Pope Resignation

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The last pope? I think this deserves close observation.

EDIT: Possible false flag attack in the next conclave?

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Yes Edu , after Queen Beatrix, now pOoopaaa , who’s next? My guess goes to Queeenie Lizardbeth;–). After John’s gifting things could accelarate!!! Hold on your haaaats [Image Can Not Be Found]

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And them Prince William assumes the trone. I guess he is suposed to be the anti-christ right? With the blessings of the comming pope.

Apocalipse is the elite script book. They surely haven’t gave up on this play yet.

No doomsaying or fearmongering, just pointing the obvious [Image Can Not Be Found]


after superbowl power outage vatican gets a discharge!

A sign from above? Lightning strikes Vatican hours after Pope’s shock resignation
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Just another thought. A false flag attack during the conclave would be just like Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons”. They were already making us accustomed with the destruction of the Vatican.

My guess is that there will be no next pope, and it will be on purpose. The purpose of the Catholic Church seems to be bring down christian faith, being destroyed with it. And because the churchianity clergy stained the image of christianity, many people migth even aplaud it without realizing what is being done.

Sorry if I’m being too much talkative about the subjective.

EDIT: interesting follow up:

These stories are here to distract us from what we could be doing instead [Image Can Not Be Found] Instead of focussing on the problem we should focus on the solution and you all know what one of the solutions is [Image Can Not Be Found] gifting!

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