Please report overt intimidation, like the following case in

I got this from a fellow who is gifting a major city in Canada. He might want to remain anonymous but the incident is pretty compelling and is typical of what the sewer rats do when they think a gifter is isolated. I invited this fellow to contact Dooney to learn to discipline these criminals-in-government. ~Don


Yesterday lunchtime my phone, cable TV and internet went dead and I thought
nothing of it until later in the evening when I walked out of my apartment
and my neighbours in the same building all had their TVs blasting out. I
checked with them and sure enough it was just our apartment.

So this morning after spending 40 mins on hold to my provider on a payphone
down the street to ask what the problem was and if they could kindly
re-connect me I was told that there was no problem at their end, the account
was fine and after checking if there was any power outs or surges in the
area sent along a technician a couple of hours later.

I follow him to the locked and secure part of the building where all the
cables and hook-ups are located and after checking the box that is unique to
the provider it appears that not only has my cable ( you know the screw ones
with a single thread in the middle like the one that goes into the TV ) been
disconnected but is also damaged with the middle thread snapped off. The
tech says that if it was one of them or a company auditor then it would have
been noted inside the box with a special color tag system that they use -
this wasn’t the case. Also when they are disconnected they remove the wiring
in a certain way instead of just “unplugging it like that”.

The technician was puzzled as nothing was on record at the company, the
protocol color system wasn’t adhered to and “nobody else has the correct
keys to our boxes apart from us”.

When I pushed him for an explanation he just said “I really don’t know, it’s
a bit of a mystery, looks like someones been having some fun with you”!

It took him about 15 mins to fix and repair it, not just a case of plugging
it back in.

I also caught some guy taking pictures of my CB.

Is this intimidation tactics?

Is this usual for people who undertake this work?

Happy Gifting,


Thats great Canadian Gifter!

That is a very familiar stupid pattern, with time it is easy to tell when these idiots are playing around like kids. Try sending energy to the recepient that did this to your cables, and the guy taking your CB’s pictures. It’s good to give them some energy back as a “Thank You for bothering around”

More than intimidation, it feels to me that they are experiencing impotence at harming you, so they have to go with rude stupid pattern of breaking into properties and stuff like that.

They have had break in my house many times, and I figure how they do it. They first go astrally and take a look, then they go in and break/steal or whatever, everything.


This has been happening to me frequently for such a long while now, that I am used to it. I have a small internet cafe and its our source of income. We often find that they unplug us, or cut the cable, or disconnect the line from the source or ISP and sometimes the source of the problem can take three weeks to discover. Every time, the technicians from the main telcom company want to be paid for reconnecting us and it often costs at least $150, so you can imagine having to pay that when there’s been no income at all, and our average income a day could be $10 – 20.

I’m glad I learnt to blast them, real hard when it happens, but the effects have still been finacially crippling, especially when on top of it all we lose clients.

Thank you Don for sharing that story.


Hi All,

That is intimidation OK. They did just the same thing to me 4 weeks ago. My phone line was cut and the phone company verified that is was actually cut.

It is very dangerous for these agents to do that where I live. All the properties are gated and big and everyone that lives out where I do is packing heat. I just don’t know how they did it so silently. The dogs pick up on every noise even if I cannot hear it. Anyone have any ideas how they may have done it without making any noise?


An earthquake, where quakes don’t happen? Epicenter within 1 mile of the only CB around, and after I had done gifting among enclaves of the predator class? Dunno; it may be a fluke.

I had just moved, gifting as I did so, but had not moved the CB. Friends report the quake began with sonic boom/dynamite sounds, ~18, shaking the house to its foundations, evening through the night, till a 3.5 quake registered in the morning, distant rumblings through that afternoon.

When the booms started, I was not there, but was nearly floored by a crushing headache and body malaise, which lifted slightly after the quake, and fully, after boosting, etc., many, many thanks to dooney and psychiatrist.

While the seismic whatevers were in process, I felt physically rotten; my friends were terrified; I had the strong dread, which did not seem to be my own, that messing with orgonite was a gateway marked: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here…”

I left the boosting session, headed out to do more gifting, and move the CB.

My latest communication fiasco involved my attempt at getting my landline phone number transferred to an internet phone account I set-up with

After four months of them screwing around and never getting my number transferred, I quit their “service” and sent their equipment back.

I suspect SunRocket is a 'luminati company and I’m on the don’t help this guy list. I called my landline company and they said they never got a request for number transfer.

SunRocket are lying bastards.

Well, now the internet line for my home and business completely down!!!

Hang in there, Judy–this is probably a positive sign in your case, as you’re apparently poised to achieve some business success in other areas. On Sunday we’ll do another comprehensive sweep of the MI6 and CIA freaks who have been blocking your internet cafe business, don’t worry.

Thanks for letting us know. An upside is that your lines were getting a lot less interference from these sewer rats since our last sweep, a few weeks ago.

They get pretty desperate when they know they’re failing, of course, and this is just one of the aspects of waging war back against them.

Some folks on EW feel reluctant to post about the interference we all experience but I rather feel that it’s essential for anyone to know what he/she is getting into when he/she commits to fighting tyranny effectively.

By being candid, we attract the best people to this effort and the sycophants and sans-commitment folks drop away in the process. How can that be a bad thing? <img border=“0” alt=“Cool” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” />

When one or another of us is especially challenged, as when we get injected with poison, lose livlihood or even get jailed we’re rather galvanized to a deeper level of commitment and synergy with each other. Those events also give us new targets among the sewer rats, who earn their living by killing innocents and creating misery in the world.

It’s a telling point that none of us have been killed or disabled, by the way. What that tells me is that The Operators are watching after us very well. Nobody can estimate how much irreversible damage we’ve caused to the WorldOdor’s infrastructure and previouisly-complacent hierarchy, of course.


The effectiviness of profound gifting works as a way to reduce the ‘damage’ we receive from the fools who seek to defy the sacrity of life and freedom. Lately it’s been rather peaceful despite establishing some promising connections in addition to gifting, but last night in the chat I experienced a hacker attempt on my computer. All is seemingly well, though my computer reported the severity of this hijacking to be critical.

When the psychics had a look, what was shown was someone beaming my computer (perhaps even me?) from a vehicle. I thought if it was worth to go for a walk and empty their tires but there’s always the next time. Though, my computer is pretty surrounded by orgonite. No apparent damage but since this was the first recognised hacking for me, I thought to report it here. What I wonder is, that in Finland I can’t say to know which group is behind this. In the US it’s pretty obvious but here ‘they’ are still unnamed. Of course Tapani has made ‘good friends’ with them by now in Lahti, they seem to miss his company constantly [Image Can Not Be Found] Even his car got wrecked little before we were supposed to go high way gifting to north. They stole his orgonite and shovel so it kind of leaves little if any room for speculation who encouraged the deed. But they kind of did us a favor, since we had to get another car and Tapani’s could never have been stuffed with all we brought back from north. My sincere thanks to you who helped us this way.

Otherwise, not too much physical interference here, at least that I was aware of. They seem to have realised their destiny pretty well. I always took Finnish folks to be of substance [Image Can Not Be Found] Or then I just leave no options for them to do otherwise. It’s a donedeal to me; the odors are enjoying the last days of their illusion of power. Celebrate the coming day of judgement, and go do some additional gifting, friends! See, no room for another version of reality. Freedom belongs to us.

But would be nice to know which agenda drives around with beams shooting out. It’s been so quiet lately. Maybe they show up at some point to say hi. Which reminds me to always carry my camera wherever I go. Win-win situation. There’s a saying here that goes, ‘it’s a jackpot to be born in Finland’. Come make my day.

In fact, there seems to be something that prevents me to post this message right now. How interesting. Let’s see if I get this posted today.


They sure got blasted for the whole fun of it Victory, such a nice way to end this day and get some sleep. Sweet dreams my dear personal hacker. The key to victory is not to lose.

Thanks, Pekka–we’ll get into which sewer rat agencies are interfering with you guys in Finland, now that you brought it up. I’m guessing Vril and the KGB-equivalent. The underground facilities that the SS set up in Scandinavia are still running, I gather. SS=Vril, of course, and SS, as an identified espionage agency, is still alive and relatively well throughout the world, too, especially in the Middle East in cahoots with the Jesuits, MI6 and Mossad. CIA is their snotty little brother in the Mideast–generally overrated on a world scale.

I goofed when I answered Judy’s post yesterday & only after I wrote it I saw the date she posted it–sorry about that.

If anyone reading this will send her a boost that would be helpful because her frustration level is probably in the red zone by now. She really needs someone to get her to that voodoo village. CArol failed to get there, five years ago, when she was visiting Kenya because everyone was afraid to go there then, too. I imagine that gifting that sordid village will be like lancing a festering regional boil

We’ll work on helping her get some transport on Sunday, too. That seems to be the last obstacle to her coming success. We moved a small army of MI6 and CIA freaks out of her path in the past months but the African dirty magic is a lot tougher to deal with–the infantry is called for in this case


I’ve had some pretty overt interference lately, as well, including the chatroom on my forum being hacked, my forum being down completely, and massive interference near the end of a coaching session with Igor here on EW yesterday.

I’m working on fixing my chatroom and hope to have it up this week, but in the meantime they have effectively stopped my attempts to start a weekly chat group on I can still do individual coachings via Yahoo or the EW chatroom. However, yesterday Igor and I were smacking the Jesuits who are trying to torpedo his health, and we both got bumped completely out of EW’s chatroom, then the site itself was unavailable for about half an hour. I guess we hit some good targets! [Image Can Not Be Found] Despite their interference we had a good hour of working on Igor’s situation. So there!

The other day my forum was inaccessible for two hours although the other two websites I maintain on the same server in the same folder were functional. It’s pretty obvious my forum was being targeted.

In any case, hacker blasting continues in this corner of Montana!


I have been having a lot of intimidation lately in my dreams.

Saturday night the oct. 21st I had a dream that I believe was planted. In the dream I was being arrested for terriorism for using orgonite. They came and got me and started reading a whole list of things that I did that they said were against the law. I started arguing with them in the dream and somehow convinced them to not take me to jail. The let me go free in this dream. The dream then ended. Well, is this really the best you guys can do I was thinking when I woke up.

Monday night the 23rd I had another dream. This one was a little more involved than the first one. I believe this one was planted by a harmful group of ET’s because the first dream did not intimidate me. I was in a compound with what I would say a small group of freedom fighters of about 20 to 30 people. As I was sleeping one night, in the dream, I heard people whispering in the room. I woke up and just peeked a little and saw what I thought was very amazing and frightening at the same time. Some of the other freedom fighters were shape shifting between their human form and the aliens that they really were. I guess when they thought everyone was asleep they could let theit guard down. This was how I found out that our group was infiltrated by the aliens and they were solwly taking us out and replacing us. I started open opposition with them. A group of us who were still human got together and barricaded part of the compound and we went to war with the aliens. One particular alien was after me and trying to kill me any time she had a chance. They were very cunning and we were always wary of them and very tired. I decided to confront their leader and I got in the first blow and was able to stab her in the heart area and kill her. Then we were able to clean out the rest of the aliens. Is was like a hive mentality. They lost their leader and did not know what to do. This is when I woke up from the dream.

I have to say I never hardly remember dreams in this kind of detail. I believe i was allowed to remember to tell about it. Were are winning and we have to go against the world order as hard as we can. This is what the dream is telling me. I was able to defeat my enemy in the dream. By the way I will blast the ones who are planting the dreams in me tonight as I did today. I was not intimidated. All I can say is that in 2 dreams I fought you and came out on top twice. Would you like to try again tonight?


I hope that everyone will consider the Jesuits and their lairs priorities for their gifting and blasting efforts. The Jesuit Order is certainly at, or at least very near, the top of the Old World Odor Dungheap. IMHO gifting St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC and other Roman Catholic churches, Jesuit colleges, and any other cesspool of Jesuit influence should be of primary concern. Blasting Jesuits should be a regular activity among Etheric Warriors, especially those near the top of the Heap such as the Black Pope and Edward Cardinal Egan in NYC. For those using Dooney’s dodec technique, may I recommend putting the Black Pope, Archbishop Egan and even the Vatican itself in a dodec any time you think of it. At this point they should be kept on the etheric defensive, else they’ll surely be on the offensive just as they’ve been for hundreds of years.

For our part, one of the things my brother and I have done in this regard is to gift the Jesuit compound on Ocean Avenue in Spring Lake, NJ that William Cooper wrote about in his book Behold A Pale Horse. Carol told me she got a quick yes to my question about this place in a chatblast a few weeks back. Thereafter we surrounded the place in orgonite.

Hey Don, I think it was a good thing that you didn’t see that date and posted that, thank you. It is true that I have been hacked and frustrated out of my current business. I’ve lost most of my clients and am not breaking even. But that has only spurred me on to do something greater.

Thank you so much Don and all who have been boosting me these past few days, because I was overwhelmed. I am now wonderful and am off to gift the village tomorrow with a friend. I hope to go with David who gifted the dolphins, if he can get here today. Send me some more boosts if you can, I’ll appreciate it greatly.

Smiles and winks


It seems the problems at the moment with computers have increased, at least in addition to my experience (had to install everything again) other people are experiencing it as well. Interestingly this has been taking place after it has become a target for psi-checking, so we are right on time and track it seems. Twisting around with the web services this way trying to prevent data being distributed perhaps is one of few methods the old world farts still have left.

I could swear many are having difficulties that have come in greater numbers maybe in just few days as for computers. I think we need to resolve this and find the core spot to destroy it for good. There must be a way, the last etheric chat blasts have been pretty effective but as it seems have also raised the problem to be healed completely and not only partially. Which is good I think. God knows how much will be set forth when we manage to take care of the interference, at least the major league, so to say.

Of course as Don has mentioned, even our beloved brothers and sisters of lie and deception have figured out they cannot solely relay on passed down system in that when we kick the head off their whole order will scrumble down. Which means, cleverly, and in this way surprisingly too, they have networking aglobe. But proper cleansing will make it fade soon.

Also, I’d like to suggest that people no longer use the term ‘New World Order’. There’s nothing new about it, rather it is a thing of the past in that certainly their plans even though still active as we can see in many places are to fail. To keep our standard high, we also need to update our vocabulary. I don’t like the echo of terms that bring in mind the sight from the 90s and so. Before we had started to empower ourselves en masse. I think this is the reason why Don prefers no paranoia even in jokes here either. And there’s a good point in that. Why to allow them to rejoice even from thoughts that they actually could win this battle? Worthwhile to think about that. Not very clever warfare. Just educate yourself about the idea we will crush them. The good effect of solid faith is that through it you will actually do as you believe. There is no maybe about that. The old world farts are down for sure.

This I say even though this week I have experienced not only hacking, but felt as if something was beamed at me too. It was rather unpleasant feeling, had to knock a couple of them down. Christ they are so stupid. Sometimes along blasting I just really feel praying to God to give them some inner understanding. Mind control is something we really need to get rid of. It so perverts the individual’s potential and blocks access to the heart. I wonder too if these people never actually think of their departure from this world. Some of them may not believe in subtle energy of the personality, but those with esoteric understanding certainly understand the laws of creation, though in rather perverted ways. I ask them, what will you do when you die? All that matters really then is what you have done to others in this life. As we know, some of the things they do are not very nice, brutal even. It is always possible to change the direction of your life.

So if you lost souls reading this forum think you can escape that day when the truth is shown, think again. By mercy we might get you rethink as well because we are coming to get every one of you, keeping our enemies always closest to our hearts [Image Can Not Be Found] For a proper blast always shoots out of the heart blazing.

I hope this thread will be out dated soon in that we manage to discover with the assistance of EW’s skillful psi-folks the main hacking centers and nail them. So that knowledge can pass in safe from now on.

Blessed be,


Way to go Pekka! That sounds good despite all the problems you experience. Let us keep a high standard.

Thanks a lot, guys–it really helps to get this into the public record because the World Odor rules by deception and that requires a lot of secrecy. It takes very little, these days, to bust a crack in the dense wall of deception that most PJ folks live behind, by the way, and when we post these accounts anywhere on the web it perhaps has an instant, almost homeopathic effect on the body politic of humanity, hence on the sewer rats themselves.

It can be a game to distinguish genuine dreams from artificially induced or inserted nightmares, by the way, and it provides us another path to blast and/or dodeck sewer rat operatives, so is doubly fun.

Dave, we spend a lot of time doing the Jesuits, don’t worry, becuase they just keep showing up when we get busy with stopping mass murder agendae, also when we go to work on helping each other out of various jams that overwhelm us, individually from time to time.

If anyone gets a prize for being the most hated by Jesuits, by the way, I think should be Judy. Who can say why the Jesuits are so bound and determined to prevent Africa’s imminent unfolding and fruition?

Some claim that the Jesuits are at the top othe dung heap but it’s more likely that the Vril are on top. For a long time I wondered whether the Chinese were the more hidden manipulators, since the dark masters (‘The Great White Brotherhood’) are apparently headquartered in the dead heart of the Gobi Desert and are quasi-oriental. I’m intrigued to consider that the Vril represent an older race who inhabited that region. To say that the Vril, who use ‘Old German’ in their rituals, apparently (sounds Slavic to the psychics) are Aryan might be innacurate. One of the Vril posted death threats aimed at a gal in Spain who started discussing chemtrails and orgonite in her forum last summer. She managed to get him into court as a defendent but of course he was let off and he continued to threaten her. Our psyhchics described him as tall, thin, pale, blue-eyed and blond, though she had said that he was allegedly from Argentina and had a quasi-Spanish name. She later confirmed that this is what he looks like.

I think that people who want us to believe that Jesuits are in charge of the World Odor are either employed to distract people from looking elsewhere or are simply misinformed but a huge, well-documented book, based on that claim, comes to mind and I can’t imagine that anyond could do that much research and fail to see that there are other predatory major players besides the Jesuits.

To anyone not directly involved in our hunting sessions, our claims about Vril and Chinese military predators have to be considred conjecture and I won’t deny it. I will say, though, that we’ve been hunting predators with our psychics for over four years and very few mass murder events have occured in that time, especially in the US and Israel, which are arguably the two flashpoints for genocide these days.

That said, Igor and JohnL are responsible for a lot of irreversible damage to teh Jesuits’ essential infrastructure in and around Rome and we’ve expended a lot of effort in the weekly chats to keep them out of harm’s way. The creepiest part of the Jesuit Order, to me, is their apparenty intimate relationship with the Draconians. The Jesuits are essentially masonic in structure, having grown out of that milieu, and share the same goals as the upper echelons of the various Masonic, Theosophical and Rosicrucian secret orders. They just drop Jesus’ Name a lot. Ideologues who murder and exploit innocents are a lot creepier, to me, than the more up-front satanists, Mossad, CIA, FBI, NSA, MI5/6 or mafiosi are…

Dooney’s new forum and chat is also a finger in the eye of the World Odor. It’s the logical, organic outcome of her extensive coaching work and will develop into a very fine example of constructive, creative English-language group dynamics on the web before long. How many controversial forums are you aware of in English which aren’t co-opted by Monarch-programmed sociopaths and professional poisonmongers?

We spent a good part of two successive chat sessions going after swarms of hackers, first at MIT and a facility in Pakistan, then in Switzerland, at the Vril Headquarters, including a vast mainframe computer, which the blue whales apparently destroyed with glee on our behalf. The hacker problem subsided exponentially, each time, but we’re not done with it, yet. I suspect that Dooney will find her way clear to reconstruct her savaged board and chat effort before long, confident that the sewer rat agencies won’t be able to destroy it again.

EW was desroyed by agency (apparently NSA and MI6) hackers twice in as many months, last year (coincided with the last HAARPicane, which was thrown directly at us in Florida in October) but has remained mostly unmolested since November, almost a year, thanks mostly to Jacques Lasselle.

Another benefit of posting about sewer rat agency interference, here, is the demonstration that these assaults only strengthen our resolve and provide us with new predator targets. When a predator goes down, he/she is no longer able to poison or destroy others’ lives and when we’re the instruments, it happens within the law and without recrimination.

Anyone can and ought to discipline predators this way, of course, and it’s going to catch on in the mainstream before long, God willing. When a thousand or so people are spontaneously invoking universal law on known predators it will be the end of this World Odor and the beginning of individual freedom and responsibility throughout our planet.

Nothing is too good to be true, of course. Why would anyone assume otherwise? Dr Reich looked in vain for people like us when he was alive and he died very discouraged and not very hopeful. What he assumed would take several centuries to happen has only taken a generation or two, thanks to The Operators and orgonite.


Hello friends,

during the weekend the parasites apparently managed to totally blow my computer. Cannot install windows or anything. The last week was pretty active from their side to interfere, which has increased after setting up our orgonite board I now shamelessly advertise here:

Any of you folks on EW are welcome to join, just PM me if you feel so.

Of course, what took place is only making me more willing to complete the service for the humanity and serve the fate of evil-doers as they deserve it. That’s a fascinating characteristic about their agenda, they seem not to comprehend the more they resist, the more it inspires us to work our way through. Really, cannot get much clearer confirmation of being successful. Naturally I keep loud volume about their activities in general, with the self-evident perspective of their near failure and trial. Get a grib dear parasites, santa ain’t bringing you lots of toys this christmass. Just gifts for you have been veery naughty… I wait for the moment the location of my personal attackers is exposed. You shalt be Grrrounded for good!

Be as one,


… in this thread.

Two hours ago, at 9pm, four cops armed with machine guns and AK 47’s demanded that I open up for them. They came on foot and I was at first hesitant, talking to them through the window, but they soon overwhelmed me and I obeyed. They proceeded to interrogate me on why my gate is wide open and why I don’t have a guard. When I asked if it was a crime, they got really angry with me. One was polite and friendly, but the other three stormed off and whistled to him to join them, which he hastily did.

This has left me with a nasty energy, so am doing some grounding. These sorts of things never affect me, so I think there maybe some unseen dynamics behind it.

If this is not harassment and intimidation, then I don’t know what is. Its also a fantastic reminder to gift those cop stations and underground bases.


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