Please boost my missing dogs

My two dogs ran away from home yesterday, 10-9-06 and have not returned. Please send them protective boosts. They are precious to us. Black Jack is on the left, Charlie is on the right. I have put dodecs around both of them.



DoDec activation on both of them, Maximum speed Clock wise, Connection to ark and all My orgone device.

May the dolphins join the DoDec to help guide them back TO HOME.


Thanks to those of you who boosted, especially Jacques! The dogs have been found and are home safe and sound. Our car wouldn’t work this morning and we thought it had been tampered with to prevent us from looking for the dogs. We took it to the garage down the street and the woman there offered to call a friend who lives in the area to see if the friend had seen our dogs. Turns out she had seen them yesterday afternoon crossing the highway (yikes!). Next, the garage owner called a nearby boarding kennel, and sure enough someone had picked up the dogs and dropped them at the kennel.

Someone was watching out for our pups…our etheric warrior companions. Thank you Operators!


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