgonite in the UK. Some of them talked with me about some energy places and ritual places in west London. These kind of discourse had not been uncommon also with people who were not in the healing, almost part of the culture that circulate in the UK. Whilst in Italy it is all surveilled under the church.

Don I have to recognise that I wish that it was 10 years now that I knew this forum and orgonite, it would have only have benefitted me more. Cool

This triangle perimeter is 182.816 miles. New investigation on points halfway measure 30.436 miles.

On the base side it is found Vinci the birth place of Leonardo. On the right side it is found Rocca Corneta. On the left side only a mountain, however Sant’Anna Stazzema nazi massacre 5 miles outside to the North.

The bisecting line has a national reserve precisely on it and it is leveled horizontally with the halfway points.

The natural reserve name is Orrido di Budrio.

The cross point in the triangles center has various villages near. One called Vico Pancellorum has a 9th century church of St. Paul which has esoteric templar symbols sculpture above the entrance. A Jesus on the cross, a 64 chequered board, a tree of life a erased knight, Mary on the throne with child.


Pescia which is not far has its city coat of arms with T.


You are doing a service to the earth by gifting these DOR places. Thanks.

i do not understand what it has to do with the “mars mission” though. Do you trust nasa?

Hi David,

thank you.

I used that title given the fact that I was not

sure to be able to accomplish it, and also to catch attention, because of the ppropaganda of Mars element in the media.

We have mars on the map as is the former temple in the hills of Mugello Tuscany.

The more this geometry unfolds the more I am inspired to start doing something.

Some people made a cerimony a few years ago and buried a maiale nero. Black pig. In the area of Valle Benedetta where there is the radar. Difficult to find their website. They made it like it was a theatre form. Also in few other places in Italy.

My internet land line don’t work since yesterday. There are more things to show.


Might you have a look at a mountain close to Baden-Baden? It’s called Merkur. I found it interesting, there are sculptures resembling to the (roman?) war god mercur, if I remember correctly. Of course it’s all

well busted from me and the city of Baden-Baden from Axel (Austria). Only because you mentioned Mars I thought about Merkur…